This year’s AIEEE wasn’t a smooth affair


Having read, wrote and followed news and comments related to AIEEE 2011, looks like the exam left many students and parents disappointed. Rescheduling exam from one date to the other date with in a span of 7 days is something needs to be given a thought. Not many students or parents are aware of finding information through online systems,websites or blogs like this one, they rely for information through news papers. For updated information one needs to keep their fingers crossed and wait till the next day morning’s news paper. There is a huge communication gap.

What CBSE has done and what CBSE should have done:

Paper Leak: As and when CBSE is aware of the AIEEE paper leak, CBSE should have cancelled the entrance exam on that day straight away and inform students and parents that the next date for AIEEE will be communicated as early as possible.

Instead what CBSE has done is asking students to wait for hours which is unfair, remember AIEEE test takers are not graduates or postgraduates. They have just completed + 2, these are students who are below 18 years of age, for them any exam us a tough and nervous situation.

After the delay: Why conduct exam in such a hurry when there is an AFMC Entrance Exam on the same day? Won’t it effect students performance in AFMC Entrance Test? Poor student will be wondering about their fate of AIEEE although they might not have taken and left to their respective AFMC Entrance Test Centers.

Announcing the retest: Why to announce the AIEEE retest date in a hurry with out checking the possibility of overlapping with other entrance exams, CBSE has announced the retest date as May 8 2011 and later on realized the mistake and announced the retest will be held on May 11 2011.

Instead CBSE should have waited for a day analyzed,checked and should have decided on one final date for the retest as May 11 2011.

There are students who have reported about issues in downloading admit card for the retest, there are students who doesn’t know how to interpret the notification about who can register for the retest. There are parents who feel their son or daughter has been at an unfair circumstance over the re test takers. There are students who took paper 2 with out lunch and with empty stomach. AIEEE will be held in two parts, part 1 for students who appear for engineering entrance and part 2 is for architecture courses.

All these totally makes me feel that there were students and parents who were on the disappointing end, whether students are capable of cracking AIEEE or not is not a question. The question is as an examining body have we provided a fair chance,peaceful environment and equal circumstances for all the test takers is what matters. The comments on our previous post says it all, please read.

What do you think ? Let us know..

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    • AIEEE 2011 should have been cancelled in toto on 01/05/2011 and reexamination should have been conducted on a fresh day for all candidates so as to maintain sanctity of CBSE and diginity of a competitive examination.

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