Don’t Want NEET UG for Next 2 Years – AP

Following the foot prints of Gujarat and Tamilnadu; Andhra Pradesh too says NEET UG shouldn’t be imposed for it’s students till 2014. Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy had written to Union Health Minister Mr. Ghulam Nabi Azad seeking special permission to exclude AP from National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET-UG). (via) Following the announcement of the final syllabus made by the Medical Council of India (MCI) few states have come forward to oppose the test which has differences in-terms of the syllabus, language and states have also questioned the timing of the announcement.

When MCI announced the  proposal it was Andhra Pradesh which welcomed the concept of common medical entrance test first. Little did the officials of AP know about the syllabus and the drama that is likely to get attached to a national level common medical entrance test.

Mr. Reddy had his clarification on why the State is backing up now, firstly higher education officials didn’t knew what the syllabus likely to be when it was announced a year ago. Now since the syllabus is revealed by MCI, officials had realized replacing the states own entrance test (EAMCET) will create chaos among the students. 30% extra syllabus had to be learned in few months before the exam while most students have started preparing for EAMCET.

As believed earlier one state shows the way others too follow the path, Tamilnadu seems to have quietly got permission to adopt their own selection process ignoring NEET. TN has state level reservations and hence they can’t modify state’s law in a nick of a moment, similarly AP too require modifications of law in the state if they are forced to adopt NEET. Andhra Pradesh has approached supreme court to challenge MCI’s proposal, earlier the state has said they want to have both EAMCET & NEET UG in 2012; now you tell us should AP be excluded from NEET?

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  1. please declare as early as possible neet or eamcet in andhrapradesh.Totally students and parents are suffering this confussion.

    Pl read the story here :

    • Hi Basrah, J & K will not have NEET UG this year the state has a different legal structure all together so NEET mayn’t be applicable.

  3. hello to all,after reading ur comments regarding neet entrance,i hv some resolution for it:-
    1.there should be three medical entrance exam in our country. exam should be at at state level.
    3.second should be at center level which will be conducted by cbse for 15% state quota and100% for all private autonomous institution.
    4.third should be conducted by aiims, including aiims and some reputed institution.thank you by wish u all the best for ur success.

  4. Zee news
    SC to examine Maha’s plea on
    Medical CET exemption New Delhi: The Supreme Court has agreed to
    examine Maharashtra’s plea for exemption from
    the 2012-2013 National Common Entrance Test for
    Graduate and Postgraduate Courses of Medicine as
    according to the State differences in syllabus and
    some other changes would pose difficulties for students. A bench headed by Justice HL Dattu posted the
    matter for hearing tomorrow after senior counsel
    Shekhar Naphade and counsel Sanjay Kharde
    mentioned it before the court. Maharashtra’s move comes in the wake of Andhra
    Pradesh Government’s similar plea for exemption
    from the maiden all India test on the ground that
    the students would find it difficult to undertake the
    exam due to differences in syllabus and language
    barrier. As per the new national level common entrance test
    the students must take the exam either in English
    or Hindi and do not have the advantage of any
    vernacular language as is the case with the State
    level common entrance test. In a fresh application moved before the apex court,
    Maharashtra contended that the course prescribed
    by MCI and the National Council of Educational
    Research and Training (NCERT) is dissimilar to the
    syllabus taught in the State to Class 11th & 12th
    students. “As such the new syllabus for common entrance
    test would be difficult for them to cope up in such
    short period of time gravely prejudicing their rights
    for being selected in any good medical college. “That everyone knows the amount of stress for
    performing well in competitive exams, is enormous
    on students. Therefore, any such sudden changes will be
    demoralising for the students and can cause severe
    depression and anxiety problems with unfortunate
    consequences,” the State said. The State said though it was not against the single
    common entrance test, the syllabus prescribed by
    MCI would result in grave prejudice to the students
    of Maharashtra. Students appearing in May 2012 have already
    finished the 11th standard portion as per old
    syllabus and nearly 75 to 80 per cent of 12th
    standard as per old State Board syllabus. According to the State asking students to appear
    for entrance exams in May 2012 at this stage under
    a new syllabus “is highly unfair to them.” “If the common entrance is executed in May 2013
    instead of May 2012, then the students will have a
    fair notice of 2 years to prepare as well as the
    teachers will be oriented for the same,” the state
    said. Hence it urged the apex court to direct the MCI to
    exempt the State from participating in the common
    entrance to be conducted from the academic year
    2012-13 and instead permit the State to go ahead
    with its own MH-CET for the 2012-13
    undergraduate courses. The National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test for
    undergraduates (NEET-UG) for admission to MBBS,
    Post Graduate and super speciality courses will be
    conducted in pursuance of the Supreme Court
    directive. There are 42,000 seats for under graduate medical
    courses and 20,600 seats for PG medical courses in
    the country. On July 22, MCI had published a Draft Core Syllabus
    of the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET)
    for admission to medical courses throughout the
    country. The move is aimed at ensuring a uniform syllabus
    for the students across the country who intends to
    pursue the medical courses. PTI

