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Often Indian Institutes of Technology are referred as the most preferred colleges for engineering course in India. IITs also offer courses such as M.Sc, M.Des, MBA, Integrated Postgraduate courses and Dual degrees.

Each course offered in IITs have a transparent selection process, IITJEE is an entrance test for admission to undergraduate engineering courses similarly look at the below table for the list of entrance exams IITs consider for admissions.

Entrance Exam Applicable to course (s)
IITJEE For admissions to Under Graduate Programmes (BTech), MSc Integrated Courses, MTech Integrated Courses and Dual Degree MTech programmes.
GATE For admissions to Postgraduate Programmes in Engineering, Technology, Architecture, Science and Pharmacy.
JAM For admissions to MSc and other post BSc Programmes.
CEED For admissions to Master of Design (MDes) Programmes.
CAT (replaced JMET) For admissions to PG Degree Programme in Management (MBA).

Below table is the list of IITs along with the courses offered by these IITs, year* is the actual year an Institute is converted as IIT, Tier** is the pool assigned by careermitra.com after analysis.

List of IITs and Courses offered in India (As of October 2011)

Institute Year* Tier** Courses offered
1 IIT Kharagpur 1951 A B.Arch, B.Tech, Dual Degree (B.Tech & M.Tech), Integrated M.Sc, M.Tech, Master of City Planning, MBA, M.Sc – P.hD dual degree, Master of Medical Science & Technology, LLB, MS and P.hD Programmes.
2 IIT Bombay 1958 A B.Tech, Dual Degree (B.Tech & M.Tech), M.Tech, M.Des, M.Phil, 5 year Integrated M.Sc courses, 2 year M.Sc courses and Masters in Management.
3 IIT Madras 1959 A B.Tech, Dual Degree (B.Tech & M.Tech), M.Tech, MBA, M.Sc, MA and P.hD.
4 IIT Kanpur 1959 A B.Tech, 5 year Integrated M.Sc, 2 year M.Sc, M.Tech, MBA, M.Des, M.Sc – P.hD dual degree and P.hD
5 IIT Delhi 1963 A B.Tech, Dual Degree (B.Tech & M.Tech), Integrated M.Tech, M.Tech, MBA, MS Research, Interdisciplinary M.Tech, M.Sc, M.Des & P.hD.
6 IIT Guwahati 1994 B B.Tech, B.Des, Humanities Science, M.Sc, MA, M.Tech, M.Des and Dual degree in M.Tech – P.hD.
7 IIT Roorkee 2011 B B.Arch, B.Tech, Dual Degree (B.Tech & M.Tech), Integrated M.Tech, Integrated M.Sc, M.Tech, M.Arch, M.URP and P.hD.
8 IIT (BHU) Varanasi 2011 B B.Pharm, B.Tech, M.Tech, M.Pharm, Dual Degree (B.Tech & M.Tech), Dual Degree (B.Pharm & M.Pharm), 5 Year Integrated Applied Science Course, P.hD (2 years) and P.hD (3 years).
9 IIT Ropar 2008 C B.Tech and P.hD
10 IIT Bhubaneswar 2008 C B.Tech, M.Tech & P.hD
11 IIT Hyderabad 2008 C B.Tech, M.Tech & P.hD
12 IIT Gandhinagar 2008 C B.Tech, M.Tech & P.hD
13 IIT Patna 2008 C B.Tech & P.hD
14 IIT Rajasthan 2008 C B.Tech & P.hD
15 IIT Mandi 2009 C B.Tech & P.hD

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