IIM Indore Director Writes to IPM Aspirants


This is the second time IIM Indore Director has written a public letter with respect to IPM (Integrated Programme in Management) to be offered by IIM Indore for the first time. The director has congratulated students who have been shortlisted for the next process i.e Aptitude Test & Personal.

The main objectives of the letter was to clarify on most frequently asked questions related to IPM. For example:

  • Do we get a degree or diploma?
  • Is IPM par (equivalent) with regular PGP (MBA) course offered in IIMs
  • Placements
  • Affiliation with Universities (Both foreign and domestic)

When we have mailed IIM Indore director few weeks ago, these were some of the questions which we asked as well. We have got a reply saying “Thank you for your mail.  I am sorry to inform you that I have nothing to share with you on your questions.”. Screen shot below:

Now we have answers for questions we have asked. You can check the questions which we had asked in our mail, by visiting here. These questions were compiled from the comments and mails we have received from IPM aspirants 2011.

This shows that IIMs are transparent, they have not kept anything uninformed to an aspiring student. The letter duly discussed that there is difference between IPM & Regular PGP course, the letter also stated that students shouldn’t think and join the course hoping for just placements.

Make an informed decision as mentioned in the letter see the pros and cons discuss with your friends and with friends on careermitra.com and move ahead.

Link to letter: http://www.iimidr.ac.in/iimi/media/pdf/ipm/Directors%20letter-IPM.pdf

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  1. Can anyone please tell me what is a SAT examination score that a relevant in submitting the applications for IPM course? And how and when SAT is conducted?

    • no there is no fee waiver for IPM. you have to manage by yourself.
      either go to bank for loan or manage it some how.. ???

  2. Does anyone have even a vague idea of what they might ask in the interview?
    Never quite given one before so I’m naturally going to be sweating bucket loads here.

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