Health Ministry Writes To Supreme Court to Defer NEET UG


It was on the Union Health Ministry to take the final call on whether to hold NEET UG in 2012 or to defer it by a year or so. Reports indicated that Health Ministry is not in a position to hold the much talked common medical entrance test (NEET UG) next year; accordingly Union Health Ministry has written to the apex court to shift the debuting date of NEET UG to 2013.

In July the apex court waved green signal to the Medical Council of India (MCI) to take the control of medical admissions in the country by conducting a common medical entrance test. Since then MCI has been cornered as states such as (Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamilnadu & others) were inconvenient with the syllabus & vernacular languages (MCI said NEET UG will only be in English & Hindi).

The other states like Gujarat, Maharashtra too raised objections on the language issue and now it is health ministry who is feeling the heat; as the time is insufficient to make arrangements to hold NEET UG in 2012. It is practically not so easy to impose on the objecting states; as these opposing states are approaching their respective high courts and securing a temporary stay.

What do you think? Should NEET UG be putoff till 2013? Leave your thoughts!

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  1. please postpone or prepone eamcet 2012 as the aieee online exam and eamcet are being held on the same day i.e.12/05/2012.
    please change the exam date……
    please please i beg you…………..

  2. jor ka jhatka hai dhire se lga. SC, this is the reason why u are apex court. With your directives, raja and kanimozi were sent to jail. With your directives , reddy brothers were sent yo jail. With your directive, chavan saheb resigned. Now when you are directing for ghulam nabi azad and sharad pawar. Now, the time has come.

  3. Government faces Supreme Court ire for not going ahead with CEE for MBBS 16 Dec, 2011, 1920 hrs IST, PTI NEW DELHI: Government today faced the ire of the Supreme Court for expressing its unwillingness to go ahead with the first-ever common National Eligibility-cum -Entrance Test (NEET) for all MBBS courses across the country. The apex court said it will “not become party” to the decision of the government which sought deferment of the common entrance examination by one year to 2013. “Either we will reject your application or you withdraw your application. Whatever you want to do you can do but we are not going to be party to your decision,” a bench comprising justices H L Dattu and C K Prasad said. “All this order (for the single entrance test) was passed after hearing you (centre). You said draft rules and regulations were in place for implementing it in the academic year 2012-13, ” the bench said. “This court will not be a party (to your decision). We will not be party to all these regulations. Why will we be party to it (for deferring the CEE). Why are you bringing this court in this matter. You better start and withdraw this application,” the bench said. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare had moved an application seeking court’s order in this regard saying that some state governments have expressed reservation to switch over to the new system and wanted students to get acquainted with the syllabus prescribed by the Medical Council of India. It was also reported that the West Bengal Government had expressed preference to continue with the Joint Entrance Examination Board for all colleges in the state and Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had written a letter to the health minister on August 11. The apex court in March this year had cleared the deck for the Centre and the Medical Council of India (MCI) to hold a common entrance test for the MBBS and PG courses despite objections raised by some state governments and first among them was Tamil Nadu.

  4. thank u cbse .
    mci should shut down . these are nothing but a bunch of idiots. how did they even think of neet . will all go to hell.

  5. laura mci who r u 2 play with student life. Once u have told neet will be conducted then why u r changing it.
    U will listen only 2 major states, know our problem also. Who r u 2 play with us.
    I pray 2 god that your child will be jobless and will did for it

  6. work hard….50% s frm d almighty n d rest s frm our hard work….but I support NEET….unfortunately dis yr batch can't write it…let it b in the nxt yr, 4 our juniors….

  7. सत्य परेशान तो हो सकता है , लेकिन पराजित नहीं ! आख़िर जीत सच की ही होती है …
    सत्यमेव जयते sam , Javed , game & all aipmt supports

  8. common medical entrance test (NEET UG) is better as it will save the money to take / give so many entrance exams. It must be there in 2013 if not possible in 2012. Must see SC orders.

  9. All poor and bright students .burning midnight oil for the last many years to appear for the existing medical entrance exam , as a consolation AIPMT press re release appeared on CBSE website. pl continue your preparation for AIPMT and the respective State PMTs.
    Wish You All GOOD LUCK.
    prelims 1st April
    Mains 13th May

  10. Game changer I am 30 years dropper. I passed 12th in 1982. I have come to know you have booked seat in HIHT Dehradun so help me and give me the phone no. of your dalal I am sure he will buy me a seat like you have. Hurrah no neet this year that means my dream of mbbs will be complete this year. Thank you.

  11. hi all,

    NEET UG will stop leakage of State PMT question papers for powerful rich daddies.
    There is no shortage of brain power in our country, Doondo Ek Hazarom Milega…………..
    NEET-UG should happen with effect from 2012.
    Anyway we all have to wait till SC`s decision for petetion against NEET-UG & I feel NEET-UG will not be allowed in our country, there fore I am preparing for my most currupted state PMT, let me see how much they can cheat me this time? and I have taken that challenge.
    Let us not waste time in writing comments here now, Let us prepare hard for success.
    I Wish all the best to NEET-UG supporters.

    Jai Hind.

