Andhra Pradesh Gearing up for +2 Syllabus Change


Board of Intermediate Education is the concerned higher secondary education board in the State of Andhra Pradesh (AP). Andhra Pradesh is among the very few States to welcome common medical entrance test proposed by MCI.

The state is worst hit with issues related to Telangana. Political instability is also the greatest concern after the death of ex-chief minister Y.S Rajashekhar Reddy who passed away in a tragic helicopter crash couple of years ago.

As per reports, Board of Intermediate Education is gearing up for a syllabus make over for intermediate courses. The State will be adopting syllabus similar to NCERT and major changes will be for Zoology & Biology Subjects. A meeting with medical college professors and experts in the medical field will be held before Board of Intermediate Education decides the syllabus. However the concern is with the pending decision of MCI with respect to NEET-UG, since the new syllabus has to coordinate with the syllabus of NEET-UG.

Teachers and experts believe that the sudden change in the syllabus for +2  students as unfair and a wrong decision in a wrong time. A petition has been submitted to MCI for holding NEET from 2014, the petition also claimed that the new syllabus for Intermediate students should be forced from 2012.

What are your views? Do you think Andhra Pradesh should adopt NCERT syllabus from this year? Share your thoughts!

Source: Times of India

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  1. it is good decision to change syllabus in 2012-2013 and conduct exam in 2012-2013
    its better to write only one exam iseet instead of writing to many exam like iit,aieee,bitsat,eamcet
    preparing for these all exam makes burden on student


  3. its just ridiculous to change the syllabus suddenly and it is just unfair.i really don’t understand how our government has done such quite unfair agreement.i request them not to play with the lives of thousands of students who are budding flowers…try to understand

  4. its unfair to take a sudden decision on conducting neet from 2011 onwards.we should face a lot of problems due to the change of syllabus. so we request to conduct them from 2014.

    • now ill tell u guys my problem…u must be knowing knowing that ap is not eligible to give aipmt,for some god damned reason,but from pre-kg to 12th grade i studied cbse in hyderabad,so wen it was my turn to give comp.exams i had no option but aipmt,so i called up sanyam bharadwaj (the secretary at pmt office) and spoke to her..i then drafted an affidavit saying 1.i AM domiciled in ap BUT i do not wish to give eamcet (which is against the rules)…but i got my hallticket,n i qualified for the finals…

      this year however,ap is likely to not participate in neet..and i have taken a drop and am preparing cbse for pmt,so,is there anyway i can write neet even after ap opposes it?i dont even want to take admission in ap.please clear my confusion

  5. my opinion is to conduct NEET for 2012 itself. and i think we may not bother about syllabus and there are many professors in board of intermediate who will take care of it. i think our’s main duty is to be perfect at the right time in the syllabus followeb by us and moreover physiology will be removed anyhow any the change made by the professors will be resonable because they are professors .we should leave the matter of syllabus to them and finalise the date and give updates as early as possible…

  6. how it is possible to write NEET exam for final year students suddenly,already the students are preparing their exams in the state syllabus,and only five/six months left to write all India level exam, and it is very difficult to write those who are studying in the regional languages.
    Hence I request MCI conduct this exam from 2013-14 students

  7. is the exam going to be held for the students who are presently studying in inter 2nd year or for the students who are studying in inter first year? and if the exam is for inter second year it is going to be tough but presently we are not having college due to the agitations going on the issue of the separate statehood … it will better if the exam is for first year students or from any other year…

  8. the NCERT syllabus and our state syllabus r similar,except few topics .
    so,NEET will give students good chance to study in better collages out side state. so i think AP state should accept MCI proposal from 2012 itself
    well, but i’am not the expert.
    thank you.

    • oh right! did u ever read about human physiology in telugu akademi(academy) text books? there is a hell lot of change in it as far as biology is concerned. the examples too are different.

    • So will NEET-UG be conducted from 2012 in Andhra pradesh ……..but der r no official announcements only.SO should all the students start preparing cbse books.will eamcet be scrapped??

    • it is rediculous to conduc it for d current year what about 20000 tm students in d state they dont have thees cbsc books even for d em students also there is a shortage of books so before announcing d neet govt must all thees things into consideration

    • It is rediculous to conduc NEET for d current year, what about 20000 TM students in d state , they dont have these CBSC books . Even for d EM students also there is a shortage of books . So before announcing d NEET Govt must take all these things into d consideration .

  9. I think that they must conduct this exam from we all the the condtion inthe state.the telengana agitation is going on and our colleges are closed from 13th sept and are going to reopen on 9th oct nearly one month.we have already completed 80%of the syllabus.please think about it.if the government does not take correct decision lakhs of students will suffer.please think about us.

    hope you will understand our problem.


  10. How can the authorities impose common Medial exam all of a sudden from the year 2012. The students appearing for entrance during 2012 are almost halfway through their second year Inter a sudden change in the exam pattern and syllabus will lead to lot of confusion. For that matter the common syllabus is not yet announced and the students are nervous and in dark. How can authorities announce an exam and frame rules/syllabus later, its really unfair. We are not against the common entrance test but they should announce the syllabus so that the inter first year students starts with the preparation from the first year itself.

    Hence I request the authorities to start the exam from 2014 only

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