Legal Battle Against Maiden NEET UG 2012

The medical education regulatory body MCI has announced the finalized NEET UG syllabus and had uploaded on it’s website; since then MCI has been challenged by state governments, parents and students especially from rural backgrounds. Although supreme court has favored MCI’s proposal to hold a common medical entrance test long ago; it is looking like the decision taken was against many states who have concerns and pressures from students and especially from parents and associations.

Students and parents are pressurizing their respective state’s political leaders to involve in the matter and defer the proposed NEET UG by atleast 2 years. Sources said that in Andhra Pradesh students approached Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu the ex chief minister of the state to pressurize the state government. He promised to take part and do his best to protect the interest of it’s states students who have been preparing for EAMCET for nearly 18 months. The problem started when MCI announced it’s will to hold the test to be held only in English & Hindi.

Other side in Ahmedabad parents are forming groups and collecting funds to oppose the maiden NEET UG 2012 by approaching high court; NEET UG is rumored to be held on May 13, 2012 although the date was not seen on MCI website. Atleast 4 to 6 states are approaching or want to approach high court to defend the maiden NEET UG in 2012.

All hopes are on the health minister Ghulam Nabi Azad; who has to take the final call and direct MCI & CBSE. The proposed NEET UG might have advantages but experts too are questioning the timing and the sensitivity related to the announcement made by MCI. Syllabus was conformed quite recently and students are expected to pick up information from Medical Council of India’s website no arrangements have been made to ensure the information reach to rural students; typically speaking India is not such a highly developed country so that rural students find information reading on internet; they rely on TV channels, newspapers; such a media has confused students more than anything else as a new announcement has been made every other day. No final or confirmed news was ever published on NEET UG 2012, So it is all about the legal battle against NEET.

What is your take? Leave your thoughts!

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  1. sir,
    authorities has to declaire thair final dessision as soon as possible, keeping on confusing students for long is vary bad for thair careers
    at this stage it is easy to diside to declare either side if they want to conduct NEET-UG simply they can announce grace marks for the excess sylabus they have to reed according to the sylabus deffers by the states.

  2. The fact is that lot of politicians have stakes in Private Medical Colleges. They are behind the campaign to postpone NEET-UG and NEET-PG as they will loose money once it is implemented. The number of seats on merit will go up once NEET-UG is implemented.

    The present Congress Government is one of the most corrupt. Anna Hazare should take this up….

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    PS. There’s nothing wrong with my system b’coz the other websites I visit gets loaded pretty fast.

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  4. lets think it over
    jammu and kashmir , ap , and now karnataka got exempted. news is their that even tamil nadu got exempted ( i am not quite sure of this). goa and north eastern states and even eastern states are standing in line . gujarat and west bengal are on the verge of getting exempted.

    behanchod jin states mein corruption hai woh neet se mukt ho rahe hai aur hum north indin states ki mari ja rahi hai.
    maa kasam jatton ki takat ka andaza nahi hai kisi ko, agar neet hua to pure mci ki maar lenge.

    sala kal maine mci phone karne ki koshis ki . to pehle koi phone nahi utha raha tha phir jab uthaya to bolte hai ki yahan neet ki information nahi di jati. inki maa di phudi ab neet kya hume pradhan mantri batayega kya . salon ki gaand mein sariya ghusa hua hai . agar humare sharif north indian states neet mein aye to dange ho jayenge. yahan to kuch log plan bhi banane lag gaye hai is baat par ………….

    • Now to whom are they going to conduct NEET? Stay granted in Tamlnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka; Maharashtra and Madya Pradesh are moving their High Courts in a week’s time; AIIMS and J&K are out of NEET. Neet according to Wikipedia is “not in education, employment, or training” and that is MCI!

