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Indian social activist Anna Hazare has become a subject of study in management institutes according to sources, few reputed Institutes like FMS Delhi & IIMs are discussing about how Anna Hazare has reached to the masses. Anna has eventually become a brand and a house hold name, my 7 year old kid too talks about Anna Hazare said a proud house wife from Bangalore.

Management Institutes are discussing the campaigns and other initiatives that made Anna and his movement popular. I recall instances of status messages in facebook and tweets in twitter. Media has also eventually helped Anna’s movement by continuously updating information about this much wanted anti corruption movement lead by the Gandhian Anna Hazare.

If we consider Anna as a brand, the brand was launched at the right time when every citizen was frustrated with the corruption and the inability of the government in bringing down. Secondly the medium chosen, there were campaigns on facebook from Anna supporters and other associated popular person like Kiran Bedi an ex IPS officer.

So management folks could be discussing about when to launch a product, how to promote the brand and which other popular brands to associate with. (for example many products will associate with a reputed brand to promote their product or brand. You may get a Reynolds pen free if you buy a Santoor soap).

So Anna is also helping folks to learn about management techniques! What are your views? Should Anna Hazare and his movement be honored by including it in School Syllabus?

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