Mixed Feelings Over Common Medical Entrance Test

Following the supreme court’s approval MCI has made it official on it’s decision to hold a common medical entrance test (NEET or National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test). However State Governments may oppose MCI’s initiative of conducting a common medical entrance test.

State Governments opposing NEET are Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Gujarat and Maharashtra and more States are likely to oppose the MCI views of holding a single entrance test.

In contrast, the Andhra Pradesh government has expressed its interest to abolish the State level entrance exams and follow the Common Entrance Test.

The heat is on Times of India has reported that ‘a large number of students and parents held a protest meeting in Ahmedabad’ expressing their dissatisfaction on holding NEET. Parents and Students are of the view that the syllabus state boards teach are different from the syllabus taught in central schools. The syllabus is likely to favor Central Board students since it is prepared by NCERT which considered Central Board Syllabus.

You can read the views & mixed feelings of our readers on our previous post


In a nut shell 3 major issues students are complaining about are

  1. The inclusion of Physics Syllabus
  2. Less time to prepare for a new syllabus
  3. Exclusion of Human Physiology

MCI is seeking public views on the syllabus you can mail your views to (neet-ug@mciindia.org) till August 11, 2011. Lets await for the MCI’s final opinion on the syllabus and entrance test.

In my view few states might get an exception for the next year since it is unfair as the students has already studied one year syllabus from their respective state boards. If one State gets the liberty few other States might also ask for it!

What are your views??

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  1. Dear sir,
    The decision to conduct a single entrance examination for MBBS is the most welcome step. But the way it is getting impelmented and the timing is most inappropriate.First and the foremost is to arrive at common syllabus.Then give students enough time and notice to students to get mentally prepared to take up examination. Take into account the requirement of the students whose medium of instruction is their local language. it is most inappropriate to ask the students to take the exam in 6 months time. I would like to join the parents forum against the NEET exam. i request that a PIL be filed in the highest court so that the students do not suffer because of indecisive attitude of the government. Andhra pradesh government doesnot seem to have any concern for its stuudents. The students of Telangana region have lost valuable 60 days during this year and there was lot of uncertainity last year. With this kind preparation accepting the NEET examination shows the apathy for the students a particular region. In my opinion AP should have EAMCET and students of the affected due to strikes have to be special consideration.I hope authorities concerned will take appropritae steps to safe gaurd the interest of the AP students in general and Telangana in particular. I request the forum to take the case strongly and I am willing to pay the subscription if any to run the struggle.ultimately innocent students should not suffer.
    Wishing every one all the best.
    R N Bagdalkar

  2. Sub: Request for filing Public Interest Litigation (PIL) in Madras High Court to conduct all national level UG entrance exams for M.B.B.S., B.E., B.Tech., B.L., C.A., B.A., B.Com., B.Arch., B.Planning., B.Sc, B.Des, ……etc ) in all 8th scheduled regional languages –reg
    In our country all national under graduate entrance exams are conducted only in Hindi and English. This Bi-Lingual Pattern (BLP) is advantage to all Hindian states and english medium students in other states.
    Hindian States:
    1. U.P.
    2. M.P.
    3. Bihar
    4. Chattisgarh
    5. Jharkhand
    6. Uttarakhand
    7. Haryana
    8. Himachal Pradesh
    9. NCT of Delhi &
    10. Chandigarh.
    Remaining all regional language students will suffer as they lack proficiency in either Hindi or English. They are treated as second rated citizens.
    There is no need for setting the question paper in multiple languages (in all 8th scheduled languages). Only three languages (Tri-Lingual Policy TLP) are sufficient such as Hindi, English and Regional language. This regional language option shall be exercisied at the time of filling the application form. This TLP will give a level playing field to all regional language students on bar with english and Hindi medium students.
    1. Tamilnadu:
    3 lakh students per year are completing their Higher Secondary Course (HSC) in their mother tongue Tamil.
    Reference: The Hindu dated September 20, 2011.
    2. Karnataka:
    2.5 lakh students per year are completing their Higher Secondary Course (HSC) in their mother tongue Kannada.
    Reference: PUE 2010 report of Government of Karnataka.

    List of scheduled languages where they are not Medium of Instruction (MOI) in Higher secondary Course (HSC):
    SI No
    About MOI
    It is not medium of instruction in schools
    It is not medium of instruction in 11-12th standard in kerala but English.
    It is not medium of instruction in 11-12th standard in Goa.
    It is not medium of instruction in 11-12th standard in UP.
    It is not medium of instruction in 11-12th standard in West Bengal..
    It is not medium of instruction in 11-12th standard in Assam.
    It is not medium of instruction in 11-12th standard in Punjab.
    It is not medium of instruction in 11-12th standard in Kashmir.
    It is not medium of instruction in 11-12th standard in Kashmir.
    It is not medium of instruction in 11-12th standard in WB.

    List of scheduled languages where they are Medium of Instruction (MOI) in Higher secondary Course (HSC):
    SI No
    About MOI
    It is the medium of instruction in Tamilnadu schools.
    (3 lakh students per year)
    It is the medium of instruction in karnataka schools.
    (2.5 lakh students per year)
    It is the medium of instruction in 9 Hnidi states plus CBSC schools.
    It is the medium of instruction in Orissa.
    It is the medium of instruction in West Bengal.
    It is the medium of instruction in Gujarat.
    It is the medium of instruction in Andhra Pradesh.
    It is the medium of instruction in Assam.
    It is the medium of instruction in Punjab.
    It is the medium of instruction in Kashmir and religious minority students.
    It is the medium of instruction in Maharashtra.

    Hence, out of 22 scheduled languages only 10 are presently available as Medium of Instruction in Schools. Therefore the issue is with 10 above regoional languages plus Hindi and English only.
    (a) Is there any national entrance exams are conducted in regional languages?
    National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) are conducted in following languages such as
    1. Hindi
    2. English
    3. Tamil
    4. Malayalam
    5. Marathi
    6. Gujarathi
    7. Oriya
    8. Bengali
    9. Assamese
    10. Kannada
    11. Telugu
    12. Urdu
    13. Punjabi
    (b) Is there any national job exams are conducted in regional languages?
    IAS exams are conducted in all 22, 8th scheduled languages plus English such as
    1. Hindi
    2. Tamil
    3. Malayalam
    4. Marathi
    5. Gujarathi
    6. Oriya
    7. Bengali
    8. Assamese
    9. Kannada
    10. Telugu
    11. Urdu
    12. Punjabi
    13. Shanthili
    14. Maithili
    15. Dogri
    16. Nepali
    17. Kashmiri
    18. Sindhi
    19. Sanskrit
    20. Bodo
    21. Konkani
    (c) Ex. Railway minister Smt.Mamta Bannerjee announced historic announcement in railway Budget 2010-11 for conducting railawy exams in all regional languages. Accordingly Assistant Loco Pilot exam is conducted in Four-Lingual Policy (FLP) such as Hindi, Urdu, English and optional regional language. This policy is giving a level playing field to all regional language students on bar with english and hindi medium students.
    (d) Is Bi-Lingual Policy a violation of fundamental rights?
    Yes. It is very against the Right to equality.
    (e) Is there any Public Interest Litaigation is filed in courts regarding the Hindi and English questions in entrance exams?
    Gujarat Sahitya Parishad (GSP) has filed a Public Interest Litigation during September 20, 2011 in Gujarat High Court for conducting all national level entrance exams conducted by IIT-JEE, AIEEE, AIPMT, CLAT, ICAI, CUCT, ,,,,,,,,,etc in all regional languages. Gujarat High Court has sent notice to centre, state, MHRD, etc and posted furthur hearing on October 20, 2011.
    Hence, I request you sir to file a Public Interest Litigation (pil) in Madras High Court as like GSP to condct national entarnces in all regional languages. Plz help tamil medium students! sir.