  5. NEET should be cancel for this year as we have no time to prepare for neet and it is true that our state board syllabus is nearly 40%different from neet syllabus and besides neet we have to prepare for our board exam as well. Moreover Tamilnadu,karnatak,Andhara,Maharastrag,J&K,AIIMS, CHANDIGAR PG are already out of NEET. So it will illigal to coduct neet with the half of the medical colleges, if MCI has to conduct neet then not a singal (including AIIMS,C.P.G,) medical college should not out of NEET.IT IS ALSO TRUE THAT MCI TILL NOW HAVE NOT GAVE ANY CLEAR VIEW. I THINK IF MCI HAVE SOME COMMON SENCE THEN THEY WILL CANCEL NEET FOR THE BENEFITS OF THE LARGE NUMBER OF STUDENT.

  6. @ varun…
    Why u have problem with neet..?????
    Bihar follows ncert syllabus in hindi medium…
    Every thing is in ur favour then why r u wrting these nonsense…??????


  8. neet should must go on we are already prepared for the battle.

    2014 mein bhi kya bharosa ki sab maan jayenge. kabhi na kabhi to decision lena hi padega.

  9. Dear Guptaji,

    How can a student in a remote tehsil headquarters in Gujarath compete with a student in Delhi? There must be some level playing field.

    • @srikantha.a.s,

      Level playing field is what the pro neet guys do not want and are insisting neet to be held in 2012.Only then can they grab seats from unprepared state board and village students.
      They all know this simple logic but are pretending and trying to dilute by shouting corruption and supreme court order.So no point in arguing with such selfish guys.

      • @ vijay m kiri…
        Dude u r saying that pro neet guys are trying to grab seates from un perpared state board students….
        But how many seates they will snatch..?????
        Only 15% from all states and rest 85% are reserved for u people….
        These 15% seates were already reserved for cbse students via aipmt… Competetion is same dude and u all r not trying to understand this simple logic…

        • @Prince,
          Dear you seem to have not understood the reservation system.The 85% of respective state will be available to all appearing from and belonging to that particular state irrespective of the fact that the student is from state or CBSE board.I hope you will now understand my claim for level playing field to be there before implementing NEET.

          • @vijay dear i think you have no idea that in the 85% reservation cbse student are include. Rest 15% for the students of outer states. 85% reservation is not only for the state board student. In west bengal 30% of total students read in cbse board so they will get an unfair advantages. Also the rual
            students will face difficulty. IT IS SURE NEET2012 WILL BE CANCELED AND IT SHOULD. Sale mci ko itna ghatia idea ata kaha se hai?

            • @krishh,
              I have said same thing what you have mentioned.Pl read again or ask somebody to explain.
              I agree with you NEET MUST BE CANCELED AT LEAST FOR 2012.

      • Well said Mr Kiri. By the way Maharashtra Chief Minister has met Gulam Nabi Azad and has requested to exempt Maharashtra. Great! Our chief minister knows our problems and is there to help us. Such a relief!We are all together in Maharashtra : Students, Parents, Teachers and the Govt!
        All those Pro Neet 2012 pl note it is only MCI’s anouncement on the website. There is no notification from the govt!

  10. Having a Single Entrance Test would be a blessing for all Indian Medical aspirants. However, the Syllabi, language of paper and timing of announcement must have been made by MCI much much earlier. If things are still unclear about whether NEET 2012 will be conducted or not and what will be the exact procedure of admissions esp. as regards State quota and Central quota and reservations pattern etc., then it is but natural that students in most states in India will oppose NEET in 2012. NEET is a blessing however since it uniformises and raises the standard of the Entrance Exam. In Maharashtra especially, the MHT-CET is an extremely sub-standard exam with no negative marking and easy give-away questions. NEET hopefully will test concepts and lead to better selection of candidates who wud go on to become future doctors – an extremely critical profession. NEET implementation if done right wud curb corruption and donation cartels which routinely populate all Medical colleges in India. However, as said earlier, the Central Govt. has dilly-dallied too much leading to this current mess of State Govts going to courts. Surprisingly, in AP, Maharashtra & West Bengal, the political parties in power are of UPA. Still they are going to the High Courts now against the Central Govt.’s NEET move.
    It appears to me that NEET can be earliest conducted in 2013 only and not before that. The MCI and Central Govt. must make the entire announcement as early as possible along with the admission procedures so that all stake holders are on board.

