Andhra Pradesh has a different scenario all together; the State along with Jammu and Kashmir has an exemption to isolate itself from central pool of medical seats. Which means that whether AP joins NEET or not still the medical seats of Andhra Pradesh will not be allotted to non Andhra Pradesh students. Approximately 13000 seats which includes both MBBS and Dental courses are away from the central pool.

On similar grounds AP is planning to draft a plan which would satisfy both MCI & regional medium students. AP government is willing to encourage even EAMCET to protect interest of it’s state students.(via) If the qualified number students in NEET are not sufficient to fill seats the state will consider EAMCET to allot medical seats. Consider an option that many students qualify in NEET; you can’t ignore the reservations. Qualified students should fall into their allocated quota of seats the state believes such thing would help BC, SC and ST students; EAMCET has a role to play even if sufficient number of students qualify in NEET UG.

The state also believes that they need not seek any permission or approvals from MCI as this state has got a special advantage following the presidential order.

There are 13 government funded medical colleges and 21 private medical colleges in the state and this year approximately 40,000 aspiring medicos are believed to take EAMCET in Telugu medium (state’s regional language). AP has a political story attached to it; the state is under constant agitation with protests and bandh, which MCI might ignore but not a reason that can be ignored by the state’s higher education officials. Adding to the political drama that already exists in the state; NEET would create chaos among the students.

AP boasts with medical colleges such as Osmania Medical College, Andhra Medical College, Kurnool Medical College and Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences to name a few.

Saying we want NEET and also EAMCET Andhra Pradesh is playing safe they neither disappoint AP students  nor the MCI; it almost looks like MCI has no role to play in Andhra Pradesh as this state is isolated any way. What do you think? Leave your thoughts!

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  1. many of the medical aspirants are loosing their hopes due to the lack of sufficient seat now that such a good chance provided by mci and ap is nt participating in that . what medicine is only to the people who are having black money cant middle class student study that. this is not my opinion this is my dads opinion . . we want neet to conducted . i think we should learn alot from other countries or states where education is not commercialized like our state

  2. The central government can`t take a decision on any matter like T-issue or mullaperiyar,the latest neet.the government is so stupid that it has the policy of making the confusion among the students.I am a student of B.Pi.C 1st year.we are in confusion whether to read cbse or akademi.The government is wasting time of ours.Even the cbse boks are not available in the market.WHEN WILL THE GOVERNMENT WAKE UP?


    At a time when some States are indulging in nit picking to scuttle the process of NEET in 2012, Kerala stands tall as a beacon supporting NEET. In all these tumultuous time, Kerala is very clear in its thinking and stands by the decision of Central Govt, Supreme Court and MCI. In India Kerala have the maximum literacy rate and whenever any rule or Act comes into force against the well being of the people, Kerala would be the first State to oppose. At the same time, if it finds the same beneficial to people, it will be the first State to welcome and adopt. In the case of NEET, it appreciates the advantages and benefits of it and had readily adopted itself for the sake of its students.

    As everyone knows, Kerala is a non-Hindi State, its official language is Malayalam, 80% of its students study State board Syllabus in Malayalam. Its State syllabus also has difference with that of core syllabus declared by MCI. It had State PMT which was set in English and Malayalam language. The so called grievances by the opposing States were all omnipresent in Kerala too. But the State was so prudent and proactive, it saw the advantages out weighing disadvantages, hence decided to take NEET.

    In my village which is hundreds of miles away from Trivandrum, the Capital city of Kerala, the public is reasonably aware about the introduction of NEET. The institute where I am studying has been informing us the possibility of NEET in 2012. About a month back, the notice about NEET was put on the campus notice board and a copy of the same was stuck in each and every class room. In my institute each and every student is aware about NEET coming in May 2012. The institute was informed by the State education board and our institute had put up the notices in the entire campus even in canteen.

    My institute had already started to adjust the curriculum according to the NEET syllabus and in fact in the last 2 weekly tests the question paper was set tougher to prepare the students for NEET. The institute had told us very clearly that students need to prepare themselves to deal the NEET questions in English only. The Malayalam papers were withdrawn from the monthly tests to begin with.

    Kerala has 23 medical colleges in all in the State. The majority of them are private medical colleges. The Kerala Govt is so transparent that without buckling to the pressure of the pvt colleges, unlike the other opposing States, supports NEET to the hilt. Gujarat which is bigger than Kerala and which has a better GDP than Kerala has only 19 medical colleges, yet a small group of parents headed by a wealthy Doctor with the connivance of vested interest is opposing NEET in Ahmedabad.

    Among all the States, Kerala definitely stands tall and majestic. In India we have 28 States and 7 Union Territories, except 5 or 6 States all other States have accepted NEET. Whether these States participate in NEET or not, it doesn’t matter, but NEET will definitely happen and we look forward to it eagerly.

    On Behalf of all these Pro NEET States and students like me hailing from villages request the opposing States to change their minds and join NEET 2012 immediately.

