MCI Confirms NEET UG Syllabus

The much awaited notification is released officially by the Medical Council of India on NEET UG syllabus which was due since the draft syllabus was announced on 22nd July 2011. After receiving and reviewing feedback MCI had made necessary changes and finalized the syllabus. Of the 1970 feedback submissions received by MCI, 171 of them are not relevant to NEET UG and rest of them are neatly summarized by MCI which can be accessed here.

Feedback summary is as follows, majority of them were of the view that syllabus needs to be changed, and decent number of feedback senders opinioned that NEET should be postponed to 2013 while few felt regional language question paper should be made.

“The Medical Council of India (MCI) recommends the following syllabus for National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test for admission to MBBS courses across the country (NEETUG) after review of various State syllabi as well as those prepared by CBSE, NCERT and COBSE.  This is to establish a uniformity across the country keeping in view the relevance of different areas in medical education.”

So here you go; the final syllabus Download.

NEET UG is slated to be held on May 13, 2011 as rumored earlier; other highlights are no negative marks, even dental colleges will use NEET UG score, there will be percentile system and the question paper will be for 180 minutes.

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Share your thoughts on NEET UG syllabus! Do you agree or disagree?

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  1. i cannot understand about the botany syllabus of NEET-UG specially the algee,fungi portion.plz some one tell weather I would read through WESTBENGAL or ISC there any book published in market maintaining This syllabus ?

  2. it is to late fr neet-ug 2012 fr maharastra students , as they have finished with the old syb, and preparing fr boards and prac exams
    i hope neet-ug 2012 is cancelled fr this batch


    At a time when some States are indulging in nit picking to scuttle the process of NEET in 2012, Kerala stands tall as a beacon supporting NEET. In all these tumultuous time, Kerala is very clear in its thinking and stands by the decision of Central Govt, Supreme Court and MCI. In India Kerala have the maximum literacy rate and whenever any rule or Act comes into force against the well being of the people, Kerala would be the first State to oppose. At the same time, if it finds the same beneficial to people, it will be the first State to welcome and adopt. In the case of NEET, it appreciates the advantages and benefits of it and had readily adopted itself for the sake of its students.

    As everyone knows, Kerala is a non-Hindi State, its official language is Malayalam, 80% of its students study State board Syllabus in Malayalam. Its State syllabus also has difference with that of core syllabus declared by MCI. It had State PMT which was set in English and Malayalam language. The so called grievances by the opposing States were all omnipresent in Kerala too. But the State was so prudent and proactive, it saw the advantages out weighing disadvantages, hence decided to take NEET.

    In my village which is hundreds of miles away from Trivandrum, the Capital city of Kerala, the public is reasonably aware about the introduction of NEET. The institute where I am studying has been informing us the possibility of NEET in 2012. About a month back, the notice about NEET was put on the campus notice board and a copy of the same was stuck in each and every class room. In my institute each and every student is aware about NEET coming in May 2012. The institute was informed by the State education board and our institute had put up the notices in the entire campus even in canteen.

    My institute had already started to adjust the curriculum according to the NEET syllabus and in fact in the last 2 weekly tests the question paper was set tougher to prepare the students for NEET. The institute had told us very clearly that students need to prepare themselves to deal the NEET questions in English only. The Malayalam papers were withdrawn from the monthly tests to begin with.

    Kerala has 23 medical colleges in all in the State. The majority of them are private medical colleges. The Kerala Govt is so transparent that without buckling to the pressure of the pvt colleges, unlike the other opposing States, supports NEET to the hilt. Gujarat which is bigger than Kerala and which has a better GDP than Kerala has only 19 medical colleges, yet a small group of parents headed by a wealthy Doctor with the connivance of vested interest is opposing NEET in Ahmedabad.

    Among all the States, Kerala definitely stands tall and majestic. In India we have 28 States and 7 Union Territories, except 5 or 6 States all other States have accepted NEET. Whether these States participate in NEET or not, it doesn’t matter, but NEET will definitely happen and we look forward to it eagerly.

    On Behalf of all these Pro NEET States and students like me hailing from villages request the opposing States to change their minds and join NEET 2012 immediately.

  4. hi guys, i jus had a query to make and it goes like- i have domicile of both UP and mahrashtra and till last yr. i cud give both up cpmt as well as mh cet but acc. to neet-ug rules students will get only i state’s rank. so that way do i have to choose for which state to apply?? and another question if any1 of u has any idea about that is in case i had to make a choice between UP and maharashtra which state wud be a better option coz seeing all da opposition raised by maharashtra i am highly reluctant to go for mahrashtra as my domicile state??