  12. @santosh and malik,

    If malik is a two year drooper, why are U not chasing for PVT medical colleges? Are u chasing for AIIMS OR JIPMER?Please do not criticise NEET . There are so many agents/dalal avaiable on this website who will manage your admssion in any Pvt medical collge. Regarding problem of state to state there is difference in district to district like between Buhbneshwar and Kalahandi, Meerut and Azamgarh,Nagpur and usmanabd. With your logic medical entrance should be done at district level. There is some benchmarking for education like AIIMS and JIPMER , please do not comapre those collges with medical colleges in tumkur, amravati etc.

    • are u bk gupta cause he was the one writing strange stuff ……. choose some other place to remove your frustration.
      @santosh and malik
      don’t mind such people ……… they are out of their mind right now as u would have realized from their comments. neet is rare possibility this year. try to contact this hai hai person who keeps writing with different names who i am damn sure is an mci agent ….. he will help u get a seat …… mci sell seats and when they are running short of cbse seats they want to acquire state seats.

      anyway who ever u are i don’t see any sense in the stuff u have written .

  13. i say their should be state level exams . cbse should conduct these exams and should be monitored strictly. corruption is the major problem but i am not quite sure how neet will be removing corruption as one test will make it all the more easier for corrupt peoples. but i support state level exams as their is less competition so less pressur.
    one more thing 180 question —- does it mean that the level of paper will be high ??????

  14. the idea of neet is totallu useless and we all wait for the declaration of neet to be cancelled permanently. what does the mci would know about each states and the students of each states?
    the admission to medical courses should be determined by the basis of the regulations brought by the state goeverments in their respective states.

  15. i am a 2 year dropper and really am afraid of this neet but i strongly wish it to get cancel . i don’t expect neet to happen this year but why was it being brought in the first place. i don’t see any good of neet .
    no one is thinking about droppers like us .

  16. A special meeting of the Academic Council of the Aligarh Muslim University held
    Sunday, December 11, 2011
    Aligarh : A special meeting of the Academic Council of the Aligarh Muslim University under the Chairmanship of the AMU Vice Chancellor, Prof. P. K. Abdul Azis today discussed the issue of National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test for undergraduates for admission to MBBS course accredited by the Medical Council of India for the session 2012-13.
    The meeting of the Academic Council Unanimously resolved to seek exemption of the J. N. Medical College of the University from the proposed National Eligibility Test for admission to MBBS in view of its historic minority character and the status quo directive of the Supreme Court.

    It is to be noted that the Government of India treats AMU as a religious minority institution established and administered under Section 30(1) of the Constitution of India. In the light of the autonomy guaranteed by AMU Act, the Council viewed the notification made by MCI as an infringement of the stake involved of the Muslim community and the AMU on a long term basis from the notified MBBS National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test.

    It is also mentioned that the Aligarh Muslim University, established by an Act of Parliament in 1920 which has been amended several times till date, empowers the University to promote especially the educational and cultural advancement of Muslims of India.

    The Academic Council of the University urged the Medical Council of India to exempt the University from proposed National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test as the Supreme Court is also seized with issue of AMU minority status case in the civil appeal of 2006.

    The University’s resolution also mentioned that the Supreme Court has granted status quo and the introduction of the above-mentioned entrance test for J. N. medical College will violate the status quo order passed by the Hon?ble Supreme Court on April 24, 2006. The Academic Council has urged the University to take up all necessary measures to preserve autonomy and minority character of AMU. It has constituted a high power committee under the Chairmanship of Prof. M. H. Beg, Dean, Faculty of Medicine to meet government authorities and MCI officials and seek support for exemption to the J. N. Medical College.

  17. @ sudeep , priyanka and choudhary…
    U all guys are absolutely correct…
    I agree that if neet is not going to debut in 2012 then it will never be implemented in india…
    Sc should understand this..

    @ game changer…
    Who told u that neet will not stop corruption…?????

    @ kumar…
    Ya i have read this… Cbse will be conducting neet in 2012 and this will happen definetely..




      • guys every body here has their own opinions regarding NEET and we all from good families nd talking about the worlds most respectful proffesion so please dont use such type of vulgar contents and words here . pls guys pls yarr

  18. I have money power . Medical college under my power so neet never possible.
    साले गंदी नाली के कीडो ,भिकारीयो तुम्हारी ओकत एक किडे कि है तुम्हारे माँ बाप तुम्हे पेदा कर के रोड पर छोड देते है .
    तु और तेरे जेसो के माँ बाप के पास खाने के लिए खाना नहीं होता रहने के लिए मकान नहीं होता पहन ने के लिए कपडे नहीं होते है फ़िर भी तुझ जेसे सुअरो को पेदा क्यु कर लेते हैं तु जरुर पुछना तेरे बाप से कि तेरे भिकारी बाप ने तुझे पेदा क्यु किया.
    तुम साले भीकारीयो हमेशा ही दुसरो का झुठा खाते रहोगे तुम्हारे घर का खर्चा तुम्हारे घर कि औरते चलाती हैं दूसरो का बीस्तर गरम करके . और चले हमारी बराबरी करने . एक बात तु सुन ले हम राजा थे, राजा हैं और राजा रहेगे ,

  19. oh really dear . then check out d procedure to fill dose seats .. managements seats are only 15 to 20 % . but dear wen u go to take the admission u wer ask to giv donation ,. non of the collg tak d donation openly .. the thing u saying earning profit is not profit it is just like manufacturing donkeys in white coat is not gud for countries future . if happening so then after sum years munna bhai’s will be doctor ..

