IT / BPO Sector Recruits More in India-Report


The eleventh quarterly survey conducted by Labour Bureau indicated that IT / BPO sectors recruits more in India. When compiled the results of the last four quarterly surveys conducted during 2010-11 i.e. June 2010 over June 2011, the overall employment has increased by 10.31 lakh, with highest increase in IT/BPO (7.00 lakh) followed by 1.31 lakh in Textiles including Apparels, 0.96 lakh in Metals, 0.78 lakh in Automobiles, 0.16 lakh in Transport and 0.13 lakh in Leather during the period.

The survey was conducted to assess the impact of economic slowdown on employment in India, the eleventh in the series of “Quarterly Quick Employment Surveys in Affected Sectors” covering the period April to June 2011 conducted by Labour Bureau.

What do you think on the impact India may have due to global economic slow down, share your views!

Source: Press Information Bureau

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