Bangalore University Restores Back Grace Marks

Last week Bangalore University created chaos in students by withdrawing grace marks which led some students to slip from just pass grade to fail. MCA & MBA Students were among those sufferers who were unlucky, on Wednesday Bangalore University Academic Council has decided to restore back the grace marks. Students of Bangalore University can now breathe easy.

How ever the academic council of Bangalore University has decided not to continue the grace mark system from next year onwards. On the other side Bangalore University has decided to pay an annual premium of Rs 582/- to cover medical insurance for Bangalore University PG Students. In short the policy is to cover the death of PG Student, the parents of the student will be given Rs 50,000/- if such unfortunate situation were to happen.

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  1. I am one of Bangalore University’s student, I thank authorities of BU for the great decision of their great ideas. there are so many of my friends who want to quit from studying in BU and I know my friends who did quit. I was too flunked in my 2nd sem coz of same problem, if I would be granted with 3 or 4 marks I would pass. and the main thing is coz we all foreigners we study in other way and here we face with some new method it is very difficult for us to study until we habituate with the Indian system of study. thank u BU thank u India.

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