    • TOI

      PU entrance exam schedule out Nov 10, 2011, 05.33AM IST TNN Panjab University has released its schedule for
      entrance exams for the academic year 2012. The
      entrance exam for MD/MS would be held on
      February 2, 2012 and the prospectus would be
      available in the third week of December. For the
      Common Entrance Test, the tentative date is May 27, 2012 and for this the prospectus would be
      available in second week of March 2012. Students
      seeking admission to the university honours
      school, are required to take CET. The other common
      entrance exam dates have been decided from June
      16 to June 19 for which the forms would be available in the last week of March 2012. The dates
      for MEd, PhD and PULEET exams have been posted
      on the varsity website.


  6. Hello Singham,
    Where are u Dude….we had wonderful time here with you giving some great info and showing competitive exchanges….
    we all miss you….come on in yaar….we are waiting for you…

  7. hello to all
    the only question that remains is wether mci will be able to conduct neet in 2012. their are many states opposing it including some states having most colleges. parents and students are opposing it. pvt. colleges are opposing it. ngo are opposing it.
    with such opposition why does mci not drop the idea of neet in 2012 and play safe by announcing it in 2014. or else then also it will be hard for them to conduct neet.
    some people here are blaming political parties for opposition but had that been the case it would have got cancelled a long back. political parties are showing no interest in opposing it apart from few .

    and can someone explain what percentile system is???????????

    • Half of medical colleges may be
      left out of this year’s NEET PTI | 08:11 PM,Nov 10,2011 New Delhi, Nov 10 (PTI) Even before the amended
      notification for the proposed common MBBS
      entrance test has been issued, trouble started
      brewing for the examination with at least five states
      saying they are not ready for participation in it.
      While Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh have already obtained a stay from the court, Maharashtra
      has now moved the Supreme Court seeking a stay
      on the plea of differences in syllabi. West Bengal
      and Gujarat have not yet indicated their affirmation
      to join the test. Sources say if the big five states are
      left out of the National Entrance-cum-Eligibility Test (NEET), a majority of the medical colleges across the
      country would be out of NEET purview, as almost
      50 to 60 per cent of the medical colleges in the
      country are concentrated in Tamil Nadu, Andhra
      Pradesh, Maharashtra and Karnataka alone. The
      Medical Council of India (MCI) has already finalised the syllabus for National Eligibility-cum-Entrance
      Test (NEET-UG) for admission to MBBS courses and
      fixed May 13 for holding the exam next year.
      Earlier during discussions with various states,
      Gujarat, Karnataka and West Bengal had demanded
      the holding of the proposed NEET in vernacular languages, which is now ruled out owing to
      shortage of time in holding the exam.

      • Kashmir: MCI not to conduct
        medical entrance this year Written by Srinagar: KDNN Thursday, 10 November 2011 20:01 The medical entrance examination for this year shall not be covered under Medical Council of India (MCI) for allotment of seats in the medical colleges located in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, Minister for Medical Education R S Chib said on Thursday. Chib while commenting on the news published in some sections of press that Medical Council of India
        is trying to take over the medical colleges in the State for allotment of seats under the admission guidelines of MCI, said that the fact of the matter is that the MCI had tried to approach the State Government with the intention to cover all the medical colleges in Jammu and Kashmir for admission under their admission guidelines. However, they were specifically informed that it will
        not be allowed under the provision of special laws of the State. He said that our argument has been well taken and
        the medical entrance examination for admission in medical colleges in the State for the year 2012-13 shall be conducted by the Board of Professional Entrance Examination (BOPEE) as per past practice and not by the MCI.

    • Private med colleges are silently working behind instigating their political moles to try & stop NEET. Since, their presence is more in Maharashtra & AP they are vigorously nudging their political honchos. They are not in a position to fight directly with MCI and Central Govt for fear of reprisal. One Pvt med college which went to court was not given approval to conduct MBBS UG in 2011-2012 academic year.

      • stop giving false information.
        pvt. colleges has filed a case and hearing will soon be taking place. they were angry because they were not consulted about neet and have put some good points to oppose neet. had the political leaders taken neet , it would not have possible in first place.

  8. Not much effort was put in by the State government authorities, students or the colleges in demanding that the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET) be held in the regional language also; a demand which has cropped up after the Central government announced its decision.

    The Medical Council of India (MCI) sought feedback on conduct of NEET, syllabus and other related issues from the stakeholders concerned before it wanted to finalise the exam structure. However, there was poor response, particularly on conducting the exam in the regional language. As per the figures available with MCI, only 1,799 people responded of which 13.90 per cent suggested that the question paper be given in the regional language, apart from English and Hindi. Out of these 13.90 per cent, 81.6 per cent were from Gujarat and the rest from Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and West Bengal.