  20. Please read my earlier comments on the issue (posted on Dec 10th, 2011 at 14:18) regarding NEET 2012. I would like to add…
    The medical education in India is in English Medium. Some premier institutes’ entrance syllabus includes aptitude,logical reasoning and English language skills. No doubt The national language of India is Hindi. If NEET 2012 is conducted in English and Hindi , I think it would be fair enough. It is not practically possible to conduct NEET 2012 in all languages which appear in an Indian currency.
    Second issue is syllabus, which the MCI had posted and asked for suggestions for making appropriate changes (refer my earlier post). Only 1750 odd suggestions were received from India (the whole of India with all the states) and MCI made changes according to it and posted the new syllabus again.

    Whoever is pursuing medical education is expected to have some skills in English as all the study materials are in English. The lectures are conducted in English. Higher studies ( PG) in India and abroad is in English. The English skills needed to write a medical entrance exam of objective type is only the plus two standard level of any State board in India. If the aspiring candidates have not got the capacity to read questions and answer it objectively , then GOD or Ministry of Health help them by doing away with NEET.

    So, in short the 2 issues are Language of the examination and Syllabus. Have you thought of the issues of not conducting NEET 2012. One more year of free rein for private and self financing institutions who admit students on the basis of financial merit. The aspiring students will have to write many entrance exams (of different states’in different locations) which would not be possible for most of the candidates (again financial merit wins). Literally Medical seat auction , pulling strings etc… a rat race among the rich. The poor students confined to the limited seats of the State!! Not enough money to out and apply to umpteen number of entrance exams.

    By being a medical graduate a student is committed to work in an essential service. He is not going to be confined to a place where his native tongue is spoken. He has to think beyond that. A general Indian standard is a must for a medical graduate. Be broad in thinking when you comment on NEET. Tunnel vision and selfish interests , it won’t reach you anywhere if one is in Medical profession.

    In my opinion ,If NEET is not taking place in 2012, it is never going to take place. The sleepng states will be awake with their own reasons for not being a part of NEET. So it is better in 2012 than never.

  21. @srikant sir ek kahawat hai na ki “KAL KARE SO AAJ KAR AAJ KARE SO ABB PAL MEIN PARLAI HOYEGI BAHURI KAROGE KB?toh aj yahan par bhi wahi halat hai agar neet ug 2012 mein conduct nhi ho payega na sir then wo zindagi bhar mein conduct nhi hoga not even in d yr.2013 or 2014 kyunki aj jo objections aa rahe hai wo har shaal aayenge aur ye private colleges walen raaton raat ameer ho jayenge parents logo k paiso ko nichodd kar khate rahenge..ishiliye meri health ministry se ye nibedan hai ki aap NEET UG k merits par gaur farmayeiye aur apna faisla sunayeiye aap bachoo k future requirements k baare mein sochkar aap apna nirnai dijiye…..

  22. i think neet is unwanted in country like india where such diversity exists. it is unwanted intrusion in our lives. it should be scrapped as soon as possible.




  24. @SRIKANTH SIR, Someone said here that the final decision by SC on NEET UG will come before 15th December..Is this info true?..actually we all know that this case has been shifted by SC to next month for the final decision…Please confirm this news and share with us at the earliest…plz sir….

  25. it is hard to beleive what is going on .
    i hear only opposition from everywhere but people still don’t want to beleive what threat it is to society. neet in 2012 is being forced upon the students .
    shame on mci.

  26. guys!clear my doubt plz..
    i am from a.p,n as u know a.p already got a stay from the hc to join neet only in 2014..if at allneet will be implemented this year,i wanna give it,can i?i dont mind not giving my state cet i.e eamcet…
    any legal options for me?

  27. @Prince
    Pls read base of CBSE application on Supreme court
    The CBSE application said, “All the stakeholders viz CBSE, Medical Council of India and Director General of Health Services have accorded consent for conduct of UG-NEET in the manner indicated above (as per schedule).”

    The schedule laid down the last date for receipt of application forms as January 16, 2012, dispatch of admit cards by April 12 and declaration of result latest by last week of June. This schedule, according to CBSE, was taken at a meeting held on July 18, 2011 under the chairmanship of Union Health Secretary. It was this meeting that decided to assign CBSE the task to conduct the first ever national level entrance examination.


  28. सही है भाईयों NEET होना चाहिए…
    इसीमे सबकी भलाई है ..
    जय हिन्द..! जय भारत …!

  29. all this while mci has been playing with our lifes and had they been confident on neet then they should have released the notification 2 years back …………
    they never confirmed neet then what was students to do . we have been preparing for state pmt now. neet at this point is nothing less than injustice.