  3. We should welcome the decision of supreme court regarding comman entrance test in medical colleges of india.But in syllabus weightage of Biology must be more than physics & chemistry.When there is no role of Biology in IIT & AIEEE similarly in medical entrance exam. physics syllabus should be diluted or of low weightage.

  4. Dear Sir,
    It is clearly a welcome move by the MCI to introduce common test that is sure to lessen the time & effort of medical aspirants. However, the proposed syllabus is very ridiculous & does not look like having been planned by subject experts. I have been teaching biology for past 20 years & have never seen such a funny syllabus that excludes very essentials of zoology like human physiology & detailed study of invertebrate models. I wish that this syllabus of biology should be revised.


      2. About 85% of student are from their state boards & syllabus
      proposed by MCI is 80% differ from state boards, students can not
      afford new syllabus in 1 year bcoz 12th students already have studied
      11th syllabous.
      3. Entrace exams questions will be from 11th & 12th class.july,august
      will passed till now.PLZZ EXPLAIN, HOW WILL BE A 2 YEAR SYLLABUS
      4. This decision will be better if there will be a common board in
      whole country,all appeared students will pass by studying a common
      syllabus, there will be many difficulties to prepare for NEET UG in
      5. In this year,the whole ADVANTAGE of NEET UG will goes to CBSE
      students only bcoz their syllabus is EXACTLY SAME as NEET UG.
      ************ WE WANT JUSTICE**************

      ************ WE WANT JUSTICE**************

    • Reservation!!!!!!!! Are you crazy!! The Supreme court’s decision is binding on all of us and as citizens of India , we have to accept it and I think it is the best decision…… No doubt about it!! There should be NEET and it should be from 2012!


      • Dear Chakshu,


        • Dear Vijay M.Kiri,
          I do agree that there is a degree of disparity between the syllabus announced by MCI and the current syllabus of some States. This issue was already considered while MCI discussed with all the stake holders. This is the reason precisely why MCI had displayed the proposed syllabus on its website and had given sufficient time for the concerned stake holders to give a feedback on its proposal. I guess, you too gave the feedback to MCI.
          The MCI is expected to review its proposal and correct the syllabus as per the feedbacks received from Public. Further, to address the disparity issue, it was discussed already that an “Equalisation System” would be introduced while evaluating the marks scored by the candidates. MCI is expected to equalise the marks of State board students in comparison to their CBSE counterparts.
          These measures would certainly address the problems of disparity and pave way for all the candidates to be placed on level playing field before they are ranked finally for selection in medical course.
          Since, the above mechanism is in the offing, there is no need really to postpone the NEET beyond 2012. Please also understand that upgrading State Board syllabus matching CBSE is not the solution because not all the HSC students opt for medical. Several students choose degrees in Science, Paramedical, Nursing, Statistics, Biotechnology. Do you think for the sake of section of students who prefer medical all the other students should be put to the hardship of undergoing heavy syllabus. In my opinion, instead of upgrading the State board syllabus, students who opt for MBBS should switch over to CBSE syllabus in the HSC stage to enable them to face entrance exam.

          Hope you understand:-)

          • Dear Mr.Sengupta,
            If you think proposing syllabus for feedback 9 months before the NEET is right then god only can save state board students.Sufficient time was indeed given for feedback.Now can any body tell us how much time will MCI need to review the feedback and correct the syllabus?Will the corrected syllabus be again put up for suggetions? and finally when the poor state board students know the actual syllabus to determine how much time and money they have wasted to study some portion and now deleted and also to know where and how they should study what they have not been studying?
            How will MCI equalise marks of different state boards to CBSE COUNTERPARTS?It will only lead to chaos and confusion.
            If mechanism was in offing then why a proper effort was not made to publicise it much in advance to atleast colleges to enable them to prepare students and save them from such a situation which will take away their chances to become doctor and ruin their careers?
            Your suggestion of switching over to CBSE if students wish to opt for medical will automatically deny the students of small towns and villages the right to become doctors!!!
            Personally i am not against NEET but it should be implemented only at proper time and after giving sufficient knowledge and time to the students and teachers.Pl get into their shoes and frame of mind and make suggestions!
            I hope you do understand!!!!!!

            • Dear Vijay M Kiri,
              MCI is expected to announce the revised syllabus by the end of this month. After revision, a State Board student may expect almost all of his syllabus would appear in the revised syllabi. A student is expected to score only 50% in the NEET and the entire quota of seats available in that particular State is allotted to that particular State only. Besides, the equalisation scheme would correct the disparity with the CBSE students. This would protect the interest of the students.
              Regarding village students studying CBSE, tell me frankly how may students come forward to take medicine? This is actually miniscule percentage compared to students from other locations. We have to look the problem at a macro level rather than looking at exceptions. If a village student can travel thousands of miles to go to college, why not he travel some kilometres to study CBSE? We cannot expect spoon feeding at such levels. Think of those days, when a village student has to travel hundreds of kilometres to go to high school.
              All the info I have written in this forum are already available in the web and already sufficient press coverage has been given. You may come to know more details in MCI’s website, pl keep watching.
              I can see lot of Cynicism in your message, well, try to be little bit optimistic.

              • Dear Mr.R Sengupta,
                I am pained at your labelling my being practical as “cynicism”.You are talking of miniscule percentage of small towns/village students means you believe in taking majority in consideration.Pl therefore let me know what is the percentage of CBSE students?I am sure they are also miniscule percentage as compared to state board.Let us look at the problem from this macro level now!!!!
                Sufficient press coverage(since when??)seems to have missed attention of many of state board students and teachers.I hope you will agree that such a matter will reach right audience i.e.students and teachers only
                through colleges which does not seem to have been done.
                I am looking forward to this month end to see revised syllabus on MCI site.
                However i still maintain that thursting NEET on state board students with CBSE syllabus in 2012 at THIS JUNCTURE will be the most unfortunate decision MCI would take.

                • Dear Vijay M Kiri,
                  I request you to go through this weblink, wherein you will find answers for most of your queries. Pl read line by line patiently, which would throw lot of light on your doubts.

                  Apart from the above, several websites have carried reports on NEET proposal since 2009, though the Govt was mulling over this proposal much earlier. Many newspapers have also carried reports about this NEET since June 2009. I can only empathise with those who missed out such reports in the newspapers.

