CBSE Fake Page On Facebook Still Exists!


Despite awareness created by the Media and warnings from CBSE officials the fake page of CBSE on the social networking site Facebook still exists. CBSE officials have claimed to have written to Facebook to pull down the page; as it is misleading students by acting as a CBSE owned page.

The info tab on the fake page shows email as and it is a valid Email id. When we sent a test mail it didn’t bounce back; further more there is no information mentioned anywhere to contact the owners of the page. When researched; the page seems to have created by personal bloggers to divert users on to his / her site. Other than this there seems to be no serious objectives, it is one kind of a cheap technique adopted by individual website owners to draw user attention and move them to his or her website by posting links.

We suspect has some connection with this Fake CBSE page on Facebook; there are incidents where links of this particular site were posted on the wall. What do you think? Who do you think are the culprits behind this?

Whoever is behind this Fake page we urge them to pull down the page as early as possible before CBSE or MHRD takes it too seriously!

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