  30. talking about syllabus
    in india atleast 10- 12 state are their who have atleast 30 -40 % difference in syllabus . the syllabus put up by mci is same as that of aipmt . state students are any way at loss.
    neet may be a good step but why has the reservation system been kept the same. i don’t know why neet is being brought in complex political system like india and the point that it is not at all offering anything new in even more complex.
    atleast 2 year time should be given to whole country to adapt themselves to neet .

    waiting for reply

  31. hey guys
    i have been keeping an eye on the comments and could not stop mtself from writing …….
    firstly i also oppose neet and am happy to see that many students across india and even on internet agree with me .
    but some people here have been supporting neet . the reason they give is corruption in pvt. colleges and language. though i also feel that language should not be a problem but seeing the sensitivity of exam and the cultural views i thing vernacular language stand is right.

    guys… another thing neet is not at all stoping corruption in pvt. colleges … let me tell u how ?
    firstly those colleges where some seats are filled with management quota will still be filling their seats with this quota. though i personally oppose this thing but guys these colleges have been opened by by people and are private so the owners have full right to earn profit . anyhow people going with donation will anyway be going through it as those seats have always been kept separate. only those seats which were earlier filled by state pmt in these colleges will be filled by neet . then how does it matter weather we give neet or state pmt as the pattern in these colleges remain the same.
    hey seriously speaking these are the politicians owning these colleges who are letting this happen or else neet would not have been brought in the first case.
    the only thing the neet is doing is decreasing the work load of those who are conducting exam and increasing the pressure on students.

    • @ vikram singhvi…
      Frend.. According to mci, only those students will be awarded mbbs degree who will get admison via neet..
      U r telling that seats from managment quota will be kept separate and only those seats will be filled by neet which were earlier filled by state pmt… This is wrong..
      At first gather all the information about neet then write coment…

  32. @ kumar and aman…
    Frnds dont worry…. Wait for the final decison of sc…
    Jab tak saas hai tab tak aas hai…
    @ aman… Yaar tum ladki ho kya..?????

  33. wow unbeleivable ……….. people here still talking about possiblity of neet and reason that language is not a problem …………. shame ………
    aipmt iit and aieee has people from cbse background being selected . those states having language problems have their own engineering entrance exams . aipmt maiins ahve most cbse students.
    anyway neet is much more than just language .
    people here accusing politicians for stoping neet ………. had they really tried to stop it they would have not let it happen at all .
    everyone politicians or students want neet to take place in 2014. what is wrong in it ………..

    i agree with jatt that all supporting comments are being written by one person ……. english of that person is weak ………..

    • Dear RAJPUT sAHEB,

      • rajput => brother tell me one thing pls . which state don’t hav their own engineering & medical entrance . be a optimist bro NEET can bring uniformity in d medical education . nd if in some states studnts are facing ny language problm den it can be resolvd by the m.c.i & their state board . nd brothr no body is fool here , every state board hav an option of english medium , nd syllabus doesnt matter nywhere bcos NEET has syllbs sam as d AIPMT . if this syllbs is hard for u . den come and giv , bihar pmt , up-pmt nd aiims den u will get wht is d level of aipmt . shame on u guys . our govmnt first tym taking a good step for stoping corruption in medical education nd u guys r opposing it . i want 2 request m.c.i to dont listn ny arguments from such pessimists they don’t want bright future of india .

        • no hindi speaking state has its own engineering entrance exam .
          talking about uniformity it need to be brought at basic school level first . make base first and then think of construction of the building .
          syllabus of states mentioned by you are same as that of aipmt.
          how many non hindi speaking state board students ahve u seen in aiims.
          neet may be right but implementation in 2012 is very wrong.
          mci has nothing in their hands and neet is not possible until health ministry agrees.

            • singhvi =>
              first of all i want to tell u tht u.p. , punjab , haryana , rajasthan , bihar , mp these all state hav their own engnieerng entrances , nd secondly if u r talking about aiims then it’s exam has been conducted since last 2 decades , till now no body raise these questns about languages , nd mr. if u put these questions of language then can’t make a issue of language on behalf of sum students of 3-4 states . i want 2 ask u question were all sleeping nd ur state board sleeping wen , aieee and iit has been conductd in hindi or english . there is not a issue of language in conducting neet .

    • rajput , jatt => i m commenting frm tommorow only …nd i am in support of neet . and guys hav a questn , u both hav gud knowledge in english den y r u opposing NEET on behalf of vernuclar lnguages . nd nw i m comfirmed tht u both r agents frm the ny privt institute lolz..

  34. neet had always a big no from everyone. why don’t mci cancel it . why do they want to force this on us. i am a cbse student in class 12 and have been preparing for my state pmt for 2 years and all of a sudden they say abou one exam which is actually not offering any thing new.
    all this is bullshit and neet can never be possible in a country like india.

  35. AMU – Exemption from NET for admission to MBBS
    December 10, 2011 | RSS | Tell a friend | Printable Version
    Share this page| Font Size

    Aligarh: The Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) discussed the issue of Naitonal Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test for admission to MBBS course, on Friday in a meeting of the Academic Council of the University under the Chairmanship of Prof. P.K. Abdul Azis, the Vice Chancellor of varsity.

    The meeting was looking forward to the exemption of AMU’s J.N. Medical College from the proposed National Eligibility Test (NET) for admission to MBBS for the session 2012-13.

    The Government of India considers AMU as a religious minority institution, established by an Act of Parliament in 1920 under Section 30 (I) of the Constitution of India. This act has been amended many times and it empowers the University to encourage especially the cultural and educational advancement of Indian Muslims.

    As per the autonomy guaranteed by AMU Act, the notification of NET made by Medical Council of India (MCI) is a violation of the stake involved of the Muslim Community and the AMU.

    Besides, in the civil appeal of April 24, 2006, the Supreme Court has granted AMU the status quo, seizing to the minority status of AMU. Therefore, the NET for MBBS is an infringement of the status quo order passed by the SC.

