How To Submit A College or A Training Institute On Career Mitra?

Ever wondered or felt curious about how we develop content on your The question how do I submit an Institute ( A School, College or A Training Institute) is often being asked either by email or through phone, just we thought we should put it down here for others too.

Firstly we develop content through our own content development teams; other side we allow users to submit Institute data and after verification we approve the submission and list the submission as a free listing.

Here is how anyone can submit data about any Institute (College, School, Training Institute or Consultancy)

  1. Make a quick search from anywhere on our site (of-course in search box) and see if your Institute is already added.
  2. If it is already added, just chill. If you felt the information should be changed notify us by visiting our contact us page.
  3. Else do the following
  4. Create an Institute account
  5. Fill in the requested details to create a free account
  6. Once you provide valid data your account will be created and you will be logged in
  7. In your dashboard you will see interfaces to submit School, College, Training Institute or Consultancy
  8. Choose the relevant form
  9. Start inputting data (Ex: Institute Name, Year of Establishment, Logo and so on..)
  10. Mention the contact details
  11. After completing the first form click submit
  12. Your data gets saved
  13. Later on add courses one by one
  14. Add Photos & Videos
  15. Done.

Isn’t this cool?

We will be sharing some valuable information about us occasionally apart from the regular news and articles. If you have questions for us, the comments space is for you.

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