    • well,the if u r a Hindi speaking gal,then u must choose UP over Maharashtra….the hindi students keep facing the ire of MNS,Shivshena..and other political organisation.! There r so many..nice colleges,both Pvt and Govt in UP also. And 1 can be assure of becoming a good doc studying from there..!! 🙂
      ~keshav krishna jha

  5. Postpone
    NEET, says MLC Introduction of the National Eligibility and Entrance
    Test (NEET) for admission into medical colleges
    would create many problems, and medical seat
    aspirants in Andhra Pradesh would be at a
    disadvantageous position, said Floor leader of the
    Progressive Democratic Front in the Legislative Council M.V.S. Sarma on Sunday. The Chief Minister must get directly involved in the
    issue and prevail over the Centre to get NEET
    postponed to protect the interests of students of
    Andhra Pradesh, Mr. Sarma said in a press release.
    Legal course of action should be taken, if
    necessary, he said. The national-level common syllabus should be
    introduced in Intermediate and Class XII before the
    students appeared for the national-level entrance
    test. If it was not so, students from Andhra Pradesh
    would be at a loss and those from other States
    would get admission in our State medical colleges, said Mr. Sarma while explaining the problem. It
    was also necessary to determine the percentage of
    seats the State would get, he said. Additional burden The NEET would be an additional burden for the
    students seeking admission in JIPMER, AIIMS, AFMC
    and other reputed national medical college since
    there was separate test for each of these colleges.
    Till now, Andhra Pradesh students were preparing
    for Eamcet. If the Medical Council of India announced the schedule for NEET in May, it would
    put a lot of burden on them. They stand to lose in
    the competition at the national level, Mr. Sarma
    pointed out. Keywords: NEET, Medical education, Educational facilities, MLC Like


    • I think Mr Sarma has not understand the NEET concept at all. He should first understand the NEET scheme fully and then give his comments. Such half baked comments does not speak well about his stand obviously influenced by some vested interests.

  6. another thing neet came into existence when some parents filed cases against the ongoing medical system , then sc relised about the problem. with so many parents again protesting , this time sc will understand the problem.

  7. i don’t get it why people are shouting about corruption when the reservation is same and states keep the right to admit students, then how does things change. alredy it is november, it is way too late for neet. though i remain a firm supporter of neet but i question the timing of it .with so many legal notices against mci i think neet will cancel this year. by mid november notification of other pmts will be out. sc may be behind neet but the states can decide about the timing.

  8. I decline to comment on NEET until there are any valid notifications from one or more of the Competent Authorities(CA). The CAs have so far only regurgitated their proposals unilaterally in an inappropriate manner and authoritative tone, wh…ich is simply bad for everybody concerned.

    As far as Dr. Rohan Shenoy’s EXPERT OPINION goes, NEET 2012 is not happening. Period. No further queries to be asked on this issue as the issue has been dealt indepth previously. Kindly head to for our past discussions.

  9. MCI will definately not agree to vernacular language stand….. no final news is expected before atleast 20 days…. i want all this to end soon…. neet or aipmt should be declared and no opposition should be their….
    by the new syllabus is same as of aipmt…… it will definately vary a lot of state syllabus…. this can be point to oppose neet.

    • AHMEDABAD: Parents of HSC (science) students met
      here in big numbers at the Parimal Garden on
      Sunday to discuss the course of action to be
      pursued for the proposed National Eligibility
      Entrance Test (NEET) to be taken by the Medical
      Council of India (MCI). Differences between the parents of the English-medium students and the
      Gujarati-medium students were apparent as it was
      mainly Gujarati-medium students who opposed the
      NEET. “We have decided to legally challenge any decision
      to impose NEET on students if the exam is not
      offered in Gujarati,” parents who congregated at
      the meet said. Parents said that offering the entrance test in
      Gujarati language was the main condition. Plus, the
      difference between the NEET syllabus declared by
      MCI and that of the state board needs to be
      bridged. Meanwhile, there were indications in the meeting
      that parents of English-medium students were keen
      that the state joins NEET as it would not affect their
      wards much. What’s more, their wards will also get
      an edge in admissions if the Gujarati-medium
      students fail to join the exam. “We have formed five committees of parents and
      have planned protest demonstrations in the future
      to oppose NEET in its current avatar,” said Dr
      Jignesh Shah. Principal of CN Vidyalaya Hitendra Trivedi said that
      Gujarat should not join the NEET if it is not offered in
      Gujarati as it will be disadvantageous to the local
      students. Parents have decided to legally challenge any
      decision to impose NEET on students if the exam is
      not offered in Gujarati

