Will There Be a Re Test for all the Applicants of AIEEE 2011

As per sources it is believed that Delhi High Court has given notice to CBSE on Thursday (05 May 2011) on AIEEE paper leakage in Lucknow on Sunday. The notice was concerned about scrapping the AIEEE 2011, which was conducted after a 3 hr delay for all the students who were able to take the exam on Sunday. Students unable to take the exam were those whose center was also an examination center for AFMC Entrance Examination which was scheduled on the same day (Sunday).

The Court after hearing the Public Interest Litigation felt that AIEEE held on Sunday should be scrapped and all the 12 Lakh Students should be conducted a Re Test. The court has asked the nodal agency conducting AIEEE to respond by May 18 2011, while the retest was already scheduled to be held on May 11 2011.

Parents of the students are concerned over allowing some students to take AIEEE instead of allowing every one, many parents felt it is unfair to allow some students to take the exam on a later day which allows extra time to prepare for the re test takers.

One of the respondent for our previous post has said this:

“Re examination of AIEEE for some candidates will be discrimination for those who appeared on 1st May. At Bhubaneswar there was thunder storm in the evening and power cuts. Those who appeared for B.Arch. had to struggle with day-long fatigue, bad weather, bad light while sitting for exam till 7 PM (unlike western part of India, in East it is dark at 5.30. On 1st May at Bhubaneswar it was dark even earlier due to the thunder storm and rain.). Keeping these in mind the AIEEE should be held again for all concerned”.

So is it a good idea to have a retest for every body? We will keep you updated watch out this space for more! If you are in know of any updated information on AIEEE 2011 retest please share with us through the commenting system.

But for now the updated information is that AIEEE 2011 for re test takers will be held on May 11 2011.


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  2. it is also in discussion that there will b common entrance test in 2013 i.e no IIT and no AIEEE. then wats use of making AIEEE online for 1 year?

  3. i feel cheated by cbse and i believe this system promotes students who get scores on luck and not rigrous hardwork
    Listen CBSE we are not a bunch of retards who lock ourselves in the room and study 10 hours a day and solve books which u braindead people cannot even read dont worry we wont be here for long as u might have heard of something as ”BRAINDRAIN”

  4. Agar news wale chahe to iss case ko govt. Ke samne rakh kar student ke problem batay. Sc ne to bekar decision diya hai kahte hai reexam se 11 lakh student paresan hongay 1 may ko student ke paresane samaj me nahi aaye. Mere kyal me agar phir se paper hoga to cbse ko lakho karchne hoge. Paise k leay j katra rahe hai inse kaho k exam fees phir se le lo

  5. Sir please do something for reexam of aieee. Many student want to give exam again but we can’t do anything . Someone come forward and understand our problem. Supreme court ne jay nahi samja k nit me sirf 30,000 seat hai aur 40,000 student ne phir se exam diya in better condition, on proper time and with extra days for prepration .unke marks achay he aaege. je unh student ko be sochna hoga jinka 1 may ko paper acha hua hai. Its our humble request to you . Please pls pls…… Do something

    • Hi Dhakur,
      We can understand your feelings, don’t be emotional already the results of AIEEE 2011 are also out.It is practically not possible to cancel the exam and the results. Supreme Court is the highest body to have hope and once they have said we can’t interfere into student examination and left the choice to CBSE, it was upto CBSE either to conduct the exam once again or announce the results as per schedule.They have announced the results, so nothing much can be done about this.
      I can understand the pain of students who were unfortunate but sometimes we need to go with what ever is available with us.Wish you good luck in the near future and stop worrying much as this can’t be undone in the present situation, happened is happened.
      So be optimistic and catch up with the rest of the happenings!
      Srikanth Krishna,
      Team Career Mitra.

  6. Dont take me wrong ,but just like you all are here asking for the test to be reconducted…there will arise a far greater number who will oppose the idea with more persuasive arguments.for example, someone here has said about problems arising due to powercuts.how can you say that if AIEEE is held again,there will be no power cuts or thunder storms in any parts of the country.It is a national level exam ,and so such a situation can arise again and then students of that region can also complain.And as for standing in the sun,students giving exams in rural areas face this problems all the time(ask me).

  7. Hey friends , i think we must be realistic at this stage….asking CBSE to conduct exam all over again for 12 lakh students would be asking for too much.instead ,why dont we ask them to reduce the cutoff for the exam held on 1st may and increase it for the exam on 11th may?

