Virtual Student Fairs Enable Realtime Interaction

Education needs careful planning, when you plan to study away from your home Country the planning needs to be even better. Virtual Student Fairs enable real time interaction, which will help students to interact with college staff, current students of the college, other interested students (just like you) who wish to join in an abroad University.

One such event is scheduled to happen on August 27, 2011 from Hobson. Around 43 Universities & Schools are participating on this virtual event. You can expect the following benefits from Hobson’s Virtual Student Fair:

Get admissions information from U.S. colleges and universities: chat live with them when you log in!

Chat with international students like you who are already on campus.

Watch student video webcasts and download them.

Be eligible to win USD9,000 in scholarships- all you need to do is follow these 2 easy steps:

1) Register Online and

2) Attend the Fair.

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