    • Gujarat puts 3 conditions for NEET Nov 7, 2011, 04.24AM IST TNN AHMEDABAD: State government has written to the
      Medical Council of India (MCI) that it will join
      National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) if its three
      conditions are fulfilled. The state, however, has
      decided not to join NEET, a common medical test to
      be held by MCI for admission in colleges all over India, in 2012. The state has forwarded the three conditions which
      are NEET should be offered in Gujarati language
      along with Hindi and English, the state will not part
      with 85 per cent seats reserved for local students,
      and the MCI should bridge the difference between
      NEET syllabus and that of Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board (GSHSEB) so that
      the local students are not at a disadvantage. Health department officials said that the five-
      member expert committee formed to advise it on
      the issue of NEET too had recommended that
      Gujarat should join NEET only if the exam is offered
      in Gujarati language. Moreover, the committee had
      also said that there was a big per cent of NEET syllabus which was not common with the GSHSEB
      syllabus and the same should be bridged for the
      benefit of students from Gujarat. Officials said that the government has made it clear
      that it will not open medical college seats to
      students from other states even if the local students
      fail to clear NEET in desired numbers. This condition
      has been put to safeguard interest of local students.
      Officials said that Gujarat will join NEET only if these conditions are accepted by the state government. Health minister Jaynarayan Vyas said that the state
      will take a decision which protects the interest of
      students of Gujarat.

    • Can it be brought out by career mitra :
      1. How Many students from Gujarat has written the GUJCET-2011 in Gujarati Language and qualified.
      2. Can it be brought out that how the syllabus differs with GBSE Syllabus? I have compared yesterday and more or less the syllabus appeared at MCI website and Gujarat Board is same.
      3. Regarding protection for students from Gujarat , the same is protected through state ranking.
      4. The article is coming through Times of India Ahmedabad only. It should also be examined that whether correspondent of The Times of India had been bought by agents of Pvt Medical college in Guajart.
      5. A feedback is required to be given to education minister of Gujarat which I hope he is not being gIven the true picture of NEET-2012


        • The persons who say that the syllabus deviates 40% should show and prove that it actually deviates through a Excel Sheet. Each and every topic in BiPC should be compared threadbare to that of NEET and shown to prove the claim of deviation. Notional figures are not going to work in this case.

  10. बेगानों में वफ़ा की तलाश ना कर ‘साहिल’,
    तेरे तो अपने भी अक्सर बेवफा निकलते है

    ministery of health science not agree to hold NEET in 2012.

  11. If MCI dnt agree to cnduct NEET UG in regional languages, it will be a big problem both for MCI and States like Gujrat, TB, TN etc.. MCI should let the opposing states to cnduct their state pmt-s for this year.

  12. Kya nautanki hai yaar….

    National medical entrance test on May 13 Nov 6, 2011, 09.44AM IST TNN [ Abhishek Choudhari ] NAGPUR: With the Medical Council of India announcing the date for a pan India CET and
    the revised syllabus, the stage is now set for the crucial court battle between the apex
    body and Maharashtra over the proposed common medical entrance exam. The new
    syllabus was put up on the MCI website late on Thursday night and on Friday it
    announced May 13 as the date for the exam. Despite opposition from various states, the MCI has ahead and announced that it will
    hold the exam next year. The final syllabus for the exam, officially being called the
    National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test for under graduates (NEET-UG), has also been
    released by the MCI after making various changes. Sangeeta Sharma, MCI secretary, said, “The final syllabus was modified after taking into
    account lot of suggestions from concerned stakeholders.” The date is something which Maharashtra is not comfortable with. The Directorate of
    Medical Education and Research had always maintained that holding the NEET-UG earlier
    than 2013 will be detrimental to students from the state. Dr Pravin Shingare, the DMER,
    said, “We have approached the Supreme Court and expect that the hearing should take
    place within a couple of days. Even though the MCI has announced the dates, we are
    appealing to the court to push it back by a year.” The date has become the bone of contention between the two because of the state
    syllabus for Std XII. The Maharashtra education board has started incorporating the
    National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT) framework and Std XII
    will be covered from next year. With the NEET-UG based mostly on NCERT, the state feels
    that its students will be ready for NEET-UG only by 2013. It is not the state government alone which is heading to court, a group of parents from
    Nagpur are also set to file a separate appeal. Dr Nandini Babhulkar, a member of the
    group, said, “We were waiting for MCI to announce the date as the SC would not have
    entertained our appeal without it. Now on Monday we will be approaching SC and
    asking for a deferment of at least a year. How can the MCI expect students to study with
    just 150 days remaining? We support MCI’s initiative but all we ask is the NEET-UG date to be pushed till 2013.” Earlier this year the SC had given a green signal to MCI for holding the NEET-UG.
    Following this the MCI stepped up the pace on formulating a syllabus. The draft syllabus
    was uploaded on the MCI web site on July 22 and feedback was sought from relevant
    stakeholders. By the time the feedback’s deadline expired 20 days later, the MCI had
    received almost 2,000 e-mails with suggestions. The Maharashtra government had already written a letter to the Union health ministry
    expressing displeasure over holding the NEET-UG in 2012. And with various
    stakeholders now knocking on the SC’s door the uncertainty over the exam still
    continues. Various other states, Tamil Nadu being one of them, have also opposed the
    NEET-UG. “Just imagine the mental stress these students are going through. This entire year the
    students have been perplexed over which exam they have to appear for in 2012. It is
    high time that all stakeholders involved start thinking about the kids first,” said Dr