                  Regarding village students, with due respects to them, many of them don’t really embark on MBBS due to the long gestation period involved for a Doctor to get qualified and start earning. I do agree there are 1 or 2 exceptions, which for the benefit of majority of others we need to exclude them. You say you are a practical man, as such, you need to be practical here too.
                  Today, a Doctor is recognised not with only MBBS degree alone, he need to do PG and then speciality course, after which he gets recognition in our society. So, it is a farce to believe that a village student/economically backward goes through all this grind spending money and time to establish himself after about 10-12 yrs of study.
                  Let us hope, the NEET comes on with all fairness and transparency required now, especially in the light of many irregularities and commercialisation happening in medical field today.

              • The month has almost ended!!.Could you please update the students of state board the new date by which they can expect the revised syllabus.I
                As advised by you i have been watching MCI website but could not find any further development.
                Incidently,have tried to contact MCI on phone also on most of the numbers mentioned on their site but i was not lucky enough to get through so i sent mail on 26th and reminder today requesting for information.But no luck till now atleast.
                I am sure you will agree that earlier the matter is cleared better it is for all the concerned perticularly students whose shoes no body wants to get into.


                Vijay M.Kiri.

  6. in short i want to clear with u that who gave u permission to play with our bright future.in this short period of 6 months v can’t prepare 4 e exam n our gujarat board exam.so don’t allow this exam in gujarat

    • Hi Parth,
      How dare you question the authority of Supreme Court? You dont even know how NEET came into being and how do you expect to become Doctor. IF you cant prepare for exams, then go to hell 😛

  7. From :
    Onkara murthy J.P.
    # 755 / 20, 8th Cross, M.C. Layout
    Vijayanagar , Bangalore – 560040
    Karnataka State
    mail I.D. jpomurthy@yahoo.com
    Mobile no. 09900445572
    Respected sir,

    SUB : Regarding NEET-UG exam / Core syllabus

    Introduction of a National level single common entrance test for medical undergraduate course is EXECELENT, But before implementing the system and
    selecting uniform syllabus for the test, my sincere request to you is to consider the following few points.

    1. When there is no uniform syllabus for 11th and 12th standard classes all over
    India, conducting NEET- UG test based on CBSE syllabus is injustice to 75%
    of medical aspirants who wish to appear for exam after studying state board
    syllabus because each state will have their own board syllabus.
    2. Conducting NEET- UG test based on CBSE syllabus is nothing but indirectly
    supporting or fixing criteria that, the students who studied in CBSE schools
    are only eligible to become Doctor.
    3. Since most of the CBSE schools are in metropolitan cities, what will be the
    dream / fate of rural students who are studying with state board syllabus.
    4. Students from various states and boards will not be of uniform standards hence
    NEET based on CBSE syllabus would make things very difficult for students.
    5. When conducting one common entrance test all over India, exclusion of any
    state for any reason is not correct.
    6. Core syllabus of draft I of P.C.B. prepared by NCERT has a big gap with state
    board syllabus and this will spoil the career of lakhs of students.
    Hence selection of exam syllabus to be reviewed.
    7. Sudden implementation of new system is not a right decision because only six
    months is left over for preparation hence maximum time should be given.
    8. syllabus should be announced at least 2 years early before conducting NEET-UG
    exam. This will enable all medical aspirants’ who are now in 10th standard to
    start preparation for new syllabus by joining in to right institutions.

    With all above points , my humble request is to conduct NEET – UG test for the
    academic year 2013 – 14 onwards after enforcing uniform syllabus for 11th and 12th
    standard classes all over India.
    It will be most unfortunate thing for10 lack students, If NEET-UG is not postponed.

    Thanking you, yours sincerely
    Date 08-08-2011
    ( Onkaramurthy J.P.)

    • Hello Mr Onkara Murthy
      You have some valid arguments in your defence, the solution for your problem could be by having separate quota for State and CBSE students in the ratio of say 75% for State and 25% for CBSE.
      Pl write to authorities about this proposal and if implemented, you would have a fair chance in the NEET. But no postponement of NEET beyond 2012 because it is already postponed once. Most students feel they can write this exam which is coming up May 2012. After completing HSC exams in Mar 2012, students have 2 months of full time to prepare for NEET.
      Bye Mate

      • Sahitya Parishad demands entrance tests in Gujarati
        TNN Sep 21, 2011, 03.47am IST

        AHMEDABAD: The Gujarat high court on Monday issued a notice to the Centre, state government and various authorities conducting entrance tests asking them whether they can conduct tests in vernacular languages too.

        The high court (HC) acted on a PIL filed by the Gujarati Sahitya Parishad, which has sought directions to the institutions like Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and the department of higher education, New Delhi to introduce Gujarati, which is a scheduled language, in the upcoming tests for the professional courses like engineering, medical, law and architecture.

        The 105-year-old literary body has moved any court for the first time demanding relief for public interest. With Sahitya Parishad, known men of letters like Raghuveer Chaudhary, Niranjan Bhagat and Vinod Bhatt have also joined as parties in this litigation.

        The petitioners have stated that it has been getting requests from parents of students studying in remote villages and also urban poor, who are being educated in their mother tongue. The entrance tests like Joint Entrance Examination (JEE), All India Engineering Entrance Examination, All India Pre-Medical Test, Common Law Admission Test, National Aptitude Test in Architecture and Chartered Accountant Common Proficiency Test are conducted only in English and Hindi. Hence those students studying in Gujarati cannot perform well in such tests.

        The PIL contends that this loss in not confined to individuals, but this is an obvious and grave national loss. If this situation continues to prevail, the regional languages will cease to exist, as medium of education too is very essential in promoting regional culture. The petitioner argued that UPSC already offers option of regional languages in competitive exams.

        Not giving an option of the language in which the students have studied violates constitutional rights of students, for this is nothing but a clear violation of principle of equality. A bench headed by acting Chief Justice A L Dave issued notice to concerned authorities and kept further hearing on October 20.

    • 2. About 85% of student are from their state boards & syllabus
      proposed by MCI is 80% differ from state boards, students can not
      afford new syllabus in 1 year bcoz 12th students already have studied
      11th syllabous.
      3. Entrace exams questions will be from 11th & 12th class.july,august
      will passed till now.PLZZ EXPLAIN, HOW WILL BE A 2 YEAR SYLLABUS
      4. This decision will be better if there will be a common board in
      whole country,all appeared students will pass by studying a common
      syllabus, there will be many difficulties to prepare for NEET UG in
      5. In this year,the whole ADVANTAGE of NEET UG will goes to CBSE
      students only bcoz their syllabus is EXACTLY SAME as NEET UG.
      ************ WE WANT JUSTICE**************

      ************ WE WANT JUSTICE**************

  8. sir,u should add human physiology and delete some part of of physics and chemistry.human physio. will only help us in higher studies & not plant pkindom & physio. so exclude plant topics and include human physio please..
    sir one thing more as AIEEE doesn’t contain bio in it’s syllabus u should also delete physics from NEET or if not delete then take very little portion from it it will help the aspiring students alot.
    i hope u will take decision in favour of students.
    With regards

    • Pooja, I agree with you. Physics portion should be reviewed and pruned to some extent. I feel more weightage should be given for Biology say about 50% and remaining to physics and chemistry equally.