  4. 6months time is so short.but even this time is being wasted by andhra government.my question is a student should read either academy or cbse?

  5. Its quite surprising to see BJP ruled Gujarat & Karnataka which were pitching against NEET until recently are keeping silent. On the contrary, the congress ruled States Maharashtra and AP are shuttling from Supreme Court to High Court in the past 10 days or so. Karnataka appears to have softened its stand and in fact mulling about offering free coaching to its students for appearing NEET. I think it is a VERY VERY SENSIBLE AND GOOD DECISION BY THE KARNATAKA GOVT. The coaching for its State board students would ensure a level playing field in the State. Also there is a scathing criticizm in the media about the corruption in the State CET. Irregularities reported in ComedK exams have caste aspersions on the educational authorities of the State. In the light of these events, States approach of adopting to NEET is a welcome one and may prove to be a sensible solution given the circumstances.
    The other states should take the cue from Karnataka and they should also cooperate with the Centre to see through NEET in 2012. The KNEE JERK REACTIONS from AP & Maharashtra is not in the interests of the students and nation. It appears to be a prejudicial decision of these Govts to get exemption from NEET considering that these two states have maximum private medical colleges and most of them are having political connections.

    Its a BIG BIG SHAME for AP & Maharashtra to file cases against its own party Government at the Centre. They should realise that it speaks so badly about its own party before the people of India. It is time to show solidarity with the party and people and not time for in-fighting. People expect these Govts change their confrontationist attitude and be amiable and cooperative towards Centres initiative for medical reforms in the country.

  6. @ subhanker and purna…
    It is very bad yaar.. English is not taught upto 5th..
    Really then its a big problem for wb students….
    Mci should provide question paper in regional language for wb and ap.. But neet must be from this year frnd…
    Let us see what happens…….



    Pl read the story here :

  8. @ subhanker…
    Ya dude u r right…. We all r tensed here wether neet supporters or neet opposers.. Neet should have been anounced earlier…
    According to me language problem is really a problem to some extent.. Other problems like syllabus, exam date are not bigger one… We r students and we have to do labour…
    Mehnat se bhagenge ro fir student kis kaam ke…
    So as per my thinking mci should print question in regional language for gujrat, wb and ap students… Because they have been studying all terms tricks in their regional language for last two years and it is very difficult to learn this two year course in just few months in english….
    But frend i have a question….


    • @Prince,
      Ultimately u hv felt the problems of regional language students. But earlier u told subhankar and me “So stop telling these like a foolish….” If NEET will happen this will be the only alternative of wbjee(medical). All medical aspirants of rural area of West Bengal do not appear in AIIMS, JIPMER AFMC etc.. only few of them appear. Bcoz it is very hard to find an english medium school in rural area.

      • now please realise the problem of syllabus and time also. mbbs is tough exam and needs to be planned properly but now time is not enough to change the way of studying.

      • Purna,
        Thanx a lot buddy,for ur suppport. Its true that students of state boards fear to take english medium in HS level,but hope they will take english medium now as from next year,there will be common entrance for engineering….i.e.like NEET.

    • Prince,
      Frankly saying, the past bullshit govt.of WB ruled last 30 yrs. They made the education system fully collapsed. Can u imagine,in WB,english was not taught till class v,Not even a,b,c,d…. ! So i hope u can imagine howz the condition here. Only one student from WB got chance in AIIMS this year…

  9. Now if in AP or J and k more students qualify than the total no of their states seats,will their students will got admission in non AP or non J and k colleges as they are not in 15% reservation….


  11. dont know why these ppl are creating such drama….
    Neet is already providing everything like percentile system, state rank, etc,….
    There is no question of not geting sufficient number of students from neet…
    I m tired of hearing all these political dramas daily…

    • Buddy,it’s not easy to hold a national level exam.. Different states have different problems too. So what we think it doesn’t matter. MCI dsnt care for students,if they would,they would never be this late about NEET. NEET is facing hardles ,MCI is responsible 4 it… Not the opposing states. MCI took dcitn without discussing this matters with state govt.officials. Approval of Supreme Court is not evrything, it’s about students’ interests.. MCI should exclude some states for 2012,e.g. Gujrat, WB etc.–if MCI dnt agree wid them about setting qstn paper in vernacular vrsns.. there are many brilliant students who study in vernacular versions…..neway,I m as tensed as u r for this late …. Good luck bro,

  12. This is a very sensitive and brilliant plan of AP Govt to appease the dissident students and parents. It is a platform which would appeal to the opposing parents that their interests would be taken care off. It is a beautiful via media political solution which would address the students/parents concerns.
    Practically speaking, in view of Percentile system and with no negative marking, the NEET would definitely churn out sufficient candidates to satisfy the reservation norms for admitting students as per the existing system.

  13. Since there will be percentile and not cut off for qualifying for neet, there is no question of inadequate number of students for neet…required number can be taken from neet state rank list itself

      • If it was true, then by now we should have got authentic media reports. Apparently its a rumour. Moreover courts were not working y/day due to Govt Holiday .

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