  11. After all, what is the direction of the Supreme Court in Simran Jain Case? Will the MCI come out with this direction on its website? According to reliable sources what the apex court said was:“If you (MCI) think you have the power, exercise it. If you think you are subservient to the Centre, follow the advice. We don’t want to keep this matter pending. If somebody challenges the notification, let them do it”.
    Now these observations have reportedly been interpreted not only to disparage the constitutional bench’s historical pronouncements in TMA Pai Foundation case , Islamic Academy of Education , PA Inamdar vs. State of Maharashtra but also to assume an unbridled mandate for regulating medical admissions vesting overall superintendence, direction and control.
    A day is not far off for the MCI to eat its own words!

  12. Many aspirants of medical edu. are opposing neet-ug 2012. But in my view it will be bitter truth for such aspirants bcz it will be held. many are talking about my state or their state. but why ? We all are indian. If a student of india can study in other country then why a student of u.p or m.p cannot study in any state of this country.Constitution of india provides same rights to all citizen.opposition of neet-ug 2012 by only those studying in qualifying exam. is not good. Consider for those preparing from many years.

    • If we all are same then why MCI decides to exclude AIIPMS and chandigar PG and why many states like AP,Gujrat got stay order, and why many are like Tamilnadu is out of neet and why 50%of medical colleges are out of neet? NEET is just a way by which MCI is try to give benifits to the cbse students and they are corrupted. I can not understand why MCI is running blindly , before conducting a all india exam they should be more concious,it should be a slow and steady prosses. I think the net result of NEET will be a great zero.

    • State opts out of 2012 medical
      entrance test Bangalore, Nov 19, DHNS: Karnataka has decided to remain out of the all-
      India common entrance examination to be
      conducted by the Medical Council of India (MCI)
      in 2012. Stating that the State syllabus is not on a par with
      that of the Central Board of Secondary Education
      (CBSE), Higher Education Minister V S Acharya on
      Saturday said making the students appear for the
      National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) would
      be unfair as they were not equipped to face such examinations. “Our students will not be able to
      answer many questions. Such a situation will only
      make them demoralised. It does not mean that
      Karnataka is opposing the single window exam.
      But, we need to equip our students and teachers
      before accepting the NEET,” Acharya told Deccan Herald. In 2012, the State will bring the syllabus of the first
      year Pre-University Course (PUC) on a par with that
      of the CBSE. And in the subsequent year, the II year
      PU syllabus will be revised. By 2014, Karnataka will
      join the NEET. “Our syllabus has to be upgraded
      and teachers also have to be equipped to handle that. Then only we can face the national-level
      competition,” the minister said. Asked whether the State has a choice to remain out
      of the NEET, Acharya said the State may approach
      the court explaining the difficulties in accepting the
      single exam system in the coming year. “We will inform the court the practical problems we
      are facing. We can’t revise our syllabus overnight.
      We will prepare ourselves before accepting the new
      system,” he added. To a query whether any legal course would delay
      the admission process in the State, he said the
      government was yet to take a final decision. The
      State Cabinet, which met on November 17, had
      informally discussed the NEET issue. While Acharya
      and Chief Minister D V Sadananda Gowda expressed reservations about the NEET, Medical
      Education Minister S A Ramdas insisted that the
      common entrance should be followed to help
      students. Gowda had also urged ministers Suresh
      Kumar, C M Udasi, Acharya and Ramdas to discuss
      the pros and cons of the NEET to help the government reach a consensus. The four ministers,
      however, have not yet met to discuss the issue. The Supreme Court in July this year allowed the MCI
      and the Centre to conduct a common entrance test
      for admissions to undergraduate and post-
      graduate and super speciality courses to all medical
      colleges in India.

