Cabinet Approves National Commission of Higher Education and Research


The National Council for Higher Education and Research (NCHER) will be the super power body on top of other education regulators like UGC (University Grants Commision) and AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) covering all streams of higher education except Medical & Agriculture.

Cabinet has cleared way to set up NCHER a 70 member council representing officials from States & Other professional bodies to frame policies related to education. Although the NCHER bill was proposed 3 years ago in the parliament; the approval has come yesterday.

The bill was based on the report submitted by Prof. Yash Pal Committee which was of the view to either scrap deemed university status fro universities are make them full fledged universities. For university education the committee proposed a GRE like test; expanding IITs and IIMs into other areas and the report slammed UPA government for setting up IITs & IIMs for number sake.

The NCHER bill can be accessed from here and the basis of the bill lead by Prof. Yash Pal can be also be accessed Yashpal-committee-report.

Expect few good things to happen in Indian higher education soon! What do you say?

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