Depressed IIT Patna Girl Student Ends Life

An IIT (Patna) Girl student ends life vowing to the depression and pressure to perform in the academics said a report from Mail Today. The girl student had allegedly jumped from fifth floor from her hostel building on Thursday, Alavarthi Sweeya is a third year B. Tech student of computer science from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Patna.

The Hyderabad based girl believed to have taken such an extreme step due to poor performance in the semester exams, however the other reasons couldn’t be ruled out. Teachers of the IIT Patna has said to sources that, “Sweeya is a bright girl”, she had taken IITJEE in 2009. She is under constant depression and is undergoing medication before she could take such a drastic step, police added.

Her sandals, cell phone, glasses have been recovered nearby the water tank on her hostel building, police are investigating the case further.

While IITs are stressing and improvising the system to encourage girl student participation this news hopefully will not worsen the efforts. Earlier IITs declared ‘application fee waiver scheme for girls‘ from 2012 just to encourage girls participation.

So what is your opinion? Do IIT students face such stress levels forcing them to take such extreme step? Share your thoughts!

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  1. That’s why Indian IIT”s have no place in world’s top 200 institutes . except Bombay which is above 150 . The main reason is that Education is not for to print good marks on your Marksheet and then frame u r degrees in u r living room . Education is about creating a complete new world and technology by taking the reference and the mistakes of our earlier researcher. Look at Harvard institute. Mark zukarburg , bill gates , steve job are from there and is surely the top institute because of Student’s success in their future life. Now look at indian IIT’s . All the scolar’s and topers are working in the companies which are founded by Harvard university Students.

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