Education in India Lags Quality – World Bank

Top official of the World Bank while addressing ‘World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE)’ has said India lags quality in education. “It’s not enough that you are putting more children into schools and colleges each year, you will have to bring them at par with international standard,” World Bank Director Education Elizabeth M King. (via)

It is not about increasing literacy rate or adding more schools and colleges but it is about increasing efficiency. World Bank Director Education Elizabeth also talked about IITs and IIMs and said they may be premier institutes in India but can’t be compared with world class Institutes like MIT.

Elizabeth was all praise on Mr. Sibal who was instrumental in bringing world’s lowest priced Tablet Aakash. Sibal has a great vision and understands the Indian constitution well she said.

India ranks low on quality of education, this was evident when no Indian University secured slot among the top 200 universities list including IITs, IIMs and ISB. These are examples how the world sees Indian education system, we may assume pioneers and a near competition to western countries as we are producing engineers and managers in bulk every year. As we are producing lakhs of engineering graduates and management graduates but how many are job ready; how many have the capability to fit into the corporate world. It reminds me of the remarks made my Mr. N.R Narayana Murthy of Infosys who said IITs need a better selection process and slammed coaching institutes who train students just to clear IITJEE using short codes and formulae with out teaching the underlying subject of the concept. He also expressed that leaving 10% of the students who make it to IITs rest disappoints and behave mediocre once they secure seat in IITs. This is where Mr. Bhagat involved and said somebody who runs a body shopping company shouldn’t be making comments on IIT students.

Call it a publicity stunt or anything else; people still believe India has world class Institutes. Other than backing our own people we should see and correct ourselves to compete globally. Centrally funded institutes like IITs and IIMs are our pride no doubt but we should make them world class, tighten the selection process, have collaborations with foreign universities, invite guest lectures from top business schools and most importantly put a permanent stop to rote learning. Every citizen of India in one way or the other are funding IITs and IIMs since the fee for these students are subsidized by the government which inturn collects tax from citizens. It is high time let’s wake up and know about the world and sharp our pencils.

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  1. Higher Education : how do fair sex fare ?

    What percentage of girls go for higher studies beyond high school certificate ?

    2009 – 10 Survey data, compiled by India’s Ministry of Human Resource Development, provides following figures :

    State Boys ( % ) Girls ( % )

    > Andhra Pradesh 21.3 12.3

    > Goa 26.1 30.9

    > Maharashtra 25.3 16.9

    > Uttarakhand 27.5 45.2

    > Meghalaya 14.8 16.1

    > Mizoram 28.3 24.7

    > Delhi 50.7 44.9

    When it comes to “ Gender Inequality Index “ ( compiled by United Nations ), India ranks a poor 129 in 146 countries, lagging behind even Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan !

    Not surprising, considering that even after debating for over 25 years in the parliament, we cannot pass the Women’s Reservation Bill !

    With regards

    Hemen Parekh

    Jobs for All = Peace on Earth

  2. IITs and IIMs should start an Interrnational Student Program for the Master/Phd program . This will drive IIT’s to become world class institutes and compete with the likes of MIt for the best students in the world.

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