Chetan Bhagat Tweets Infosys as Body Shop

Five Point Someone fame Chetan Bhagat in a recent tweet has mentioned Infosys as a Body Shop; the tweet was indeed directed at Infosys Chairman Emeritus N.R Narayana Murthy. Recently Mr. Murthy in a ‘Pan IIT summit’ had expressed his views about the current IIT selection process. You can get to know about Murthy’s views by reading our earlier post.

It seems like Bhagat, an IIT Delhi alumni contradicts Murthy’s views and tweeted as ” It is ironic when someone who runs a body shopping company and calls it hi-tech, makes sweeping comments on the quality of IIT students.”

Well this is not the first time Chetan Bhagat had made news, earlier he was involved in a controversy with 3 Idiots a Bollywood blockbuster based on his book Five Point Someone.

Chetan Bhagat has close to 530,000 twitter followers; his controversial tweet followed with another tweet mentioning ‘All is well’ with Infosys. Original tweet is “Lovely newshour with Mohandas Pai of Infosys. We agree with each other. All is well. Any supposed ‘fight’ is media imagination.’

Mr.Murthy hasn’t pointed out any individual, wondering what made Mr. Bhagat make such serious allegations that too on a Company of such high repute. It seems like now everything is OK with Bhagat & Infosys!

So what are your views? Whom do you support Mr. Chetan or Mr. Murthy?

Why did we cover this?

Simple, it involves issue related to the selection process of IITs, which is currently in debate. IITs are planning to shelf IITJEE from 2012 and moving pawns to adopt an entrance test similar to SAT. You can read about it here. Murthy’s views are already taken into consideration.

Other side Ex IITians and few current IIT students have started a protest on government’s decision to shelf decades old IITJEE. You can read the same here.


  1. mr.chetan bhagat is just looking for cheap publicity…a person who wrote a single good novel to follow it up wid a group of rubbish novels just wants to be in peoples mind for all n all one reason…”Publicity”

    • Shobhit,
      I agree with your views, what ever company Mr.Murthy might be running it has created employment opportunities to thousands of Indians. Infosys changed lives of parents too as their son or daughter paid a ransom salary what did Mr.Bhagat do? Instead of writing stupid novels and making controversial news to be on media why don’t he do something productive? Mr. Bhagat can you ever employ 10 people and feed their hunger??

  2. Who does not know that Mr. Murthy runs a body shop? The statement made by Bhagat is true, true and nothing but truth. And who values Murthy for earning money by doing third rate software services? If he is so brilliant why not he restructured Infosys a software product company like Microsoft/Google/Oracle instaed of a body sopping company? And he preaches about the quality of IITians. Nonsense. Even if the 80% IITians are not up to the mark, they are not willing to join Infosys for doing techie clerical services. Mr. Murthy, improve the quality of Infosys if you yourself are talented, which I don’t think.

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