Indian Girl Bags Prestigious Oldham Scholarship


18 year old Aarti Reddy, a native of Anantapur, a small town in Andhra Pradesh is the only international student to have been honored with this opportunity. The Oldham Scholarship aims at nurturing future leaders at the University of Richmond, ( who are provided the intellectual environment to pursue dreams of working for larger causes without constraints on the cost of education, thanks to the generous endowment created by Mr. W. Dortch Oldham.

Awarded entirely on the basis of merit, every year up to 7 candidates across the world are selected from a pool of nearly 6000 applicants through a 3 stage rigorous selection process that includes application, essays and an on-campus round with personal interviews.

The Oldham Scholars program at the University of Richmond is unique in providing full tuition, room and board for 4 years apart from stipend for summer assignments / research, valued at over US$ 212,680/- (96 Lakh Rupees), that attracts students of Ivy League caliber.

Aarti’s background of having been educated for 2 years at the Li Po Chun United World College (UWC), Hong Kong, though the prestigious UWC Scholarship, has been instrumental in developing her leadership qualities that the Oldham Scholars Program is interested in.

Oldham scholars not only have outstanding academic achievements but often have extraordinary personal achievements and qualities. For instance Aarti has been working with NGOs in India and Bangladesh since she was 15 years old. She has been instrumental in getting a large garment manufacturer at Dhaka to address the issue of menstrual hygiene for urban women by supplying low-cost sanitary napkins produced using simple but a very effective Indian technology.

At University of Richmond, Aarti intends to study Economics, Finance and Leadership Studies in preparation for her dream career of mobilizing for-profit investments as an Impact Investor to support the growth of Social Enterprises.

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