    The Academic Council has formed a high power committee under the Chairmanship of Prof. M.H. Beg, Dean and Faculty of Medicine to meet MCI officials and Government Authorities in order to seek exemption of the J.N. Medical College from NET.

    The Endeavour of the council is taking all necessary steps for preserving the minority character and autonomy of AMU.

  36. bahiyo yaha comments dene se kuch nhi hoga yarr . yarr sab bekar ke bhane hai ye language ke . yarr sochne vali batt hai aipmt . iit , aieee , bits , aiims , afmc jaise exam bhi too hindi or , english main hi hote hai . fir unka koi state oppose q nhi karta . bhai ye sab privt cllgs vale nhi chahte kuch ho . jo selct hone layak hai wo too neet main bhi select honge or jo gadhe hai wo to kbhi selct hi nhi honge . NEET ka ek hi fayada tha ki privt collgs donation nhi le pate . NEET nhi hoga too unka too business acha chalega . jo bhi ho yaaro NEET ho ya na ho . aab padhai par dhyan dene ka tym hai .

  37. The supreme court had Okayed to a single entrance test NEET in the month of March 2011. Due to paucity of time it was postponed to 2012. Now citing objections from the States, again it is going to be postponed, it seems. The standardization of Medical education India is not a State priority, it is a National necessity. Due to the vested interest of ‘some’ the Union Ministry is dilly dallying the subjects. It is to be noted that when MCI published syllabus for the exam only 1,970 feedbacks received( 22 July 2011 to 11 August 2011)and the syllabus was modified according to it. The modification is done in accordance with the states’ sylabii.From this do you think ‘the syllabus’ an issue?
    The underlying issue is the lobbying of Private, self financing Medical colleges which has mushroomed through out the length and breadth of India. Though there are many excellent Private institutions imparting medical education, How many eligible candidates can afford it? If it is considered as a matter of social justice and quality education NEET 2012 should be conducted in 2012 as declared. It reduces or eliminates the burden (financial and mental )on the student community and their families. NEET 2012 whether conducted or not is an issue for the rich eligible and the not eligible (by MCI standards) candidates as long as there are self financing colleges admitting students on financial merit. Only with a strong political will NEET 2012 will happen.If you closely observe the press in the coming days you will understand who is lobbying against NEET 2012.

    • dude why did not mci declare it 2 years back if they were ready? march or july both are late .
      why did mci not reach common man . i myself was not aware of this feedback thing at that time.
      syllabus is fully cbse. what modification has been done in it ? with neet also how many eligible candidates can afford pvt. colleges.
      why are u in such hurry with neet. why not in 2014 which makes everysection of society happy.

  38. guys i am damn sure that their is one neet supporter who is again and again writing comments with different names but writing the same shit . if he or she this comment of mine then i want tell him that plz check your knowledge about neet and even if u want to write with different names the also plz write sensible things ……..

  39. Dear Sir,

    As per TV news of yesterday,law minister has said, let Shri Anna Hazare go to strike again for proper lokpal bill, they dont bother as Cabinet decision is final.

    Now we all can think of the fate of NEET-UG/PG/SS exams as SC is comming under law ministry & cases are pending in SC against NEET-UG.
    Now let us all prepare for our currupted state PMTs & forget about NEET-UG and give exam for name sake.

    Jai Hind

  40. @Game
    it seems that CBSE will wait for court decission otherwise they could have come with aipmt it is sure this year exam will be delayed good for freshers.

  41. socha tha k neet k through top collegs me addmission mil jayega lekin state government ne to apni chaturai dikha daali. jab mci ka order koi manta nahi hai to kis liye mci hai. sara faisle karne k liye hamare private colleges hai hi to mci ko band karwa dena chahiye. in netao ko raajniti se fursat milti hai to competitive examination ko bhi nahi chodte hai.

      • Aisa lagta hai, rise of jat, pvt medical college walon ka dalal hai. Ise ye pata nahin hai ki U.P jaise state me only 1000 seats hain. Only 1000 seats ke liye comptition dekar koi qualify nahi kar sakta. Yadi neet ug hota to ek medical aspirant ko 15-20 exam nahin likhana padega aur ek exam se jyada seats ke liye competetion milta. BHU aur COMEDK ek he din hota hai. UPCPMT aur bharati vidyapeeth ek hi din hota . Aisi situation neet ug hone se nahin ati. Competition ke through achhe pvt college me 4/5 lac ki fees loan lekar MBBS padha ja sakta hai kyonki sarkari college me limited seats hain. Abhi pvt college jo competetion lete hain vo kewal dikhawa hai. vo back door se 20/25 lacs donation lekar bade baap ke bachon ko seat dete hain. lagata hai neet ug ke liye bhi anna ko age ana padega. Dalal logon se aspirants sawdhan rahen & neet ug 2012 ko support karen.

  42. hey guys
    i am a dropper …….. looking for my state pmt ………. it is a matter of shame for whole nation ……. neet almost being cancelled now i have sighed a sense of relief ………….
    from my view this neet has many discrepancies in it :
    1) reservation
    2)multiple test still will be given
    3)state level corruption still remain
    4) if paper gets leaked then lakhs will suffer .
    5) syllabus

    i feel atleast 2 exams should be their .

