IPAD is the next thing Schools are insisting


Education in India is gradually going to be a more expensive affair; private schools are already charging a hectic amount of fee in the form of donation and building fund. The next thing the Schools are insisting on is the ‘IPAD’; lately Mumbai based Podar International School has advised it’s students and parents to get IPAD 2 for learning purpose. A circular was issued in the school to only state whether they are buying the IPAD through School or through their own means reports Times of India.

What surprises me is that although our Indian government has announced the launch of Aakash Table PC, (the world’s cheapest) the School didn’t give priority to this device which only costs 10% or even less of what IPAD 2 is going to cost. Sooner or later more schools will insist the costly device from Apple instead of Aakash.

Surely the traditional mode of learning paper pencil, chalk and black board are still the best way for school students to learn. Technology can be introduced to school students once or twice a daily through computer lab courses; the schools should have an in house computer labs to accommodate students and shouldn’t be insisting to buy their own devices.

What do you think? Do you feel technology should take over the traditional mode of learning methods or not? Leave your thoughts!

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