  13. there’s more to this drama

    • What is the problem with FEW Gujarati people. I think their setting with Pvt medical college is on verge of collapse. If, anything is suspected to effect, it is whole students from Gujarat. But , their merit is protected through state ranking. All Gujarat is happy except few students and agents of Pvt medical college sitting in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, Valsad, Rajkot, Jamnagar etc. Admission in Pvt medical college from Gujarat in Karnatka and Maharashtra is a business and certainly this is going to be effected a lot with NEET -2012. Please do not defame Gujarat by making plea of Syllabus change and language . Gujarati students are having the capability to come in not only in state but in national merit.

  14. कॉमन मेडिकल परीक्षा टली
    नई दिल्ली. 6 oct.
    अगले साल होने वाली साझा मेडिकल प्रवेश परीक्षा टाल दी गई है। अब सभी मेडिकल सीटों के लिए राष्ट्रीय पात्रता प्रवेश परीक्षा (एनईईटी) 2013 से हो सकेगी। स्वास्थ्य सचिव पीके प्रधान ने कहा कि साझा परीक्षा 2013 में कराई जाएगी और उन्होंने कहा कि उस समय तक संसाधनों को मजबूत बनाने पर जोर दिया जाएगा।
    पूर्व के फ ैसले के अनुसार यह परीक्षा 2012-13 के
    लिए अगले साल में होनी थी .

  15. NEET to be conducted in English, Hindi:
    MCI Nov 6, 2011, 04.38AM IST TNN AHMEDABAD: The Medical Council of India (MCI)
    has announced that the National Eligibility
    Entrance Test (NEET), a common entrance test for
    admission in medical colleges across India, will be
    held in English and Hindi languages. The MCI has
    said it is still mulling over having the entrance test in regional languages as demanded by
    different states. Parents of HSC (science) students will hold a
    protest meeting at Parimal Garden on Sunday,
    demanding that NEET be held in local languages.
    Parents have been demanding that NEET be
    offered in Gujarati because otherwise students
    studying in Gujarati-medium schools will be at a disadvantage. Parents are also unhappy over the new NEET
    syllabus. “The new syllabus declared by the MCI
    has not been able to bridge the divide between
    the state board and CBSE syllabus. Earlier, the
    difference between the two syllabuses was 40%
    which has been bridged only by 10% in the new syllabus,” a parent said. Parents will meet on Sunday to chart the future
    course of action to be pursued as far as NEET is
    concerned. It needs a mention here that the state
    government had insisted that the MCI introduce
    NEET in Gujarati, which will make it easier for the
    state to join the common medical entrance test.
    Government had said that 70% students in
    Gujarat study in Gujarati-medium schools and they would be denied a level playing field if the
    exam is offered only in English and Hindi
    languages. Meanwhile, parents said that the MCI has decided
    to consider 60% marks of class XI (science) and
    40% marks of class XII (science). “This will mean
    that the students will have to again read syllabus
    of class XI for the entrance test,” a parent said.