  43. Some people are supporting NEET-UG. Why don’t they realize the problems of state board students who complete their H.S. in regional languages? We,the state board students can feel the heat of the changed syllabus. It’s easy to say that there is no huge difference.But reality differs from stupid talking.
    And another thing to be said. Some guyz are saying that if medical course is in english then what is the problem in facing only english/hindi question in entrance. If anything is read in any language, then there must be problems to face when writing/making out the actual meaning of questions in exams in another language. We are XII standards students, not specialists in various languages. .

    • Who Dont Understand Eng Or Hindi(Our mothertongue Lang.)…..then why such type of student preparing for MBBS……will be better if they try general job in thier local area…..not for MBBS…Such typs of students r like..u know…….KABBAB ME HADDI

    • @joy biswas theek hai aapke kehne par ek min k liye mai aapke problem ko samajhke ye kahungi ki wbjee hona chahiye lekin aap log hume ek baat batao ki aap log tb AIPMT then KIIT jaise exam mein kaise baithte hai aipmt ka exam toh tb hota jiske theek ek din pehle aap logo ka boards khatam hota hai then aap log uske liye kaise prep ho jate hai hn??aapko NEET mein baithne mein taklif ho rahi hai toh AIPMT aur KIIT mein kaise nhi???

      • @aman => ur ryt dude . IIT , AIEEE bhi to hindi , english main hote hai . or yarr ye log bilkul illitrates ki tarh baat karte hai . kbhi suna hai mbbs ki padhai bengali , ya telgu main hoti hai . vha ye log aram kaise adjust kar lenge .

  44. Some people are supporting NEET-UG. Why don’t they realize the problems of state board students who complete their H.S. in regional languages? We,the state board students can feel the heat of the changed syllabus. It’s easy to say that there is no huge difference.But reality differs from stupid talking.
    And another thing to be said. Some guyz are saying that if medical course is in english then what is the problem in facing only english/hindi question in entrance. If anything is read in any language, then there must be problems to face when writing/making out the actual meaning of questions in exams in another language. We are XII standards students, not specialists in various languages.

  45. yar ye khilwad hai humare sath NEET-UG 2012 ko talkar apne acha nhi kiya . Meri badua hai un logo ko jinhone ne ye kiya hai . Mar jaye sab harami .bhagwan kare tadap tadap ke maro salo

    • jo khilwad neet kar raha tha uska kya ….. india jaise desh mein jabardasti neet lana bahut galat baat hai ………

  46. plzzz conduct NEET UG in 2012 u cant play wid our lyf..this decision of health ministry proves that he supports the private medical college..thats he took dis decision…bhagwan inko kabhi shanti nhi denge aaj hm log jis tarah se ro rahe hai ekdin unke poore pariwar ko rona parega tb samjhenge…..

    • whose life are they playing with due ………. cbse students can go on to aipmt but neet in 2012 where will state board students go .
      best decision by congress health ministry ……… mci should go slow on such a issue .
      hum sab to bahut khus hain is decision se baki tum hi ro rahe ho …….

    • Ye S a a l e majak bana rakhe hai …MBBS ko ..Khasker Wo student Aur unke parents..
      Jo NEET ke Against Me Hai….ek to Achha Kaam Hota Hai her Saal Ungli Ker Dete hai…..Aur NEET nahi ho pata hai….!!!

      • ya sandeep i do agree with u ye NEET ko lekar last yr bhi prob hua tha hr shaal agar ishi tarah se hota raha toh private colleges toh raaton raat ameer ho jayenge aur parents log bhikari……koi parents logo k problems ko samajhne ki koshish he nhi kar rahe bachhoo ka kya paisa toh unka nhi jaaa raha tabhi NEET k agauinst hai paisa toh unke parents ka jayega agar unka paisa kharch hota toh tb sb sahi rashte par aaa jate aur last yr bhi aisa he kaha gaya tha to defer this NEET UG TO 2012-2013 session aisa aur kb tak chalega reservation system bhi nhi haattt raha aur nhi ye problem sach mein kuch shaal baad aise doctors niklenge jinko kuch aata he nhi hoga khaash kar wo jo log private college se pass honge kyunki unlogo ko bachoo k education se toh koi matlab nhi wo log sirf hr shaal lakho rupaiya khate rahenge…… ab aap log he batao ki zindagi mein aap logo ko kaise doctors chahiye jo ki back door se ghushe hai ya phir wo jo merited students hai????

  47. game yaar bus tu hi janta hai ki mai kon hoo. Aur mai janta hu ki tu kon hai . Bhai aaj hum jit hi GAYE . Aaj mene party di hai full tull hai sabhi I miss you in my aipmt doctors party


  48. Not a good decision of Union Health Ministry. It is only obligation and surrender to big guns of opposing states who will otherwise had to shed their monopolistic share in medical college seats.

    • @Ramesh oops! Rajesh,

      It may or may not be an obligation.But it is sure a botheration and frustration for CBSE Students as it is they who will have to shed their monopolistic share in medical seats which they would have enjoyed had NEET taken place in 2012 !!!!!!!!!!!.

      Jai Hind!

  49. @Game changer
    agar aap log dusre ko chidaye bina khushi manaoege to panauti nahi lagegi game bhai chalo aap ke hi man ki ho jay hum aipmt se kam chal lenge.

