Common Entrance Test Soon for Medical Colleges in India

Medical Council of India (MCI) and Union health ministry has agreed for a proposal to introduce Common Entrance Test for admissions to government, private & deemed medical colleges in India. Common Entrance Test will be implemented from the next academic session (2012 t0 2013) as per the article published on TOI.

There are over 271 medical colleges in India, 138 medical colleges are run by governments and 133 medical colleges are under private management. Over 31000 medical seats are offered through these colleges, students are required to appear for nearly 17 medical entrance tests.

Common Entrance Test will be held for admissions into MBBS courses and entrance test conducted by ‘All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS)’ will also be done away with if CET comes to effect. MCI is also in plans to revise the curriculum for medical courses.

Such a proposal was also made earlier this year for engineering admissions, to have a single entrance test for admissions into all engineering colleges in  India.

Update: The syllabus for Common Entrance Test has been disclosed by MCI, read this article.

Source: Times of India (TOI)

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  1. Going to medical school is becoming more difficult but Medical school has become a business. The costs have steadily risen and admission has become more difficult.  Being a physician is an amazing thing but people are often times entering into programs that are based outside of the states and these schools fail to prepare students for what their careers have in store.  Unfortunately Politics has entered the arena and the practice of medicine isn’t what it use to be.   Some of the most capable people in our society are leaving school jaded with huge loans and are subsequently significantly underpaid.  The average graduate owes hundreds of thousands of dollars and is required to spend anywhere from 3-8 additional years in residency while making approximately 40K-50K all while paying heavy loans amounts back.  All in all its an amazing life choice but the costs are heavy.

  2. a very correct decision made by the government, it was required…….. every state has its own syllabus and its quit difficult to manage for the students atleast by this we can concentrate on a single syllabus……. moreover every state provides unwanted reservations which decreases the seats for the general candidates………. the great thing is that the number of seats will be increased……….

  3. extremely happy to know the mci move for a common medical entrance examination from next academic year.pray mci to ensure allotment of medical seats to entire 271 medical colleges only from the this rank list,putting an end to nefarious activites of merchants of professional medical education in india.

  4. There are various syllabus , in different states which are the eligible criteria for their respective state common entrance test. It is pertinent that there should be a common curriculum-syllabus at all states for the students to appear in the CET. To compete in the exam, it is difficult for students from curriculum in regional languages. The state syllabus, the CBSE, the ICSE, and few other syllabus should be done away with and have a uniform syllabus in one language. KS.

  5. It is a wise decision that will save time and money. so please let the students know the syllabus and exam pattern to get ample time for preparation

  6. i it must come into effect .only when set
    curriculum is announced by the end ofthis month
    so the students must get apt time to get prepared
    for .the exam,,

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