PIL against MCI in connection with NEET

Users are aware there is a long debate about the proposal made by Medical Council of India in connection with the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test for medical colleges in India. NEET according to MCI is supposed to take away the burden and stress on students by avoiding multiple entrance tests. Till date, the move of MCI had made things more worse as MCI is yet to reveal it’s final stand on when MCI will hold NEET and the exam pattern.

According to source, a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) has been filed against MCI on it’s decision of holding NEET from 2012. The petitioner Deepak Butale had challenged MCI chairman; Maharashtra chief minister; state secretary to medical education department; state director of medical education and research and the Maharashtra state board for secondary and higher secondary education.

The issues revolving around NEET are differences in syllabus, language, time. Till date no final syllabus has been announced, how can MCI hold a test with out announcing the syllabus first, who will conduct the Test CBSE or AIIMS. Few States feel their is a need to introduce vernacular languages in the common medical entrance test and the delay in giving an official announcement.

What is your take? Leave your thoughts!

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  1. Gud news from the hindu…

    Students aspiring for MBBS seats will not take the EAMCET route but write the National
    Entrance and Eligibility Test by Medical Council of India (MCI) from next year. The test will be conducted at the national level by the Central Board of Secondary
    Education (CBSE) on behalf of MCI but the counselling and selection would be done by
    the State government, Director of Medical Education P. Sampath Kumar told The Hindu. He said the MCI was keen to do the selection of candidates also after the test, but the
    State government retained the initiative for its own reasons. The decision to join the
    national test was taken in view of the insistence by MCI that there be uniform standards
    of testing for admissions instead of each State having its own question papers.
    Nevertheless, there would be both State and national rankings. About 65,000 students appeared for medicine stream of EAMCET last year for 4,300
    seats in 12 government and 20 private medical colleges in the State. An all-party
    meeting convened by the government a few months ago to discuss whether the State
    could join the national pool for allocation of seats did not find favour with the parties. A.P. and Jammu & Kashmir are the only States which were exempted from joining the
    Central pool by a Presidential order. The State had to contribute 15 per cent of the seats
    to outsiders but its own students would have got an additional 1,500 seats at the
    national level if it had joined the scheme, Dr. Sampath Kumar said.

    • now ill tell u guys my problem…u must be knowing knowing that ap is not eligible to give aipmt,for some god damned reason,but from pre-kg to 12th grade i studied cbse in hyderabad,so wen it was my turn to give comp.exams i had no option but aipmt,so i called up sanyam bharadwaj (the secretary at pmt office) and spoke to her..i then drafted an affidavit saying 1.i AM domiciled in ap BUT i do not wish to give eamcet (which is against the rules)…but i got my hallticket,n i qualified for the finals…

      this year however,ap is likely to not participate in neet..and i have taken a drop and am preparing cbse for pmt,so,is there anyway i can write neet even after ap opposes it?i dont even want to take admission in ap.please clear my confusion

      • Dear Vaishali,
        Even if AP doesnt participate in NEET, if it amends its laws to share 15% of its seats in AIPMT, then you will be eligible to write AIPMT.

  2. State-wise reservation of 85% NEET – UG and 50% NEET – PG medical seats for admission in a medical college through NEET is against Article 14 of Constitution
    In West Bengal (1972 -1977) and some other states there were District-wise reservation for admission to a medical colleges which was struck down by Supreme Court on the ground that the object of the selection of candidate for the admission was to select the best possible talent from the entire country/state, having regards to efficiency required for medical profession. There is nowhere written in the constitution that reservation should be given on the basis of district. It is against Article 14 of Indian Constitution.

    MCI is going to introduce percentile system of total marks obtained in NEET-UG . For some difficult questions there will be higher marks. Answering those difficult questions correctly a students may get higher percentile of marks, thus if a student scores 90 % may not pass the exam, but one who scores 60 % may pass, as he will have a higher percentile.

    • sir are you writing these being sure???????there are lot of statements running in market about this neet……..so please write being confirm,……

  3. hey kumar….
    Cnt understnd the last line..
    ” As per the percentile system that is being introduced for the first time, a student will now be able to score more marks for a correct answer for a difficult question..”

    • actually what they mean to say even i dont understand. but that much I know that even your percentage is low but your percentile could be high as percentile is comparision of your marks in 100 person


        • Prince
          In AIEEE you have to fill your home state (from where u passed 12th) then they give your state rank but this rank for your idea any way NIT used your AI rank.

