IIT & IIM Students Too Fast Supporting Anna Hazare


Bunch of IIT & IIM students along with faculty members will sacrifice one meal in the day expressing their support for the Gandhian Anna Hazare. An online petition has been made on PetitionOnline.com seeking support from public till Anna Hazare is on fast. Reportedly the online petition has been signed by the faculty members of IITs & IIMs and is gradually getting popular.

The petition read as, “Its an appeal that seeks to express solidarity with Anna Hazare who has decided to undertake a fast unto death unless the government agrees to enact a powerful law to rid India of the scourge of corruption.”

IIM-Ahmedabad, IIM-Bangalore, IIT-Kanpur, IIT-Gandhinagar and IIT-Guwahati students and faculty members have initiated the movement. Students of IITs & IIMs were earlier told not to involve in the Anna Hazare’s anti corruption movement by their respective managements.

Indeed a good movement for a good cause, I am with Anna Hazare! What about you? Do you think more students needs to be involved in the anti corruption movement lead by Anna Hazare? Leave your thoughts!

Source: Times of India

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  1. Hello friends we got sucess..we won..nobody can destroy future india…we dont have any end point its our starting point ….jaihind soonly black money will come for india…vantha matharam

  2. My dear friends do you have a small request for this initiative in India. Will you please share it in your facebook
    vaalga india
    vaalga tamilnadu
    vaalga tamil makkal

  3. Hi All,
    I fully support the stand taken by ANNA and his team. The strong resolve and the stead fast attitude of ANNA merits praise and appreciation. All like minded people in the interest of this nation has to unite and support ANNA at this hour. His fasting is absolutely justified and damn all the vested interests who speak against his movement.

    Most of the politicians who speak against this movement have no locus-standi to comment on this issue. When all people who sit in the Parliament have conflict of interest in this issue, how can they support ANNA and his anti corruption crusade. NO ONE IS SUPERIOR THAN THE LAW. if that be the case where is the question of exempting PM,Judiciary, MPs etc., Each and every one of us have to come under the purview of this Jan Lokpal.
    Enacting Jan Lokpal would be the first step to control corruption in this country. When all these politicians and successive Govts are guilty of keeping this Lokpal bill in the back burner for 43 years, how can an ordinary citizen of this country will have faith in the democracy and politicians who rule the system. When most of these so called law makers are corrupt, how can any one expect a stringent law to be passed by these people???

    People now realise that there is no point in expecting these corrupt politicians to enact the law, that’s the reason why they have taken to the streets and rallying behind ANNA who is the modern day Gandhian and true crusader of anti corruption in this country.
    Let us all forget the differences between us and unite to fight against the corruption which is fast spreading in this country like a cancer and threatening to engulf the nation.

  4. as an Indian i am pourd to support Anna Hazare to his fighting againest curruption.the govt will agree all the demands and help to build Navabharat(NEW INDIA).otherwise young Indians do not sit in theirs homes.it is the time for every Indian to suoopt the the hungerstrike.come and make your voice loudly……JAYAHO….BHARAT MATHAKI.BHOLO NAVABHARAT KI JAI.

  5. support to ANNA HAZARE
    u r indian Plz support him
    Its all our money.. dont miss it.
    Jai Hind………………………………………..!
    vallga indians

  6. jai hind support to ANNA HAZARE
    u r indian Plz support him
    Its all our money.. dont miss it.
    Jai Hind………………………………………..!
    Vallga Tamilnadu
    Valarga tamil people

  7. India should become number 1 country in the world…..

    I am with anna hazare.india want be free from corruption.anna nazare is honest and yongers leader of lndia.
    JAI HIND……….

  8. hello friends…we want join our hands against correption after only india wil become number one country …hello students we are future india so try to join ur hands for powerfull india…we can …we only can

  9. jai hind!
    plz dont discontinue anna hazare supported.
    Anna Hazare says bring back the BLACK Money.
    Do You know what will happen if
    1,456 lac crores comes back

    1. India was come to Finance Number one
    2. Each district will get 60000 Crores
    and one village will get 100 Crores
    3. No need to pay taxes for next 20 years.
    4. Petrol Rs. 25/-, Diesel Rs 15/- Milk Rs 8/-
    please support to ANNA HAZARE
    u r indian Plz support him
    Its all our money.. dont miss it.
    Jai Hind………………………………………..!
    Vallga Tamilnadu
    Valarga tamil people

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