  50. HC stays MCI norms for all-India med entrance test
    Syed Rizwanullah & Vishwas Kothari, TNN | Dec 9, 2011, 01.35AM IST


    Read More:National Eligibility-Cum-Entrance Test|MCI|Bombay High Court|All-India Med Entrance Test


    AURANGABAD/PUNE: The Medical Council of India’s (MCI) amended regulations for under-graduate medical education, which provides for the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET), won’t be implemented in Maharashtra for at least six weeks now.

    On Thursday, the Aurangabad bench of the Bombay high court granted an interim stay on the implementation of these regulations in Maharashtra till the final disposal of a petition, filed by some students and guardians from Latur, challenging the NEET. The MCI regulations were notified in the gazette of India on December 21, 2010.

    Granting the interim relief, the HC division bench of Justices B R Gavai and M T Joshi also directed notices to the Union government, the MCI, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and the state director of medical education and research (DMER), seeking their written submissions on the matter within six weeks. The court has since posted the matter for its next hearing on January 20, 2012 when the six-week period is over.

    Last month, the MCI finalized the NEET-UG syllabus, which has been jointly prepared by the CBSE, the National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT) and the Council of Boards of School Education in India (COBSE). The MCI conveyed its exam plan to the Supreme Court, declaring May 13, 2012 as the date for the maiden NEET-UG, and also forwarded it to the Union ministry of health and family welfare for a final approval and notification of the exam scheme.

    However, the NEET-UG plan drew protests from several states including West Bengal, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Maharashtra on various grounds. On November 23, Maharashtra chief minister Prithviraj Chavan wrote to Union health minister Ghulam Nabi Azad urging that students from the state be exempted from the NEET-UG planned for May 2012. Chavan cited reasons like mismatch in the syllabus for NEET-UG and the one being taught to Std XII students in Maharashtra and the absence of a provision to write the exam in Marathi and Urdu.

    Prior to Chavan’s letter, the state had filed a special leave petition in the Supreme Court challenging the NEET. However, it withdrew the petition after the apex court suggested that the state should move the high court to seek relief, as has been done by some other states like Tamil Nadu. The state government is yet to file a petition in the Bombay high court.

    In this context, the Aurangabad bench’s interim stay on Thursday comes as a major relief for the medical aspirants, who were caught between studying for Std XII and the NEET-UG syllabus. Senior advocate R N Dhorde, appearing for petitioner Umesh Kulkarni and others, submitted that the NEET-UG is primarily based on Std XI and XII CBSE syllabus for physics, chemistry and biology. The MCI finalized the syllabus in the second week of November 2011.

    Dhorde submitted that Std XII students in Maharashtra are already preparing for the state board’s HSC (Std XII) examination scheduled for February/March 2012. It was, therefore, not possible to prepare for the NEET-UG as the period of five months was very short and there were almost three-four entrance exams required to be given for seeking admission to other professional courses including engineering, he said.

    Dhorde also submitted that particular books for the NEET-UG were not available. If the NEET-UG was conducted from May 2012, students from Maharashtra would have no chance of preparing for the exam and securing good ranks in the entrance examination compared to their CBSE counterparts. “It would be beyond their capacity to study the syllabus of two years within a short span. Students from Maharashtra will not get admissions to the MBBS course in the state itself,” he submitted.

    When contacted, DMER Praveen Shingare said, “We are still awaiting the Union health ministry’s response to the CM’s letter and are quite hopeful that the ministry will respond positively to the CM’s plea. If this does not happens, then the government will have to think about the available legal options.” Shingare said, “The state advocate general has already readied the petition, which the state has to file in the high court. However, we held up the plan to submit the petition after the CM’s intervention. Six weeks is enough time for us to get a clear picture from the health ministry.”

  51. States stall govt plan for medical entrance board
    Bhadra Sinha, Hindustan Times
    New Delhi, December 09, 2011

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    First Published: 00:01 IST(9/12/2011)
    Last Updated: 00:03 IST(9/12/2011)
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    The Centre’s move to introduce a joint entrance examination board for admission to national and state medical government colleges has hit a roadblock with some states refusing to be part of it. Some have laid down pre-conditions before participating in it. The examination was to be

    conducted in accordance with March 2011 Supreme Court order directing the Medical Council of India (MCI) to issue a notification to hold the common entrance test.
    As per the apex court’s order, the test was to be introduced in the next academic session. With several states objecting to it and some laying down conditions, the government now wants to hold the test in 2013.

    It filed an application before the Supreme Court on Thursday seeking extension of the time from 2012 to 2013.

    The single-window system was aimed to make it easy for medical aspirants facing a daunting task of taking more than five tests to secure a seat in a medical college.

    However, a pre-condition by the West Bengal government to make Bengali a mandatory language in the common test has left the Centre in doldrums. Even Kerala has shown its willingness to be part of the board with the condition that the state is permitted to follow its existing reservation policy.

    Governments of Pondicherry and Tami Nadu do not want to be part of the national eligibility-cum-entrance test.

