Internships are Key to Find Jobs – Report

According to a recently concluded survey conducted by Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) the organizing body of Graduate Management Aptitude Test (GMAT), internships play a key role to find full time employment post graduating from the college.

Forty-two percent of MBA and specialized master’s graduates from the GMAC Global Management Education Graduate Survey said they participated in an internship while in school. Further, this year’s graduates who did an internship were 26 percent more likely to have a job offer upon graduation than their classmates without an internship.

“The value of an internship can’t be underestimated—for both the employer and the employee,” said Michelle Sparkman-Renz, director of research communications at GMAC. “Whether or not a candidate has work experience, internships are effective in helping students realize their career ambitions. And in a hyper-competitive job market, an internship is a great way for a student to shine and get their résumé put on the top of the pile when applying for a full-time job at the company.”

The survey conclusion is also applicable to India, students who have prior work experience get the first seat in the selection queue, similarly students who have done Internship will also add to the table. Internships will give prior exposure to corporate world, interactions will increase it is an opportunity to learn in real time.

In India almost all of the business schools have a compulsory internship period ranging anywhere between 4 weeks to 10 weeks; few companies pay for the intern and few companies will not bother paying a penny. The stand the later takes is probably they are providing an opportunity to learn at the companies cost (take account of the time). Whether you are paid or not as an intern your goal should be to maximize the opportunity given to you. Doing internship for the sake of submitting project report doesn’t help you much in reality.

What are your views? Are Internships key to find employment?

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