UK Sees Decline in Applicants for All Courses

Thanks to major changes to the UK visa system and increased tuition fee from this academic year, the universities admission service UCAS has reported 12% application drop in the UK compared to previous year. The total number of applicants for courses with a 15 October deadline has fallen by 0.8%. Applicants for all courses, including those for courses covered by the 15 January deadline, are down by 9.0%. The data was reported as at Wednesday 19 October 2011 (00:05) compared to Tuesday 19 October 2010 (00:05) for applications considered on time for 15 October deadline. The table to your left says it all, you can access the entire report from the source.

In the United Kingdom education in each of the countries of the UK are governed by separate governments; the UK government is responsible for England, and the Scottish Government, the Welsh Government and the Northern Ireland Executive are responsible for Scotland, Walesand Northern Ireland, respectively.

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