    It shows neither the government officials nor the students, parents or colleges were interested in giving their opinion. “The awareness was nil among students on the MCI’s request for suggestions. The government itself was not aware of such a request ,” a senior official said.

    Nearly one-third of the respondents from all over the country questioned the timing of the NEET announcement and suggested that it be conducted from 2013 or beyond. About 37.76 per cent of responses were related to syllabus.

  9. PUNE: The latest decision of the Medical Council of India (MCI) to introduce National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET) for admission to MBBS courses from May next year has evoked sharp reactions from stakeholders, especially educational organisations, some of which have already moved Supreme Court over the schedule of the exam.

    “It is surprising to know that MCI has decided to hold NEET from 2012, even as there is wide opposition to it. Few parties, including the State, have approached the SC, seeking deferment of NEET till at least 2013. The MCI announcement has to survive a legal battle ahead now,” said Harish Butale, founder-secretary of DEEPER institute, which has filed a PIL in the SC against against the holding of NEET from 2012.

    A forum of educational institutions from Latur district has also filed a case in the SC against the holding of NEET from next year, and it is slated to come for hearing jointly with the petition filed by Maharashtra government, on November 11.

    “Suppose the NEET is held in May next year, students from Maharashtra will have just six months to prepare for the examination. The core syllabus for NEET, as posted by MCI on its website, is different from what our students are being taught so far. It will be unjust for them, if they are asked to appear for the exam in May next year,” Dr Aniruddha Jadhav, forum convener and ex-principal of Rajarshi Shahu College, Latur, told Sakal Times over phone from Latur on Saturday.

    “Also, the government policy on NEET is not that inclusive. If NEET is for MBBS, what about other medical and para-medical courses?” asked Jadhav, who is hailed as an architect of the ‘Latur pattern’ for HSC that was popular, particularly during 90s.

    Students were perplexed with the MCI announcing NEET date as May 13, 2012 and gave a thought to challenging it in the court of law. “It is nerve-racking. Since the last one-year we are in a dilemma over the year of starting of NEET,” rued Pranav Pathak, an HSC student, favouring the commencement of exam from 2013.

  10. the Medical Council of India (MCI) has decided to amend its proposed Common Entrance Test (CET) for admission into MBBS courses after facing opposition from private medical college associations. Many states are also unhappy of being part of the common test. In the amended CET, the MCI plans to eliminate negative marking — a CBSE practice — and introduce the percentile system instead of percentages for cut-offs. The MCI had initially set the qualifying percentage at 50% for the general category and 40% for the reserved category.

    Earlier, the All India Private Medical Colleges and Private Universities Welfare Association had threatened to go for a “zero admission” year in the next academic session if the authorities went ahead with CET. Speaking to this newspaper, association secretary Ahmed Ashfaque Karim said, “CET will be prepared by the CBSE based on its syllabus (and marking). Not all MBBS aspirants follow the CBSE board. Hence, a sudden shift would mean that thousands of students, who have followed the state board syllabus and have prepared for state entrance examinations, would not be able to compete with their peers.”

    “India currently produces around 41,000 students annually, out of whom, 25,000 are from private medical colleges. In that case, how can the government go ahead with such an important decision without consulting us?” he asked.

    MCI secretary Sangeeta Sharma told The Sunday Guardian, “Last month, we had a meeting with members of private medical college association and representatives from all states. Their opposition to CET was discussed. Following the meeting, we have forwarded a proposal to the health ministry to remove negative marking from the examination and introduce the percentile system i.”

    The Union Ministry of Health and the MCI have planned to roll out CET or a National Eligibility and Entrance Test (NEET) for admission into all government, private medical colleges and deemed universities across the country from the 2012-13 academic session.

    Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy recently wrote a letter to Union Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad, demanding the exemption of Andhra Pradesh from the purview of NEET till 2013. This was done after several students’ unions in the state staged protests against the examination. “The exemption has been sought in view of the students’ inability to appear for NEET in May 2012. The students are appearing for the state’s Engineering, Agriculture and Medicine Common Entrance Test (EAMCET) to be held at the same time,” Andhra Pradesh Health Minister Dr D.L. Ravindra Reddy told this newspaper. He added that to implement NEET, the government would have to amend the Andhra Pradesh Education Act 1983, removing medicine from EAMCET.

    Earlier, CET was opposed by Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and Bihar. As of now, the high courts of Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Gujarat have stayed the implementation of CET. “Every state has different requirements and people from different backgrounds. So, having a uniform criteria for selection of MBBS students throughout the country will be an exercise which would do more harm than good,” said an official from the Uttar Pradesh Medical Education Department.

