Two Attempts for Gujarat University Law Students


Students studying bachelor’s of Law (LLB) under Gujarat University will only have two attempts to pass the exam through the existing syllabus. If they were to fail and repeat, students will have to appear under Choice Based Credit System (CBSC), TOI had reported.

Marks weightage

According to the new regulation, a total of 30 marks will be reserved for the internal test. This will constitute 10 marks for assignments, 5 marks for attendance and 15 marks for the written examination. The passing mark for the internal test will be 15 marks. The remaining 70 marks will be allocated to the external examination in which students will have to secure 50 marks to pass the test.


Gujarat University will give five types of grades – O+, O, A, B+ and B, according to the system of CBCS.

The final examination will begin from November 3, 2011.

Source: Times of India

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