AICTE Gearing Up For A Smooth CMAT


Ealier we reported how business schools are opposing to the AICTE’s mandatory rule to select students only from CMAT for MBA & PGDM admissions. The new controversy that surrounded AICTE is on the trial CMAT test, which displayed inadequate questions related to corporate finance. The trial test has been rectified only after various news channels written stories on the issue.

AICTE & APTECH don’t want to mess up anymore and are gearing up for a smooth CMAT. accessed the trial test and findings are as below

  • Each correct question carries 4 marks, while incorrect question deducts 1 mark
  • You can change the answers any number of times, choose deselect button
  • You can verify both answered and unanswered questions during the test
  • Test concludes once the allotted time lapses
  • Flag questions you want to verify later (marked as red)
  • Answered questions are indicated in green
  • Unanswered questions are indicated as black
  • Caution: Don’t press submit unless you wish to end the test

Important dates and CMAT 2012 test structure was mentioned on our previous post, refer post.

APTECH is authorized to conduct CMAT in 2012; they have fairly done a good job. Test yourself at and tell us how was your experience.

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