    • अब आप सभी यह समझे कि NEET पूरी तरह से निरस्त हो चूकि है .और आप सभी aipmt & state pmt अच्छी रेंक के साथ पास करोगे .
      अगर किसी को कुछ भी पूछ्ना है तो पूछ सकता है चाहे वह किसी से भी संबंधित हो . मतलब physics , chemistry , biology, aipmt , jipmer , aiims , MANIPAL , bhu & any medical examination




  15. @ dr. prachi and dr. akashay

    No all-India PG med admission test in ’12

    NEW DELHI : The Central government has decided not to
    hold the common entrance test
    for postgraduate medical
    courses next year, as proposed earlier, citing lack of resources
    and expertise needed for conducting such a huge exercise
    nationwide. The National Eligibility Entrance
    Test will be held only in 2013.
    “In view of the lack of resources,
    we have decided that the test will be held in 2013, and the
    National Board for Examination will be roped in to conduct the
    test. It will strengthen its own
    resources and infrastructure.
    Now it does not have the
    capability for holding the exam,” Health Secretary P.K. Pradhan said on October 19. The test was scheduled for
    January-February for admissions
    during 2012-2013. The Medical Council of India had
    earlier planned to hold a
    common entrance examination
    for postgraduate and super- speciality courses in 2012. Talks
    were on to finalise the institution that will hold the test. MCI sources had said that
    discussions were underway to
    assign AIIMS to conduct the
    entrance test for its
    postgraduate courses, as well as those for other medical institutes like PGIMER Chandigarh, JIPMER
    Puducherry, CMC Vellore, AFMC
    Pune and King George’s Medical
    University Lucknow. At present these institutions hold
    their own entrance examination
    for postgraduate medical courses.

    • good morning game
      Read this news ha ha …
      State prevails over centre,
      Neet from ’14 The Centre on Friday decided to exempt the
      state from the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test for MBBS admissions for a period of two years.
      Neet will be implemented from 2014. The decision
      to exempt AP from Neet was officially
      communicated to the Chief Minister’s Office (CMO) on
      Friday evening by the Centre. The state government
      has been trying for several months to get Neet postponed and was to file a special leave petition in
      the Supreme Court in the matter this week. On
      Friday, Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy spoke
      to Union health minister Ghulam Nabi Azad and
      explained the difficulties AP students will face if the
      test is implemented from this year. He wanted the test to be kept in abeyance for two years while
      required measures were taken. Students, parents
      and college managements welcomed the
      exemption. Students said they are rel-ieved and
      can now focus on the Eamcet medical examination.
      Neet will be implemented in the state from 2014 and it will be applicable to the batch of students
      who will take admissions to Intermediate courses
      in the academic year 2012-13. Mr D.L. Ravindra
      Reddy, the minister for medical education, also
      welcomed the move