  9. sir, u should just close the discussion now.
    give the syllabus till last week of august so that we can start the preparation.
    please tell if paper will come from NCERT revised addition only or from old addition also?

  10. sir,u should add human physiology and delete some part of of physics and chemistry.human physio. will only help us in higher studies & not plant pkindom & physio. so exclude plant topics and human physio please..
    sir one thing more as AIEEE doesn’t contain bio in it’s syllabus u should also delete physics from NEET or if not delete then take very little portion from it it will help the aspiring students alot.
    i hope u will take decision in favour of students.
    With regards

  11. I believe that we have some fixed thoguhts & we have closed our eyes to others’ plight! There is no point in further discussion. I request the blog administrator to close the discussion, unless some new person wishs to share the thoughts.

    Parul Kotdawala

    • Hi all, please make sure that every one submit their views & feedback to [neet-ug@mciindia.org]. August 11, 2011 is the deadline.

  12. There is no value of such type of arguments of all the fellows. we have to honor the Supreme Court decision, and have to work accordingly to curb manipulation from private colleges.We should start preparation of NEET from today

  13. 6.8.2011,

    Respected Sir,

    Please forgive me if I have written anything impolite.

    Implementation of NEET -UG exam has created shock waves throughout the aspiring students across the country since the decision and publishing of syllabus are sudden .It should have been announced at least 2 years back so that the students could have started preparing from then on and can face the exam confidently.

    Students of various states suggest or even cry for modifications in the core syllabus. This is because of the discrepancies of the core syllabus with their State syllabus. The core syllabus does not match with what they have been taught so far in the past one and a half years i.e with their State Board syllabus.

    Hence steps should be taken to see that the core syllabus is included in the state syllabus of all the states so that all urban and rural students are exposed to a uniform syllabus. Only when a common board of syllabus comes into existence, a common entrance can be carried out which will fetch fruit for student in any corner of the country.

    Many poor and rural students of our country study in Government schools, where their medium of education is their regional language. Being the questions in English and Hindi they can’t even appear for the exam.

    Now it has come that even Civil service exams can be done in regional languages.

    Hence in order to break the barrier of languages, steps should be taken that the question paper is printed in the regional languages also.

    When a new system is introduced it should be complete in all respects to satisfy people from all walks. When to implement is secondary. Hence sufficient time should be allowed for that.
    An expert committee comprising of officials of education ,state medical council and medical education department, Govt authorities of all the states is be formed first , and a syllabus common to all the states should be developed. That syllabus should be included in their text books .Any analytical qualitatitive or quantitative knowledge should be taught to the students from their text by their school teachers so that they should not dependent on any coaching. classes.
    The students who are supposed to write May 2012 NEET Exams are in 12th standard now. They are half way through their 12th standard syllabus which differs widely from the NEET syllabus. At this juncture it is very difficult for them to prepare fur the NEET exam with almost a new syllabus. The students may have to seek the coaching centers for preparation which is highly unaffordable & inaccessible for poor and rural students, They will have to experience mental as well as physical strain .

    Hence Sir, taking into consideration of all the above requests and suggestions of the young kids across the country, kindly do not implement the NEET-UG Exam for medical at present.

    It will be most unfortunate if NEET -UG Exam is conducted in 2012.This will spoil the lives of thousands of students for none of their mistakes.

    Sir, Hope you have understood the pressure and stress on us.

    Tamil nadu,

    • Dear Mrs Meenaravikumar,
      Your mail on this forum completely defies logic and shows your lack of knowledge about the education system in the country.

      In Tamilnadu, there are only 1653 seats in Govt colleges being allotted on the basis of marks scored in HSC. Out of approximately 10 lac students who write HSC, only about 20,000/- students apply for MBBS. Do you think for the sake of such small percentage of students, the entire HSC syllabus needs to be changed. You should first understand that upgrade of syllabus cant be done in 1 or 2 years it has to start from scratch, say from 1st std onwards. Does that mean that NEET has to wait for 12 yrs? Normally a syllabus is evolved based on the IQ of the students, their social background, culture, infrastructure etc., This is a lengthy process which should not be linked to the holding of NEET.

      Today in Tamilnadu an aspiring IIT student prepares for the entrance without cribbing about the Syllabus. He prepares himself either through books,CDS, coaching, postal etc.,. Even the so called rural students, some of them, are also taking up IIT entrance through some means like books, postal coaching etc. Can you tell me why many States like Tamilnadu does not bother about such students who are preparing for IIT outside their syllabus? The reason could probably be because of such small number of students in the State. The same logic applies to Medical also. Why for the sake of 1653 students the entire State need to change its syllabus and cause hardship to the rest of lacs of students?
      Today due to technological development, the rural areas are fast catching up with several facilities available in the city. I hope you are aware that Tamilnadu Govt is planning to give away free laptops to HSC students. Why not these laptops be used for taking up online learning, learning through CDs etc.

      Thinking of Rural students who are studying HSC through Tamil. We should realise that these students are only 1 step away from College. In college the medium of instruction is in English and all books and reading material is in english and for MBBS the books are so tough to read. If a student cant take entrance exam, that too Objective type questions in English, how do you expect them to study MBBS??
      Do you know, Tamilnadu Govt withdrew entrance exam from 2007 and MGR University, the apex body governing medical education in Tamilnadu had to give GRACE MARKS of 10 to 45 marks to hundreds of MBBS students from 2007 onwards to help them clear exams. How can we expect quality from such medical students after graduating through grace marks?? This is an ample proof to show that students who were admitted on the basis of HSC marks were not upto the standard. In India, I guess, except Tamilnadu all other States have a local entrance exam for selecting students. Several States which is ranked behind Tamilandu has entrance tests, Why not Tamilnadu which is 4th largest State in terms of annual budget.

      NEET is not a sudden announcement. This was in the offing for few years and MCI announced its decision last year itself. Pl also read my other mails in this forum how it all evolved.
      Finally, all good things should happen immediately and should not wait. Hence, MCI’s decision with the approval of Supreme Court is the right one and all of us need to respect the Apex Courts’ judgement and cooperate.

      • Tamilnadu has one of the best manpower in health sector in India. Please do not demean the system in Tamilnadu. On all India basis that state has one of the best health indicators. I know that the state government discontinued the state CET a few years back. But do understand the logic behind that. They analyzed the results & the students over a few years. Their analysis concluded that the state CET was also putting the rural students at a disadvantage! With coaching classes & all the city students were benefitting at the cost of rural students!! To correct this anomalous situation the state canceeled the CET. As for the all India CET, if a student knows like an aspirant of IIT knows, that it is only the NEET, they can start preparing in advance. IF they know that it is going to be English only, that is also fine(I personally have different opinions about this for the Medical Education). But to inform them only a few months before is injustice.

