IITians Protest New Entrance Exam Proposal

IIT Students and Alumni started a protest against the Government, expressing their dissatisfaction on the newly proposed entrance exam for admission into IITs. Last week we had reported about the newly proposed entrance exam which will be held from 2013, resembling SAT. The decision was taken by the concerned authorities in the IIT council meeting held last week, you can view the report or summary of the meeting by visiting here.

In short IITs want to scrap IIT-JEE and conduct a SAT like entrance test to give weightage to academic marks in the selection process. Students and Alumni of IIT are concerned as to why the Government has to do away with IIT-JEE which has been in practice from decades (approx. 45 years).

Alumni believe the quality of IITs will deter if there are changes to the admission criteria. The proposal which was made by Ministry of Human Resource Development was to keep a common entrance test for all engineering colleges in the country, it was not just about scrapping IIT-JEE alone. AIEEE, BITSAT, State based entrance tests will also go for a toss.

HRD had made it clear the approval has to come from respective state governments, if they oppose the entrance test will only be made mandatory for IITs & NITs.

About the protest

Group of IITians have started a campaign on Facebook to protest the proposal of doing away with IIT-JEE. Mission of the campaign as read on the Facebook community page is as below.

“SAVE IITs….Call for global protests against Indian Goverment effort to meddle with its admission process. With Indian goverment stmt that Class 12 Marks will be counted for IIT admission, IITs quality is at serious risk. Will it be end of IITians era… so many diff boards…. Will corruption/politics play a big role, instead of aptitude/knowledge in admission to IITs – a center of technology leadership and a dream college for every Indians. Please support our peaceful movement by liking this page.”

The community page has about 6175 fans, through this platform participating IITians are calling for global protest and they did mention the current IIT students to do a mass boycott on Oct 14th, 2011.

Share your thoughts on this! Do you support this protest?

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  1. This is the best method i feel because the old IIT pattern test was for gigs.i hv friends who hv started iit preparation from class 8 and some doesnot even attend schools also.These students always hv an extra edge over us who r going to school and start our engineering prep from class 11.but in this new method logical reasoning and apptitude questions will be given due importance like p,c,m which i feel is the best.

  2. Please do not make our Global Technology Institution sub standard by doing abolishing the IIT-JEE. A single entarance test may be for other Engineering and technology instituion.We should continue IIT-JEE, It is one of the toughest engineering entarance exam.The questions of IIT-JEE are numeric and problem-based rather than theory based.Here question demanding an in-depth understanding of the subjects.These question of IIT-JEE demanded high IQ levels to solve.Thus a good quality students only come to our Global IITs.

  3. I appriciates those iitians and all people who are protest against this new exam. rule.This rule will make iit is a normal college.

  4. IF a person, without having prerequisite for the job and having no perception of education, is given resposibility of handling and enjoying his power over reforms in education, today we have the best example of the same in our country . People having no idea of what B.Tech. at IITs is meant for, if invoved in the criterion for that, will play like a child playing with its toys. Because of work and achievments by IITs and thus IIT-JEE from last 45 years,we have been placed at top in the world today. This is the IIT-JEE with its unique criterion for entry into IITs, filtered and explored many scientist and engineers for India as well as for the world. They provide valuable contribution in the development of India and world, we can’t devaluate their contributions, we have great respect for them and expect future generations to do the same. They have provided us platform where we can flourish and put ourselves in the process of globalisation according the international norms and do some innovative work to flourish more. Now today a person for his dream to come true, has tried to destroy that valuable platform, destroying the system which forced world class intellectuals to respect Indians.Because of past reputations that IITs gave us, these politicians are able to have pride and can think what should be done for better but we can’t forget that they are politicians, they do for their future prospect. Somebody please stop these persons they do not know what they are doing. IITs reputation is for ever no body can kill legacy of IITs and IIT-JEE. Abolishing IIT-JEE will ruin our respect and education. IIT-JEE is for ever. Please do not abolish IIT-JEE, IT IS OUR PROUD, OUR’S RESPECT.

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