          In this case since state will do seprate counslling most probably your AI rank/percentile will be used. there are cance to avial both state or may be not it will depend on state counslling rule like delhi u need not be a delhi resident but u have to pass 11th & 12th from delhi but in UP u should be resident.
          LET us wait first neet should be held

  4. http://www.indianexpress.com/news/MCI-halts-negative-marking-system/861372/

    MCI halts negative marking system
    Students can breathe a sigh of relief with the decision of the Medical Council of India (MCI) to do away with the system of negative marking from the proposed National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET), to be conducted from 2012 onwards. The decision was taken at a meeting of Union Health Ministry officials, MCI and other stakeholders on Monday evening in New Delhi.

    Rajiv Yervadekar, member, MCI board of governors, said, “At the meeting, it was decided that negative marking will be done away with as earlier decided by the National Board of Examinations. Instead, the percentile system of marking will be introduced for all medical colleges governed by MCI. Also for some states, question papers are likely to be printed in the vernacular language, although the final decision is yet to be taken.” The details of all new decisions will be hosted on the MCI website in a day or two, added Yervadekar

  5. http://www.indianexpress.com/news/MCI-to-modify-NEET-syllabus/861410/

    The Medical Council of India (MCI) has decided to make modifications in the syllabus of the proposed National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET) after objections were raised by states including Maharashtra. Activists in Pune have been pressing for modifications in the syllabus. The decision was taken at a joint meeting of the MCI, Central Board of Secondary Education and the Union health ministry on Monday.

    Rajiv Yervadekar, member, MCI’s board of governors, said, “After suggestions and objections were recieved by MCI on the proposed NEET syllabus, it has now been decided that certain modifications will be included before the final syllabus is put up on the website in the next few days. Though how much and what will be changed can not be disclosed right now.”

    He further added the exam is likely to be conducted in April-May 2012 and MCI is fully prepared to go ahead with the exam. The examination paper will have 180 questions with 45 questions each in physics and chemistry and 90 in biology. As per the percentile system that is being introduced for the first time, a student will now be able to score more marks for a correct answer for a difficult question


      • Hai G.C.
        Any of the 100 equal parts into which the range of the values of a set of data can be divided in order to show the distribution of those values. The percentile of a given value is determined by the percentage of the values that are smaller than that value. For example, a test score that is higher than 95 percent of the other scores is in the 95th percentile.
        per·cen·tile (pr-sntl) n.
        One of a set of points on a scale arrived at by dividing a group into parts in order of magnitude. For example, a score equal to or greater than 97 percent of those attained on an examination is said to be in the 97th percentile.

  6. I dont discuss whether neet is good or not(already discussed a lot) as I ready in both condition. but inspite of oppose no state pmt authority declared thier test shedule date which normaly declared in last week of september or first week of october.

    Even CBSE has not come out with AIPMT date only AIIMS declared their shedule which is not included in neets by analyzing things maximum chances are that neet will be in 2012. if someone have information regarding declaration of date by any medical college pls share.

  7. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/bhubaneswar/MCI-rules-out-vernacular-language-medium-for-NEET/articleshow/10386075.cms

    Progress In NEET
    BHUBANESWAR: The Medical Council of India (MCI) chairman, Dr K K Talwar, on Saturday ruled out the possibility of conducting National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET), the proposed overarching pre-medical entrance in the country, in vernacular languages.

    In a perceived setback to West Bengal, Gujarat and Karnataka, the states which demanded that state language as medium of the test, Dr Talwar said, “It is not practically possible. The examination will be held in Hindi and English only.”

    A meeting of MCI, Central Board of Secondary Education and representatives of various states will be held in New Delhi on Monday (October 17) to address the concerns of the states and give a final shape to the proposed test.

    “I am hopeful that all concerns of the states will be duly addressed considering the issue in totality,” Dr Talwar told TOI. The MCI boss was in the city to attend the annual conference and convocation of the National Academy of Medical Sciences ( NAMS) here.

    Responding to the concerns of Goa and Maharashtra about the syllabi, Dr Talwar said the syllabus has been evolved by the MCI taking into consideration the syllabi of all the states. No state or board will have advantage or disadvantage, he said, adding, the feedbacks of all concerned were being considered on the draft syllabi put in the MCI website.