        • NEET was in the offing several years now. MCI announced its decision last year Aug 2010. The deviation of State syllabus with respect to CBSE is about 25% only. For such deviation, a student has about 9 months to prepare himself. If a student cant prepare within this 9 months, then probably, he doesn’t deserve a MBBS seat.

          Coming to the question of medical standard in Tamilnadu, the first batch of students who were admitted on the basis of marks are yet to complete MBBS. How can you come to a conclusion that the standard remains high? The standard is high because of students who were admitted before 2007 on the basis of entrance exam. The effect of 2007 batch students and students who were admitted later could be known only after few years from now and it is too immature to come to a conclusion now.

          The Govt’s decision to cancel entrance was taken in 2005 and the survey was done much before that and the decision was based on the ground realities prevalent at that time. Do you think that the same situation prevails now?? With so much of development especially in telecommunication, science & technology, well, many people would agree that distance is of no meaning these days. The internet, telecom facilities, satellite television are all available now and had thrown open the entire world to the rural population and I don’t think they are at a disadvantage now. What for the Govt is offering free laptops to Govt school including rural students? Is it for playing games and entertainment or is it for educational purpose??
          Today Mrs Meena Ravikumar is able to write from Erode because of the technological development there and I am sure this facility was not there before 2005.
          The other point we need to consider here is almost all the States in India have at least a common entrance test for selecting MBBS students. Does that mean that all those States are much advanced than Tamilnadu and such States does not have rural population??? In fact most of those States in reality are ranking behind Tamilnadu in many areas. If that be the case, why Tamilnadu should shun away from holding entrance test?? Tamilnadu should not play the role of a “Spoiler” in the interest of the society and national integration. It should review its stand and take a positive decision in support of NEET. When Govt is spending so much on free bees why not the Govt distribute coaching books, CDs, arrange for coaching classes for the so called rural students?? Well, I feel, the Block is in the mind and not in reality. They should come out of the Paradigm and realise the current situation and support Central Govt’s move which is in fact vetted by Supreme Court.

          Finally, what everyone wants here is quality doctors and not half baked quacks? I am sure you dont have second opinion about this.

          • Dear Mr.Adi Narayanan,

            Your points well taken and are right.We all support the MCI and respect Supreme court verdict.The only difference of opinion is over the year of implementation and it should be May 2013.You have mentioned in one of your mail that NEET is supposed to reduce stress of students and starting NEET in 2012 will do exactly opposite as since Sept.2010 the students in Maharashtra are preparing for MHT-CET 2012.They have not been informed even today by their colleges about NEET.Even we all know that SO called core syllabus is still only on MCA site soliciting viws.When the views be analysed?When the colleges be informed?When would they prepare themselves and start teaching?.Pl look at the isssue from the point of view of the mental stress the students will be subjected to rather than only advocating MCI and Supreme Courts views.I repeat we all want Quality Doctors through NEET but Let it start in May 2013 as students enrolled in 11th standard this year are aware of NEET and board has already changed the syllabus accordingly for 11th and will do the same for 12th next year.Such an important decision should not be thurst on students at this juncture of their preparation denying them fair time and chance and STRESSFREE MIND to study and bag the medical seat.

            • Dear Mr. Vijay M Kiri,
              I appreciate your view point. But you need to look into the other aspects of this issue. Perhaps, Maharashtra is the only State which has started upgrading its syllabus starting in xi Std. What about other States?? They are yet to start and they would advocate postponement by another year or even later. Such excuses will let the spirit of NEET die. You mentioned in your mail that students have started preparing for MH-CET which is a good sign that they have started preparation for the entrance test. What they need to do here is take that extra bit of effort to extend their preparation for NEET as there is sufficient time of about 9 months to go for the NEET i.e. in May 2011. They can follow all the books applicable for AIPMT which more or less covers all the syllabus for NEET. These books are readily available in the market both in English & Hindi.
              One more point for consideration here is that MBBS seats of a particular State will be shared by the students of that State provided they score a minimum of 50% in NEET. I dont think this minimum mark would be difficult for a student who is already preparing for MHCET.

              If you feel that students would be under prepared, you should appreciate that this condition applies to all the students in Maharashtra. Since, this NEET is going to be new to everyone, whatever time left for preparation applies to all the students. This is not going to give any particular advantage to any section of the students. The syllabus may be advantageous to CBSE students, for which my suggestion is that the seats to be bifurcated on the basis of 15% for CBSE and remaining 85% to State students. This way we can ensure we establish a level playing field for the students to compete.

              Finally, procrastination is the worst enemy for development. Since, NEET is in the offing since last year 2010, it is fair enough to hold it in 2012. We have to start and we should not buckle to lame excuses.

              • Dear Mr. Adi Narayanan,
                It is unfortunate that you are refusing to get in to the shoes of studens.It is very easy to say to buy and study APIMT books.Then why the hell the colleges and teachers required?.I think Govt.should stop producing teachers.Let us allow the students to study the books available for MBBS also and let them become Doctors!!.
                Instead of expecting students of 12th.standard at this juncture to study new syllabus,we should impress upon MCI the need to understand repurcussions of such a hasty action.
                You have suggested some formula for bifurcation of seats between CBSE
                AND state boards.Knowing well the speed at which govt.works your suggestion will be put up on website for public opinion/views somewhere
                around 2014!!!.
                Let us not allow our students to become victims of lethargy of concerned.Implementing NEET in 2012 will lead to undesired and unfortunate reactions and lead to chaos.Is it not funny that Inspite of decision to start NEET was taken in 2010,the syllabus was put up in
                July 2011 END to be implemented in 2012!!!.A group of learned and experienced persons require 2 years to prepare and publish syllabus
                and expect students to study in 6-8 months time!!!!.Nothing can be more ridiculous than this and also nothing can more unfortunate than your labelling facts and reality as lame excuse.
                Urgent need of the hour is for MCI & GOVT.to immediately (am i expecting too much)announce that NEET will not be implemented in 2012 and start the process in right earnest to make it in 2013 (at the earliest).This will put an end to uncertaintity and create stress free atmosphere for students.

                Vijay M.Kiri.

  14. I agree.
    Being a medical aspirant from Maharashtra (Taking a year break to prepare for the entrance),I believe that its unfair on the part of State board students.They do not have sufficient time to prepare for NEET.

    As far as I know,The Maharashtra state board has made changes in Std 11 portion,keeping in mind that NEET will be conducted in 2013.Changes in Std 12 syllabus is yet to be made.
    Even for me,its difficult to prepare for NEET now as I’ll have to study both 11th and 12th NEW portion.
    A group of Parents in Gujrat have protested against this decision of MCI and also have said that if MCI takes this decision,They will not hesitate to go to the court.
    It can be implemented from 2013 and not from 2012.

  15. For the benefit of the readers, some more facts about NEET:
    1. NEET does not touch upon the reservation policy of the States. Each State can select students based on its existing reservation policy.
    2. After the entrance test, NEET will announce the ranking of the student on the basis of a. national rank b.State rank.
    3. A Student can participate in both Central Govt counseling for medical seats in Central Govt institutions and in State Govt counseling for State Govt medical colleges.
    4. The proposed minimum marks a student has to score is only 50% in NEET. In my opinion, if a student cant score this mark, I don’t think he deserves a medical seat.

