IIT Kharagpur in Planning to Offer Medical Courses

As per sources the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur (IIT Kharagpur) is planning to offer medical courses in it’s campus. The courses under consideration are MBBS, MS and MD, accordingly IIT Kharagpur will submit a report to MHRD next month to pass the bill in the parliament.

The proposal has to be approved by The Medical Council of India (MCI) & Parliament for IIT Kharagpur to chalk the plans for starting Medical Courses, deciding on the type of entrance exam for admitting students & the number of students per batch.

While there are concerns and discussions made on whether IITs are world class or not, the question to be asked is it a wise move to introduce Medical Courses in IITs . Will the quality of IITs remain the same if they enter into something they haven’t done before?

It’s for you to discuss, please give us your thoughts!

Source: Times of India


  1. i believe that the country’s oldest iit is capable of providing quality medical education.iit kharagpur has long been known in iit system for introducing new and unusual courses and all these have been converted into successes.it was also the first iit to start management courses thru it’s vinod gupta school of management and the other iit’s followed.
    with such a brilliant track record of starting new courses and new streams,i believe iit kharagpur will surely make this program a success
    and seeing kgp the other iit’s will follow and we may have iims[indian institute of medical sciences]which will surely enjoy the same craze for admissions which the iit’s enjoy.

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