  16. yeeeppppiiiiieeeeee…..!!!!!!
    CBSE announces NEET date, its on May 13

    NEW DELHI : The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) announced on November 17
    that the country’s first common medical entrance
    test, called National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test
    (NEET), will be held on May 13, 2012, signalling
    Centre’s intention to go ahead with the plan
    despite opposition from some states and private medical colleges. The CBSE said the three-hour NEET would have a
    single paper with 180 objective-type questions
    in physics, chemistry and biology. The questions
    will be answered on a gradable sheet using ball-
    point pens only. Each question will carry four
    marks, will have four options and a single correct answer, the central education board said. The Medical Council of India had two years ago
    proposed a single entrance test for around
    32,000 undergraduate seats for MBBS in the
    country. The MCI has argued that the test would introduce
    uniform entrance standards and ease the burden
    on students who have to appear for multiple examinations now. The MCI has made it clear that the common test
    will not, in any way, alter admissions based on
    reservations, state quotas or private college
    quotas. Some states — among them Tamil Nadu, Bihar
    and Uttar Pradesh — do not want a common
    medical entrance test. The test will have the backing of the Ministry of Health and the Medical Council of India (MCI) and
    would include all private and government
    medical colleges in the country. There are about
    300 medical colleges in the country out of which
    about 180 are private. Approximately 8 lakh students take UG medical
    entrance tests every year but they sit for different tests, including the All India PMT
    conducted by the CBSE and various state-level
    medical entrance tests. According to the latest
    decision the CBSE will hold one, all-encompassing admission test for all medical colleges in the
    country. Earlier Tamil Nadu had opposed the move and
    secured a stay on it from the High Court. The
    Health Ministry subsequently asked the MCI to
    withdraw the common entrance test notification
    but the Supreme Court told the MCI to go ahead. At the latest meeting which Health Secretary attended, the view was that state governments
    would be roped in to build a consensus on the
    matter. The MCI has put up draft syllabus of the proposed test prepared by the National Council of
    Education, Research and Training (NCERT) inviting
    comments from state-holders. It will be up on the
    MCI website for comments till August 11.

  17. neet is not possible in 2012 but anyway how did mci or sc even think of such a shit. some here are saying about multiple tests . but which neet is not solving the problem of multiple tests and not even of corruption. i don’t think it should at all be brought into action…

  18. Hi BKG
    If at all opposing NEET is not nationwide, how you believe that supporting NEET is nationwide : I think supporters of NEET are small and selfish kind of people i.e. English Medium & CBSE related.
    When SC told MCI/CBSE not to hold NEET in Regional Language ?
    All know that AIPMT quota is framed for CBSE students only.
    Within NEET state quota means- it is for that state’s resident students and not for state board students, so in this case state quota is likly to be grabed by CBSE students of that state at least for first 3 – 4 years.

    Who told that through NEET corruption will end in Medical Exam. You go through the history of MCI. How in 2011-12 MCI approved 100 seats to a Haldia institute without having a separate building for Medical college.
    What about allegations of curruptions in CBSE conducted AIEEE and proxy candidates in AIPMT exams.
    Finally if at all we have to accept that only English knowing students deserve MBBS seats, then one day someone (SC or Consumer Court)will tell that all patients should speak English to eliminate deficiency in treatment.

  19. Hello GC
    1.You asked regrding topper marks In achiever(for Ex allen) it is around 79 to 90%.but dont forget achiever paper aiways tough comparitively other batch.

    2.In medical you have maximum chance through aipmt and normaly aipmt held first week of april so if neet replace aipmt you have extra one month hope you got your both question answer



      • Hell Kapish
        of course for topper, achiever maens who has taken coaching allen last year or passed 12th in 2010,yar aakash ke bare me kya kahu mai bhugat chuka hu.but i was in mayur vihar delhi, maine suna hai ki south ex aakash theek hai but latest update mujhe pata nahi hai. is sal allen me bhi bahut student hai unko achhi faulty har class ko dena mushkil ho raha hai.

    • career point is far more better than allen..esp..sharda sir..talwar..pmp…naddem sir..mauli..amit awesome…were as allen..yuck..

  20. government ko khyali pulao pakana band karna chahiye aur neet 2012 ke paksh mein jana chahiye.saala tum 10 10 college ka form bharoge?? har college ka application form 1000 rupya hota he aur pain di takki har college ka centre alag ye nahi samajhte pain di takki idhar udhar ki batein karte ho neet 2012 ekdum sahi he

  21. can anyone tell me the no. of seats in mbbs . some say 32000 and some say 42000, difference of 10000 seats. plz someone reply.

  22. No doubt that mci is thinking in benefit of students by conducting neet but they need to check the timing of exam. neet in 2012 will mentally be stressfull for students. it should only be conducted in 2014 so that students can properly prepare for neet. with november ending and we preparing for pre boards , no time to change our study pattern. because someone filed complaint against ongoing method that neet was introduced but now people want it in 2014, so sc should understand .