    In the larger interest of the society, I am sure everyone would like to see quality doctors in the medical field. If we want to achieve this objective, then we need to select only good quality students which the NEET would fetch us.

    Today AIIMS, JIPMER, IIT all these institutions are able to produce good doctors and engineers only due to the high quality students who get admitted through their entrance exams. Students, both State and CBSE, who want to get admissions in these institutions take additional burden and efforts in preparing for their entrance exams. Similarly, students wanting to quality NEET has to take efforts now on as they have about 9 months left for the exam in May 2012.

    • dear Mr. Narayanan

      I appreciate your response. I have clearly outlined thatwhen a syllabus is 30% different & where the competition is intense to the extent of carreer changes happening over one single mark, we need to think about the students at a disadvantage.
      Now about the MCI action, it was decided by the MCI to involve all the states in deciding the syllabus. Now MCI bypassed that & just adopted the NCERT syllabus. This syllabus involves std. 11 & 12. How do you expect the students of std. 12 today, who have already completed 30% syllabus of std. 12, to cope with the newer syllabus of std. 12 as well as that of std. 11. In Gujarat the deemed universities are not allowed to take seperate exams. They all take the state CET merit. The CET syllabus is state board & it will remain so for dentistry, nursing, pharmacy, ayrveda, homeopathy (which are all paramedical courses). So a student failing to succeed in MCI NEET exam has to prepare for the state CET with 40% different syllabus! Where is this a simplified system? We should bring all courses under ambit of one single exam & only then it will make sense. You mention 9 months to prepare, but where are the books in local languages? That will take another 3-4 months at the earliest, beacuase still only the consultative process has started by the MCI. I read in local media that many teachers have shown their inability to teach the new syllabus to the students!!

      • Dear Mr.Parul Kotdawala,
        MCI is yet to decide on the syllabus. It has put up a proposed syllabus designed by NCERT in their website. This syllabus is almost in line with the existing AIPMT standard. MCI has invited feedback from all, that includes States too. Based on the feedback, MCI would discuss with the stake holders, if reqd, and then publish the final syllabus. Hundreds of books are already available in English and Hindi for AIPMT in the market. These books can be adopted for NEET too. I am not sure about books available in other languages. In my humble opinion, since MBBS is taught in our country in English only, students should be able to take entrance test in English. If they cant take, how can we expect them to study MBBS which is pretty tough to learn and where students are expected to do a lot of self study in English.

        The cut-throat competition, I reckon, is only for MBBS seats. For the other disciplines like nursing, pharmacy, ayurveda, the students can take up State CET, as MCI does not contemplate holding entrance for these disciplines. That’s why I have mentioned in my earlier note that students need to take only 1 or 2 exams instead of 15 at the moment. The One exam they can take is “NEET” and the other for State CET for disciplines other than MBBS. In my opinion, the NCERT syllabus is so comprehensive, a student need to prepare entrance test for this exam only. With this knowledge, he can easily write State CET without any problems.

        For the benefit of current 12 Std students and State syllabus students, my suggestion is that the medical seats needs to be shared on the basis of 15% to CBSE/ICSE and the remaining 85% should go to the State Syllabus students. This would establish a level playing field for all the students to take part in NEET in 2012.

        It has come to the notice of the media and Govt that as per current rules, if a student placed through CET fails to join a deemed university within the stipulated date, then the concerned university may select a candidate of their choice. At present many deemed universities are exploiting this rule to their advantage by fixing proxy candidates for allotting MBBS seats and later withdrawing such students and admitting weak students of their choice taking big money from them. I have read that such proxy candidates sometimes come from among students who are currently studying MBBS and these students collide with the management to make fast buck from these dubious universities. Our Government should amend the rule suitably to over come such dubious practices followed by these deemed universities and private medical colleges.

        • Dear Mr. Narayanan

          I beleive that now we are reaching some sort of unanimity of opinions! You are very right that the syllabus is not available in local languages – especially not in Gujarati – but you are off the mark when you say that only enlish medium students can study medicine better! Language change can be a bit difficult, but not impossible. Almost 80% medical students in Gujarat are Gujarati medium students & yet they are not inferior doctors! In fact if you analyze statewise, all over India, you will find doctors in Gujarat at the forefront of academics & clinical efficiency. I recieve many patients from North India – Rajasthan, UP, Bihar, MP who have complained of poor quality medical services in their places! These are the states where most doctors are chosen from central board. Look at South India, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Bengal where local languages are more prominent & yet they produce higher quality doctors! I am in no way demeaning any individual when I am saying this, but only highlighting the wrong emphasis on English as a language of instruction. The changeover to English can put one back by a couple of percentages in first couple of years, which may not matter, but at admission level even a mark here or there matters a lot.

          You may disregard nursing, ayurveda etc. even though that is contentious, but how can you disregard Dentistry?! You need to be corrected on one fact – the state syllabus has a lot more in Biology then what is there in NEET & that is why to avoid unfairness to the students of central board appearing for the state CET, the state govt. has reserved a fixed quota for central board in Gujarat.

          As for the mischief by the private colleges, less said is better. They will always devise ways to beat the rules. Who allowed them to fill the seats by management quota? Why can’t we stop that? I observe that we do not want to the take bull by horn, & then we force poor students to fall in line! There a saying in Gujarati – ‘Padane Vanke Pakhaline Dam’. I can not translate this aptly, but somenone on this blog may oblige! But it says that a person is victimized for the ill-deeds of someone else. We are in fact taking an easy way out, rather than taking the MCI to task, that it did not look after the majority students’ interests, for its own deficiencies! The MCI should put its house in order first, should safeguard the students & then implement changes. If you look at western countries, they make a plan 5 years in advance for any change, give it adequate publicity & follow a schedule to its letter. In our system there is no long term plan, the courts give stay haphazardly, take long time in giving a judgement & then expect the compliance in a very short time without looking at logistics. No one castigates the judiciary or the powers that may be!! Please ponder upon these & think of students basic rights – that they may be asked only what they are taught! I see an appeal from a student from Tamilnadu in this blog. He/she has poured his heart out! Just feel his chagrin!



