IIM Indore Students Learning in Himalayas


Indian Institute of Management Indore (IIM Indore) has taken it’s students to Himalayas, you are wrong if you have guessed they are taken for an excursion. These students who are presently in their final year will be learning strategic management course in Himalayas, they will be put on test to test their abilities in facing tough situations over a period of seven days.

Strategic management is an integral part of future managers, IIM Indore has recognized it’s importance and made it a mandatory four credit course. (via)

IIM Indore students will be tested against all the odds they possibly come across, crossing rivers, trekking, ability to sustain and positive attitude at all circumstances. IIM Indore is very instrumental in practicing such a rigorous exercise, do you think more business schools should adopt this approach of outbound learning? Or is it too much to learn lessons in this approach? Do share your views!

Source: LiveMint

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