Top Indian Business Schools To Revise Syllabus


India’s top business schools like the Indian School of Business, IIM Ahmedabad, NMIMS Mumbai, SP Jain Institute of Management & Research are considering for a syllabus make over. (via) Subjects relating to business ethics, corporate social responsibility and principles of Bhagavat Gita are likely to be imported. Apart from the syllabus working for NGO firms will also be made mandatory as part of the internship.

While it is a known fact that Indian education system revolves around book based learning, Institutes in India are now turning their heads to listen to corporates and bring a change in the education system. The changes would allow students to keep them intact with the corporate requirement. But the corporates and government bodies view on the new curriculum is quite different and feel it as cosmetic and doesn’t help much to understand real business.

What do you think? Any suggestions what business schools should teach? Leave a comment!

Source: Economic Times

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