  16. Dear Mr Parul Kotdawala,
    I would like to share some facts apparently not known to you.
    1. MCI announced its decision to hold NEET last year in Aug 2010.
    2. There was a meeting last year between MCI, Ministry of Health & family welfare and representatives from State health departments where many State Govts supported the move and few States opposed.
    3. After MCI’s decision last year, some parties with vested interest filed suit against MCI in Supreme court.
    4. Supreme court gave its final nod to NEET in Mar 2011 by which time there was no sufficient time left for implementing the exam.
    5. The syllabus announced by MCI is not its own, it was proposed by NCERT which is the apex body for School education in the country.
    6. NCERT was asked to prepare the syllabus last year itself and it was announced last month end July 2011. MCI did not prepare the syllabus in 3 or 4 days as mentioned by you.
    7. Within the overall framework of NCERT, the State Govts decide upon their State syllabus and if its found to be low in nature, it is the fault of the State Govts and not MCI or NCERT. The difference is about 25 to 30 percent only and not entirely different.
    8. After hearing all the arguments from different petitioners, the Hon’ble Supreme court gave its approval for NEET. Therefore, pl do not try to undermine the capability of Supreme Court.
    9. The benefit of NEET is that:
    a. Students instead of taking 15 exams can take only 1 or 2 exams conveniently.
    b. Deemed medical universities are not sharing the seats with either State Govt or Central Govt. The entire seats are being sold for Rs.20 lacs to Rs.1 crore and admitting weak students who spoil the medical standard in the country.
    c. Self finance medical colleges/ private medical colleges are giving away only 50% of seats to the State Govt and rest of the seats are decided upon the money paid by the weak students having wealthy parents.
    d. Today approximately 50% of the students graduating from medical schools of our country are from the management quota and most of them are looting poor people in this country to get back their money invested by their parents.
    e. NEET would set a minimum standard for a student to enter a medical school and totally eliminates the weak students sponsored by “rich daddy’s”.

    I empathize with the rural students and students studying in State Syllabus. For these my suggestion would be that students hailing from a particular State may be bifurcated on the basis of CBSE/ICSE on one side and State Syllabus students on the other side wherein CBSE students may be given 15% quota of the total seats of that State and rest of 85% may go to the State syllabus students.
    In the existing system, all Govt medical colleges only give away 15% of their seats to Central Govt and rest 85% is being shared by the State which admits the students on the basis of CET.

    I hope this suggestion is adopted by MCI and all State Govts to hold the NEET exams in 2012.

    • Prayer to MCI:

      1.NEET-UG shall be conducted in Tri-Lingual Format (TLF).
      (i)Official language of state,
      (ii)Official language of India (Hindi) and
      (iii)International technical language (English).
      There is no need for framing the question paper in multiple languages. Only three languages are sufficient as was done in National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) and Railway job exams. This language option is to be given at the time of filling the application. This magnanimous option will enable the regional language students to undertake the NEET in a same language where they studied their 12th standard.
      For example,
      (1)In Gujarat, students are studying 12th standard in Gujarathi language.
      (2)In Andhra Pradesh, students are studying 12th standard in Telugu language.
      (3)In Tamil Nadu, students are studying 12th standard in Tamil language.
      (4)In Karnataka, students are studying 12th standard in Kannada language.
      (5)In Orissa, students are studying 12th standard in Oriya language.
      (6)In Maharashtra, students are studying 12th standard in Marathi language.
      (7)In Assam, students are studying their 12th standard in Assamese language.
      (8)In Manipur, students are studying their 12th standard in Manipuri language.
      (9)Religious minority students are studying their 12th standard in Urdu language.
      (10)In Bengal, students are studying 12th standard in Bengali language.

      If the questions are in Bi-Lingual Format (BLF) such as Hindi and English, it will be discrimination for the above mentioned regional language students. It will be advantageous for English and Hindi medium students over the other regional languages (please understand regional languages also Indian languages).
      As you know, despite 3 languages are there in question paper, the entrance questions are same for all NEET-UG aspirants. This will give a level playing field to all aspirants irrespective of the language. Merit is to be built on the foundations of subject understanding but not on the English (plus Hindi) language skills.
      If the questions are only in English and Hindi, the talented students from regional languages (subject depth candidates who undertook their 12th standard in regional languages) will suffer as means of interpretation as they lack proficiency in either Hindi or English.
      Those who got admitted via NEET-UG to medical colleges from regional languages plus Hindi will be given 1 year Basic English training during their first year MBBS course parallely (2 hrs per day after class timings). This Basic 1 year English training will enable them on par with English medium students.
      State governments either adopt NCERT syllabus of Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology or translate the same to all regional languages . Since the NEET-UG syllabus is based on NCERT books which are available only in Hindi and English..

      What will be the effect if NEET-UG is conducted in Bi-Lingual Format?
      Students who have been studying SSLC examination up to this year in regional languages will switch over to English medium for HSC. This NEET-UG Bi-Lingual Format will create a notion to people in future that it is not possible to study HSC (Higher Secondary Exam) through regional languages as these languages are in-eligible for medical entrance exam.

      It is your kind attention that ex. President Thiru. APJ Abdul Kalam, Former Union Finance Minister Thiru. C.Subramaniam and Chandryan Director Thiru. Mayilsamy Annadurai …………etc are Tamil medium students up to their HSC.
      After MBBS graduation, the doctors have to work with all Indian people who not only speak English and Hindi but other Indian Languages too. Hence, it is very essential for them to have knowledge in other Indian languages too.
      Please give a level playing field to all state languages on par with English and Hindi during NEET-UG.

  17. Human physiology comprises 50% of the zoology portion of our State syllabus.It a very important portion.But this portion has been deleted in the core syllabus.Many students from other states also feel the same way .this shows that sufficient care is not taken to check whether the NEET-UG syllabus is applicable ,common to all the students of the country and it is merely CBSE syllabus.The CBSE syllabus students study this portion along with coaching classes for 2 years and the state syllabus students should study it along with their State syllabus in a span of 6 months.What a disparity!!!The supporters of NEET are City brought CBSE’s who don’t have the confidence of getting through AIPMT.Parul Sir, please write your views to MCI.

  18. It is high time that a common entrance test for medical students is introduced. The State Govts. need to pull up their socks and come out with good education policies for their respective states. The quality of doctors is deteriorating by the day. Why should a student who works harder not get into the best of the colleges. Sensible students should start preparing instead of complaining. Easy way out is not the right solution. It is heartening to see the Supreme Court give such a decision to avoid students running from pillar to post and appearing for 15+ entrance exams. Hence the NEET should be on with immediate effect for the sake of churning out good quality of medical professionals for the country.

    • churning out is the ‘word’! it shows the insensitivity of the writer! rather than asking uncomfortable questions to the powers to be, we want to make the students the scapegoats! Wah mr deshpande, where the fairness in all this? i do not try to defend the private colleges, no way. But I do care for the underprevileged students who will suffer the mst due to the delays by the MCI. why don’t you castigate them?

      • dear mr. kotdawala,
        firstly churning out is a phrase…secondly the cbse and icse students who work hard are always made the scrapegoats due to all policies framed by the maha or any other state government for that matter..and now when the right decision is being made why are you opting for the easy way out.
        also,the decision to have a common test was made in 2010 and there has already been a 2 year delay to the matter.hence i don’t see why anything should come in the way of the supreme court and the mci when they are finally ready to implement it.the state government were not unaware of this decision.there is still sufficient time for all students to prepare and this examination will ensure equal oppurtunities to all students.

  19. There is no value of such type of bogus arguments of all the fellows. we have to honor the Supreme Court decision, and have to work accordingly to curb manipulation from private colleges.