    MCI is likely to take a final decision on the syllabus, question papers and whether to go for negative marking in the national level test during the October 17 meeting.

    The NEET is tentatively scheduled for May 13. It will replace all state-level entrance tests for admission into undergraduate medical courses in 2012. The paper will have 180 questions, comprising 45 each from physics, chemistry, botany and zoology. The test is proposed to be of 180 minutes duration.

    Applications forms, both online and offline, for NEET, would tentatively be available from the second week of December.

      • hello Prince
        Practically we can not be 100% sure till it does not publish on MCI or CBSE site. but most psitive thing is that no stae pmt yet declared their shedule for entrance I mean oppsing state that indicate they also know that they have to adopt neet its my personal opinion.

        • Hi Kumar,

          I agree with you 100% as in the past also dates of official announcements were expected but nothing has happened till now.We all are left guessing rather bringing an end to uncertainty.

  8. It is shamefull.they have not decided the actual syllabus,when just 6 months left from the test! Being a west bengal board student i can understand how difficulties the students from west bengal board are facing! And taking out human physiology from th
    e syllabus does not make any sense!

  9. i also oppose neet 2012 as half of year is already over and new syllabus can not be prepared in these last six months which is actually for 2 years (11th and 12th) ????

  10. mci should not our dreams of taking mbbs by announcing NEET. in tamilnadu state syllabus is different.let NEET be conducted from 2013 after giving adequate time.please mci dont shatter our dreams.


  12. its good to hear that mci has announced neet but its bad to think how mci can do a such stupid things without consultaing any other states ,students and more over paresnts of students who are preparing from pasrt 3 or 4 yrs for mbbs…..!! til today no final syallabus is anounced no final date nad more over no final decision ….!! i request to mci plz dont play with students carrier or with their life…!! neet shuld be implemented i am not against it but it shuld be implemted from 2014 so a student who iz now in 10 cqan prepare acording to the mci based ncert ayallbus…..!! i hope mci can feel the emotion af the studenst

  13. It is a shame for MCI that it still could not finalise anything about the common entrance exam. Only 6 months are left and they didn’t even announced their final syllabus! The draft syllabus doesn’t match with many state boards. Removing Human Physiology(which is essential for medical courses) and including 50% botany is a matter of joke also… It happens only in India! If MCI is unable to hold NEET UG this year,they should cancel it. Dnt knw wheather members of MCI are doctors or botanists,but itz sure dat they r simply : NUTS…..

  14. mci just going nuts……..
    go through the syllabus one will just find a vast portion of botany in biology syllabus…..at all we are not going to be a plant doctor………there is no human physiology portion introduced…
    and also mci still not able to finalize a syllabus…..

  15. i think mci is going nuts .they should have a precise know;ledge that they are playing with the students whose time is most crucial now .i dont understand if they think its a sought of time pass playing with us .ichanged my opininon with great difficulty that they will be no more eamcet and increased my likliness towards the exam which mci is planning to hold in its dreams .i now feel it is just building castles in air ! i started preparing with the cbse syllabus leaving our state boards which is heavily loaded with information ……but i think its now time to change my opininon again .GUYS YOU CAN JUST REFER ANDHRA PRADESH STATE BOARDS INTERMEDIATE ZOOLOGY TB ! you will understand what it is …….loaded with shit where no other state board of india has done ……cbse bio is no where in front of ours !i hope the organisation which belives it is highly punctual in its decisions should open its eyes as wide as possible saying a 100%yes or no and give sufficient time for our preparation and believe in the fact that there are on 3 more months not 365 days !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!bah!

  16. The introduction of Neet will increase the mental and physical burden on the students.MCI should ensure that the plus two sylabus is the same all over India before starting a single entrance test.
    First slowly introduce NEET PG ( where the sylabus is already the same allover India ) and after a few years time start NEET UG.
    If NEET UG is introduced now without giving the students an advance notice of atleast 3 years , we can expect mental breakdown of many of our bright students and MCI & Union government will be fully responsible for the sad plight of the student community.Our politicians must take control of the situation and stop intoducing NEET for the timebeing.

  17. NEET should not come into the effect from this year i.e. 2012 coz all students have started working on their state syllabus and have gone almost more than half through it and there is no time left for board exams and pre medical test, its now very late to declare NEET and MCI should skip NEET for this year othterwise it will shatter the dreams of many students from state boards like me.

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