Medical Curriculum Needs Tweaking-MCI


By the academic year 2012, medical curriculum will be revised to incorporate new medical advances, diseases and treatments in the syllabi.

A decision has been taken in a meeting by MCI with Medical College Deans, changes also have been proposed to introduce two months foundation course for all medical students.

The foundation course will emphasize on hospital visits, medical ethics and medical economics reported Times of India.

Other changes that are likely to be made are

  • I Year MBBS will be increased from 12 months to 14 months
  • II & III Year MBBS will be of 20 months each
  • Electives will be offered in Tele-medicine and bio-informatics
  • Medical internship likely to increase from two to six months

The meeting also hosted discussion about NEET, Gujarat is expected to allow Common Entrance Test from 2013. It is likely that the question paper of NEET will have a Hindi Version, CBSE officials are also looking at the possibility of offering the test in State’s local language.

Source: Times of India

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