    • Dear Prof. Pathi

      I asked for the basis for your belief. A blind faith in supreme court is unfounded. The hon. court has only given a ‘carte blanche’ to the MCI. It has not given any further judgement! The MCI was asleep for 4 months, & suddenly after the change of its president on 15th July, formed a committee & that committee produced a syllabus in 3-4 days’ time! The MCI had committed to the supreme court that it will form a committee where all the states willl be represented for deciding the syllabus. This has not been followed. Now how can one justify this kind of action? This type of response from you only shows that you do not care for the students! It only shows a primary & deep rooted bias. State CET is in no way manipulated by private medical colleges. And central body is also not immune to manipulations, as we all know. The point is that the poor students & those from rural areas studying in state schools will suffer at one stroke!

  20. sir, i can say clearly state level exam is low,but all the national exam’s are high level.so me and my many frainds wants to neet.when i ask any petionet from which type of doctor wants to you treated who beat national level exam or state level.then petionet could be say ‘i treated by this type doctor which beat national level exam….

    • Dear Mr. Alok Singh

      I believe that you are out of sync with reality. I have been a facutly doctor in a medical college for 15+ years & am still attached to a medical college. We enrol significant number of students from all india quota (30% to be precise). I have never felt that these students are in anyway better than the students from the state quota. They may be a bit more street smart, a bit more fluent in English – but in no way better doctors! The state students have been more serious & more communicating to the patients (with no language barrier). I fail to understand that how a patient would prefer a national level student in comparison to state levle student! This is absolutely a figment of imagination! This can be easily varified even today with a simple survey in medical colleges. The poor patient would not know what is a national level student & what is a state level! They prefer at times the juniormost student to a professor because they can communicate more freely with such a student. This I have experienced even when I was a student!

      In fact, I have always felt that the language barrier is something which makes the centralized admission process meaningless in medicines. It may be appropriate for technical studies & other studies where there is no direct interaction involved with local & uneducated people. But in diciplines like Medicine, nursing, dentistry, where an accurate communication is mandatory for the well being of the patient, a localized admission process is vital. The students, especially the postgraduate students are the first contact for the patients in all teaching hospitals & they cater to 80% care of the patients. Here a small misunderstanding due to language issues may lead to life & death situations & I am witness to such incidents. The learning of the student is also limited in this situation. I do hope that both the MCI & the supreme court takes in to consideration these aspects of reality & makes the decisions with due wisdom.

      Parul Kotdawala

  21. Dear Mr. Narayanan & Prof. Pathi

    I would request you to elaborate as to why this decision of MCI is good for the students. The vast majority of them are studying in vernacular language & in state boards. Now as it transpires, the students in Gujarat will have to take the Gujcet (the state CET) for all the students aspiring for dental, pharmacy, homeopathy medicine, ayurveda etc. in addition to the aspirants for technical education like engineering, architecture etc. So how has this exam by MCI has simplified the issue? We need to think seriously about the students & only then implement such changes in slapdash manner. The same will apply to all other states! MCI has not taken in to account the disparitiy between its proposed syllabus & that of the state boards. It has only made it more complex as it involves exams with different syllabus! I have learnt that the MCI committee has taken only 3-4 days to prepare the syllabus after it was constituted!! This only means that they have not thought seriously about anything & only ‘copy pasted’ the syllabus from some source!!

    parul Kotdawala

    • I fully agree with Parul Kotdawala.Instead of simplifying they are complicating the issue and confusing & diverting stdents`minds when they should be studying and preparing based on syllabus they have been following till now.

  22. It is difficalt for who prepareing state medical . The cet slybus is more than 30% different form west bengal board slybus. Only 10 month is not sufficient to prepare new slybus .. It is possible in 2013 not 2012 .

    • mr.manik roy i agree with your comments but in all over india maximam student study in cbse board.so it is right slabbus by lookingh all idia level.

      • mr. Alok singh. I am from west bengal. Here only 30% student read under the cbse and isce board. 70% are state board.cbse students also prepare for aipmt. If cet is hold in next year then short time for prepare new slybus and no advantage for state boards students. already cbse students have advantage they can prepare for aipmt casue the slybus is same.

  23. Central Govt’s decision in consort with MCI’s to hold the exam in 2012 is the right one. Several thousands of students & parents feel that this decision is an belated one. Actually this entrance test should have come last year itself but for the misunderstanding between Health Ministry and MCI and also due to political influence. Most of the country and all the States knew about the plan of holding the test last year itself. Hence, it is no surprise about MCI’s decision to hold it next year 2012. The Hon’ble Supreme Court had also accepted this view and had put to rest all the pending petitions against holding this exam. The complaining parents/students as well as States should take appropriate steps to upgrade their syllabus and make necessary arrangements to prepare for the exams. As the exam is likely to be held in May 2012, we have sufficient time on hand for preparing for the exams. Instead of complaining, all the concerned people should start thinking pro-actively to take up the exam next year 2012.

    Its a stark truth that many students who prepare for medical entrance test conducted by their respective State also prepare for AIPMT which is based on NCERT syllabus. The MCI’s NEET would be based on NCERT only and thus these students can take up NEET without any hassles. Hence, through this forum I am requesting all to cooperate with the MCI to hold the test next year and help them to establish a fair regime in the country and uphold the social justice in selecting the meritorious candidates for MBBS course next year.

    • I wish to share my feelings on this issue. I have been a teacher for a long time in my life. One fundamental aspect of evaluation/examinations is that the student should be asked only those things which they are taught. Now the MCI has proposed a new syllabus & asked for opinions till 11th August. The curent proposed syllabus is quite different then what is taught in the Gujarati medium schools following State Board curriculum. I believe that almost 80%+ students in Gujarat are persuing the State Board curriculum. This may become 95% in subdistrict level schools. The MCI will finalize the syllabus based on responses recieved! If it takes the job seriously & tries to accomodate all the syllabuses from all the states in India, it will take at least 20-30 days more. Then the herculean task of preparing the books & materials in vernacular languages (after appropriate translations) will take another 2 months for a final printed book to come out. The proposed syllabus covers std. 11 & std. 12 both. How a student of std. 12 who has completed std. 11 with state board syllabus cope with all the new material in addition to the material of std. 11 in a span of 4-5 months, which seems to be the maximum available as of now! Mind you, there is intense competition attached to this exam & one’s carreer may change if one gets one mark less! The teachers will also will not be in a position to teach the new syllabus effectively since they also are not aware about it till date! I feel that the hon. supreme court, the MCI & the govt. – both the state & the central one should seriously think of the students’ position, rather than administrative issues & the deadlines etc. The people responsible in the delays in preparing the syllabus should be taken to task. Instead here the poor students are made the sufferers for no fault of theirs!!

      Parul Kotdawala

    • Dear Mr.Narayan,
      Why should students suffer for “misunderstanding between Health ministry,MCI & POLITICAL INFLUENCE!”?.DO these agencies/people have any right to ruin careers of thousands of students studying hard with HSC syllabus for MHT-CET and now suddenly being told to study for NEET to be held in May 2012 with NCERT based syllabus.It is just ridiculous and amounts to denial to right to study Medicine.Such a decision should follow a series of communications/advertisements like our government!!!does for asking us file returns,pay service tax etc.in leading national dailies.Let us be practical and not spoil the aspiations of budding DOCTORS.

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