  16. Pl see the link below

    Health Ministry accords approval for NEET

    Rajendran Puthiyedath

    Kochi, Nov 06, 2011 : Finally that approval also has come. The NEET UG 2012 notification will be published in the website of CBSE shortly, according to reliable sources. The Health Ministry has accorded approval for MCI’s proposal on NEET on 28th October 2011 and sent the order to CBSE indicating this approval.

    Prof. Sanjay Shrivastava, Assistant Director General ( Medical Examination of the DGHS, Govt of India) wrote to the Controller of Examinations, CBSE stating that ” I am directed to refer to your letter dated 14.09.11 on the above mentioned subject (NEET) and convey approval of the Competent Authority for the UG NEET syllabus prepared by the Medical Council of India forwarded with recommendation by the CBSE. This is for your information and further necessary action in the matter”. It means now the ball is in the court of CBSE.

    The MCI had issued a press note on Friday declaring that the NEET UG 2012 will be held on May 13,2012. The final syllabus also has been put on the MCI website


  18. d syllabus is grea8.!dey made it considerin all aspects in mind.!!people r takin dis decision in a negative way bfore evn readin bout d omitted parts.!it should be commenced from 2012.!!

  19. Its too late on the part of MCI to announce this in Nov as many students specially from rural area are going to face a big problem.Our syllabus is nearly complete according to state board its surely gonna create panic among the students, its should be postponed to 2013 otherwise it will be mind boggling.

  20. Its a nice syllabus!!!…regarding Phy n Chem it is much less voluminous as compared to AIPMT syllabi as many sub-topics have been deleted.
    n one more thing to note is that in MCI website it is written that”final syllabus for CET 2012″,which indicates that it is near about confirmed for 2012….now only the Health Ministry has to notify it.

  21. Dear Friends,Can anybody tell me about the life cycles of different fungus,algae,bryophytes,pteridophytes etc. I mean to say whether these are included or not.There is no mention about life cycle in the syllabus.What does it indicate?Please reply me.

  22. no topic will be excluded from final syllabus & they included human physiology as well……………..

    what happened with maharastra,guj ,ap And other states who oppose syllabus……..

    • @srikanth
      [1] Final decision will be after ministry notification..does this mean gazette should be passed regarding this…and then only the decision can be considered final —if so, the ministry nofication will come late only in dec…or jan..which will be very late and all states will announce resp.entrance and neet cannot be held in 2012??
      [2]what does COBSE stand for –in the mci site–
      ‘The Medical Council of India (MCI) recommends the following syllabus for National
      Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test for admission to MBBS courses across the country (NEETUG)
      after review of various State syllabi as well as those prepared by CBSE, NCERT and
      what does COBSE stand for ?

      • Hi, yes the decision has to be approved by Union Health Ministry; COBSE stands for Council of Boards of School Education in India.

  23. NEET should be started from 2013 .70% students belonging from rural india have not net accessibility, definitely they will suffer.A LARGE NO OF STUDENTS COULD NOT BE ABLE TO BUY THE BOOKS. MCI ,PL.SUSPEND EXAM FOR 2012 .

  24. I m fully satisfied with the syllabus…
    Mci was to release question bank containing 2000 question for neet ug… Do any one has any idea about it….?????

    • Finally, the merit manipulation strategy of Pvt Medical colleges will see its end I hope. NEET Syllabus is fully satisfying. Now, A lobby of Pvt Medical colleges may come on the raod on follwing grounds :

      1. Syllabus is not comaptibile.
      2. Time left out for prepaartion is too short.
      3. The syllabus is meant for CBSE only.
      4. Fasting and liitle bit of Hooddang on road alongwith few photographs against NEET.
      Anyway, MCI and CBSE will get over on these issues. At least this step of Govt. will try to remove the patch of corrupted Govt. little bit.
      Wish all the best to MCI, CBSE, Govt.and more over to those students who beleives in merit with honesty.


  26. I’m looking forward to this. The ‘slight’ trimming on the syllabus looks promising for now. I really hope this gets the green flag, and is conducted in the commencing year. No negative marking is a blessing. I’m not pretty sure about the ‘percentile’ system that is most likely to be introduced, but let’s see.

  27. It is too late so MCI cant take neet ug in 2012 as we all completed the state cet study many people arround me filed the complain in suprime court and many are waiting for notification of mci to file the complain. There is full opposition to NEET UG arround me as it is too late.

    • Final decision will be aftet ministry notification..does this mean gazette should be passed regarding this…then the nofication will come late only in dec…or jan..which will be very late and all states will announce resp.emtrance and neet cannot be held in 2012??

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