  52. After FDI in retail, Mamata spanner for common medical exam
    Dhananjay Mahapatra, TNN | Dec 9, 2011, 05.01AM IST


    Read More:Trinamool Congress|Supreme Court|NEET|National Eligibility-Cum-Entrance Test|Medical Council Of India|Government Of India|Congress


    Mamata Banerjee and other states have put a spoke in the first-ever common National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test for all MBBS courses across the country.
    NEW DELHI: After stalling foreign direct investment in retail, West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee and other states have put a spoke in the first-ever common National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET), 2012 for all MBBS and dental undergraduate courses in medical colleges across the country.

    The Centre on Thursday moved the Supreme Court requesting deferment of the common entrance examination, which was to select candidates for undergraduate medical and dental courses, by one year to 2013.

    In its affidavit before the SC, CBSE had detailed the NEET-UG schedule, for which online submissions of applications began on December 1 and last date for receipt of applications is December 16. The test was to be held on May 13, 2012 with results to be declaration in the last week of June.

    But the test may not happen at all in 2012 with the health and family welfare ministry on Thursday filing an application seeking deferment of NEET-UG to 2013. One of the major reasons was the Trinamool Congress government’s insistence on West Bengal students being given the option of answering the test in Bengali language and some other states either seeking exemption or deferment.

    The main reason appeared to be Banerjee’s demand for Bengali. “The chief minister of West Bengal has expressed preference to continue with the Joint Entrance Examination Board for all colleges in West Bengal. However, the state would be ready to join NEET for undergraduate courses only if it is assured that Bengali language would be one of the medium for the said examination,” the affidavit said. Banerjee had written a letter to the health minister on August 11, just three months after becoming CM, with her demand.

    The chief ministers of Maharashtra, Assam, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka requested the Union health minister for exemption from NEET 2012 on the ground that students would require some more time to switch over to the new system and get fully acquainted with the syllabus prescribed by the Medical Council of India.

    Maharashtra, Gujarat and Goa showed readiness to joint NEET from 2013-14 but AP sought exemption for two years, saying it would join from 2014-15, the health ministry said.

    “The state of Kerala has shown its willingness to join NEET on the condition that all its reservation policies in admission to medical courses may be allowed to be followed. Assam informed that the provision of minimum marks for entrance examination was not acceptable to the state and that it be allowed to add grace marks in order to ensure that adequate number of students from the state is selected for the seats earmarked for the state in medical colleges,” it said.

    Given the myriad reasons for states not preferring NEET 2012, the health ministry said, “The government of India is of the strong view that instead of hurriedly implementing NEET from academic year 2012, it would be in the fitness of things if the same is introduced in a more planned manner from the academic year 2013-14 onwards.

    “The interim period would be utilized to complete preparation for the exam both at the level of CBSE as well as MCI and efforts shall also be made to bring on board the states which are seeking exemption from NEET due to various reasons.”

    It added, “Government of India is of the view that it is not advisable to exempt any state from the ambit of NEET as it would defeat the very purpose of conducting a common entrance exam and may as well encourage other states to seek exemption at later date.”


  54. Today maharashtra got a stay on NEET UG for one year. Aurangabad bench of Mumbai high court gave this stay on NEET to the case filed by parents in Latur .Now Maharashtra will not have NEET in 2012 there will MHT-CET 2012. Best luck to all.thankyou.

  55. Exposing its short-sightedness, the Union Health Ministry on Thursday expressed its helplessness in conducting the much-hyped National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET), also known as Common Entrance Test (CET) — meant to carry out admissions to all undergraduate medical and dental courses through a single entrance test.

    After giving its consent to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), the agency of the Union Human Resource Development Ministry responsible to conduct the test, the Union Health Ministry made a U-turn demanding deferment of the examination, scheduled for the academic year 2012-13.

    The difference of view between the two Ministries of the Central Government became apparent after the Health Ministry filed an application in the Supreme Court demanding the test scheduled for May 13, 2012 to be postponed for the next academic session of 2013-14.

    The conduct of Under Graduate National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (UG-NEET) is a Herculean task which requires great deal of preparation and for paucity of time it is practically impossible to resolve the issues raised by various State Governments and hold the test in 2012, the Health Ministry maintained.

    It cited the objections raised by States like Maharashtra, Gujarat and Goa, who are willing to conduct the national test from 2013-14. It pointed out Andhra Pradesh is seeking an exemption of two years, Kerala is demanding its reservation policies to be kept intact, Assam is disputing the criteria for minimum marks, West Bengal is insisting on inclusion of Bengali language as a medium for conduct of the said examination and Puducherry is wanting an exemption from the test itself.

    Interestingly, the application has come at a time when the CBSE has moved the apex court seeking permission for holding NEET as per a schedule fixed in consultation with all concerned stakeholders including the Health Ministry.

    The CBSE application said, “All the stakeholders viz CBSE, Medical Council of India and Director General of Health Services have accorded consent for conduct of UG-NEET in the manner indicated above (as per schedule).”

    The schedule laid down the last date for receipt of application forms as January 16, 2012, dispatch of admit cards by April 12 and declaration of result latest by last week of June. This schedule, according to CBSE, was taken at a meeting held on July 18, 2011 under the chairmanship of Union Health Secretary. It was this meeting that decided to assign CBSE the task to conduct the first ever national level entrance examination.

    Oblivious to the difference of views brewing between the Health Ministry and CBSE, the Supreme Court bench of Justices HL Dattu and CK Prasad had on Wednesday already adjourned the hearing of the case to January 2012, when both the applications will be taken up for hearing.

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