    • The students who toiled for day and night for two years irrespective of any board do not see timing. It is his aim and and will achieve. The fundamentals/ basics of Physics/chem/bio do not change with change of state board. Then why to worry?

  23. Money making and manipulations is the norm of medical education in India, especially in private sector. This has to be stopped. MCI has taken a right step with the support of Supreme Court of India and CBSE has been entrusted with the conduct of NEET-UG exam. Hope, it will happen despite the relentless effort to sabotage the move by the politicians and greedy lawyers, who have been bribed or paid by the private medical college business investors.

  24. I like to make a simple correction in your article. You have written “…NEET UG is rumored to be held on May 13 2011”. It should be …2012. Thank you…

  25. My question is :
    1/ Is students making hue and cry are from rural background really?.
    2/The so called parents/agents gathered at Ahmedabad not more than 300 in Nos. are really parents and represent 6 Cr of Gujarat people.
    3/ Mere meeting of few people with Chndra babu naidu really represents the concern of all AP personal.
    4/ NEET is giving National ranking with state ranking. How it is going to effect meritorios students?
    5/NEET is decided and SC has given the verdict based on the concerns of all country men and not few persons.
    6/ Has any body addreseed the corruption prevailed in Pvt medical colleges and their enethical admission system which has become a universal truth. No state Govt is talking about the admission system prevalent in Pvt medical colleges in their state.
    Looking into above, my opinion is legal battle is for those people who have never belived in Merit , hard work. Language, shortage of time, unaviabilty of internet are some superficial concerns on which legal battle is being fight. There is no depth of the logic being given for anti NEET.NEET will bring corruption free medical education which had been filled up with dirt by powerful politicians of this country and horse traders.

    • @ b k gupta
      u tell us what is the logic of conducting neet in 2012 with opposition nation wide. it hardly matters if it is brought in 2014.
      why are u so eager to have it in 2012.

      • Dear MCI/Govt has submitted affidavit that they will conduct NEET in 2012 in stead of 2011. So Should we not honour the commitment made by MCI/Govt of India or should we go with those whose track records in past are not clean?

    • Hi BKG,

      *How can rural students make hue and cry?.Those guys do not even know that there is something like NEET coming to snatch away their right to become doctor.They are totally unaware of manipulative tactics adopted against them by CBSE lobby to minimize competition to grab seats.All this being done systematically by citing supreme court order and corruption(as if NEET will stop corruption!!!)
      Boss, no body wants corruption and every body wants NEET.What is being opposed is the autocratic way it is being thrust without giving sufficient notice.Heavens are not going to fall if the genuine demand of conducting NEET from 2013 is considered.
      *Just because few parents are taking up an issue does not mean others are opposing.Entire India is being represented by few hundred MP’S.If all of us go to Lok Sabha,there will be chaos.My dear what is the % of CBSE students in the country?.Are they in sufficient numbers to justify forcing NEET in 2012 for their vested interests?.So pl do not talk of numbers as it will go against you all who are favoring NEET 2012.
      SC never gives verdict based on concerns of all country men.Verdict is given based on how legal battle is fought by Lawyers and how a case is presented.

      • Is opposition really nation wide or just a it is some pocket of people who are opposing? NEET will provide poor rural meritorious students a broader platform at single entrance door. What else they want?

        • Hi BKG,

          Opposition is nationwide as state board students are all over the nation including villages.In fact supporters of NEET for 2012 are not nationwide AND ARE IN SOME POCKETS.Bad luck Dud.You have fallen in your own trap.
          You are right.NEET will be good for meritorious students provided they are given sufficient notice and proper information.Arey 2004 ke liye NEET announce kar do aur dekho yehi village ke aur state board ke students CBSE WALO KE CHHAKKEY CHHUDWA DENGEY !!!!!.They also want NEET but from 2013(earliest), preferably from 2014.

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