    “Several states such as Gujarat and West Bengal have demanded that CET should be conducted not just in English but also in Gujarati and Bengali. While we have said that this is not possible in the first year of implementation, we may allow it in the coming years. However, the opposition by private colleges is based on the fact that the step would not benefit students who don’t follow the CBSE syllabus. But the exam will be designed keeping in mind the syllabus of all states,” said Sharma.

    An official from the health ministry said, “So far, the ministry has received over 150 letters from various states, medical colleges and other bodies. We will be looking into them and will be taking the necessary steps.”

    (With inputs from S. Rama Krishna in Hyderabad)

  11. Having given committment in the beginning to join NEET, it is a shame that AP govt is retracting on its decision now. After revision of NEET syllabus, it has been estimated that physics and chemistry has 5 to 10 percent difference and Biology has about 30% difference. This is not a huge difference. The Govt can arrange for special classes to those students who want to take MBBS and satisfy the students.

    Apparently, it appears to be a political drama to appease the opposing section of students and indirectly supporting the private medical college bosses. Its all dirty vote bank politics.

  12. Hello Srikant,
    Tamilnadu does not have a ‘State Level Entrance Test’ as mentioned in your article. Students are selected on the basis of marks scored in their HSC exams.


  14. ANAJI: With Union government officials refusing to defer the national common entrance exam (NEET) for medicine and dentistry seats for Goan students by one year, the state government has begun exploring legal options available to the state.

    “The state has begun the process of filing an affidavit in the high court to defer the NEET for Goa by one year. We want it to be held in 2013 for Goan students, as against May 2012 announced for all states. Goa wants the state common entrance test held for medicine and dentistry, as it was done all these years, for one more year,” a state official said.

    Goa, along with Maharashtra, had expressed fears that students would find the syllabus for the national exam too tough and vast to cope with and this could leave several state seats for medicine and dentistry vacant.

    “Students answering the NEET for graduate medicine and dentistry courses will have to be thorough in the syllabus for Classes XI and XII. And those answering NEET for the postgraduate seats will have to be thorough in the syllabus of all the years of the medicine and dentistry courses. Even though students are expected to know the portion of the previous years, it is tough for students to remember each and every part of the vast syllabi,” a state official said.

    Goa had written to the Medical Council of India (MCI) and Union health ministry requesting them to hold the exam for Goa from 2013 onwards.


  15. sarkar ne abhi tak hum state b oard bacchon ko kuch bhi nahin bataya hai, adhe se jyada logon ko neet ke bare mein pata tak nahin hai. agar neet ata hai toh yeh na insafi hogi.
    hey bhagwan , kripa karo neet ko door karo.

  16. only some states understand the problem of students , i am very thankful for these states…. i dont understand why the states like mp,up,cg,haryana & others not involve in opposition because they are backward states and they have not enough net facility in the rural areas , most of the student dont know about the exam and syllabus ……….

    • These states understand how merit can be manipulated in pvt medical college. The opposing sattes viz karnatka, maharashtra and AP are having maximum no. of medical seats in India. Horse trading in pvt medical college is open truth. Lobby of Pvt medical college are making the politicians moyhpiece. It is the only time will tell who is on Ashok Chavan , Yadurappa and son of Raj shekahr reddy way.

      • @ bk – what understand………… they have not enough time for students..they just earn money from lots of other sources not only the medical education ……. only some states having problem in their pvt colleges why every state responsible 4 that???
        some states who realize the big problem………….

    • friend
      up bhi neet ko oppose kar raha aisa maine kahin padha tha. maine yeh bhi padha thatki bihar bhi kar raha hai. baki adhe se jyada logon ko toh yeh bhi nahin pata ki neet kya hai. sarkar keval internet par hi iski information dalti hai.

      • @ mangesh up…
        Frend lagta hai ki aap kabhi newspaper nahi padhte ho….
        Jitni news internet pe available hai utni hi newspaper me…
        And by the way bihar, up and jharkhand are not opposing neet…
        Students from these states are happy as they will soon get rid of corruptions which is at its peak…
        Mci ppl are very responsible persons. They are really doing all these for us. And all these politicians are doing these dramas only for their vote money….

  17. AP STATE main govt VIP ALSO didn’t have full info about NEET, when student get the full info about or two year before educated about NEET, then it’s good.This year NEET is conducted or not when the student get full info.Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy had written to Union Health Minister ,AP STATE MAIN PERSON HAVE NOT CONFORM ABOUT IT NOW.

  18. very good .
    Loksabha election also in 2014.
    So you understand That NDA government will come in center .
    And NEET will be cancel forever.
    So my future doctors please prepare your state board medical examination course.
    NEET never possible in future.

    • don’t get over excited guys. their is little chance that neet will cancel but one thing is for sure if opposition continues it will get postponed as sc cannot ignore the opposers.

      phir bhi panauti kyun marni yaar.

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