  8. My support is to re conduct the exam to all though i got fair marks to enter into topmost nit….it is clearly unfair giving the ranks based on two different exams

  9. i gave the test on ist may..but i sincerely..oppose for retest..level of both the papers were same..and retest will only lead to confusion specially for students in remote areas…

  10. okk….i can see the bravery in u….if u have guts and talent then y aren’t u ready to face retest??appears that u r afraid that ur luck wont favour u dis tym….i hope that decision occurs in ur favour,oderwise poor child will start crying soon…:P

  11. just silly little people wanting silly little excuses to have another shot at the exam cause they think they might get lucky in the re-test and score 1-2 marks more.and sushmita-you f**k off

  12. Hey all who want re-exam mail ur affidavits 2 d advocate who is fightin on r behalf.u cn get more details on facebook-aieee should be conducted again for everyone



  15. 1)all you people who want re-exam.It is clear that you do not have the talent or the patience to sit in exams so you are not worthy enough to give aieee.
    2)if you had to face adverse conditions we also had to face adverse conditions.lets face it adverse conditions or not a good student will perform well and a not so good student wont perform well regardless of the conditions of the exam.that is a fact !
    3)you people want re-exam just to be given another shot at the exam.

    lets face it if you couldnt do well in the first exam you wont perform in the second exam as well and you people would come up with some other excuses wanting another re-exam .huh!!

    • hey u dumbo jet..those who hav even a lil common sense can undrstand that preparing a common merit list on two diff papers is not fair..who the hell are u to judge whether those demanding for retest hav got talent or not?afraid of giving another test, huh? well then f**k off!!

  16. I hav gone thru all d comments given above. It is very surprising dat nobody has pointed out dat d test on 1.5.11 was held 2 times.
    Kindly refer wat my child faced on 1.5.11
    This is regarding AIEEE exam scheduled on 1.5.11.
    1.My child had to appear at centre no. 218124, (Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan,
    K.G. Marg, New delhi).
    2.The child went inside d examination centre at 9.00 AM.
    3.The exam started at 9.30 AM, at d scheduled timings, despite lot of
    commotions regarding leakage of paper, as reported to parents by their
    near & dear ones & lot of TV channel people gathered there (students taking exam were disturbed by heavy presence of media, as visible from examination room windows).
    4.The students were asked to stop writing d exam at 10.35 AM, & were
    sent out with the instructions that d exam may again commence afresh
    at 12.00 Noon.
    5. Children went again inside d examination centre at 11.45 AM.
    6. Children were in a state of shock, as d invigilators cud not
    provide d fresh question & answer papers till 12.30 Noon.
    7. Question paper & answer sheets were provided to them at 12.30 PM, &
    they were asked to start d paper immediately (without giving 15
    minutes cool off time to fill d details on d answer sheet, before d
    commencement of exam). Thus approx 15 minutes time of d students was
    lost, at d start of exam itself.
    8. The students were asked to stop writing answers at 3.20 PM, despite
    strong protest by children to d invigilators that d exam shud continue
    till 3.30 PM. Thus 10 minutes time of d students was lost, at d
    closure of exam.
    9. Children came out of exam centre at 3.30 PM, wid d warning to
    return back in 15 minutes for d Paper II.
    10. Inspite of d fact dat the child was feeling very hungry & feeling
    great thirst of cold water, (the adjoining refreshment stalls were all
    exhausted of all their food and cold drink stocks)d child was sent
    back to exam centre at 3.40 PM.
    11. The exam for Paper II started at 4.00 PM & finished at 7.00 PM.
    12. Some centres had not at all conducted d exam (neither at 9.30 AM
    not at 12.00 Noon) & d children at those centres were sent back wd the
    instructions that d paper I & Paper II, both hav been cancelled &
    fresh dates will be intimated later on.

    In view f above it can clearly be understood that the students wrote
    their most important entrance exam in the most traumatic situation.
    How can two groups of students (one who hav written their exam under
    these traumatic conditions on 1.5.11 & d other who will be appearing on 11.5.11) be equated in merit.

    I think d authorities shud not be impartial wid d students who wrote
    their exam on 1.5.11, and I think d AIEEE exam shud in entirety be
    postponed wd fresh dates for all d students, to bring parity.
    Otherwise this will be a gross injustice to the students who took
    their exam in very traumatic conditions(not all listed above, but can
    easily be thought of).

    N K Madan
    Tel 09136600121, 09650291208
    E-Mail : nmadan@bol.net.in

    • i dont think dere shud b nder retest 4 dis…d 2nd paper was also d same level..dats 2 rubbish to conduct d xam again….cum on aieee d paper was same 4 everybody not jus 4 2-3 guys….thoinking og retest absolutely rubbish…

  17. even if 200 students do so,they might broadcast the news and bring many to our support …i urge all the members who have commented here to do so…coz that would bring some results…and guess what,i have already shot one mail to cnn-ibn.

  18. it is very difficult for ccb to reschedule the exam for 11 lakhs and people who think that they had to remain without food for 3 hrs then i dont understand how they were able to control themselves for 6 hrs on the of iit jee . and also the ppl who have worked hard donot have any interest in all these stupid matters…..and those are seeking for reschedule thinking that some are getting 10 days more should surely take drop and then he would get 1 year more

    • excuse me mr. unknown…iit-jee was as per schedule. each n everyone was prepared both physically n mentally for it n how dare u call this matter stupid…may be its becoz ur luck was extra good on 1 may that u donot want to appear for the test again..i donot think u have worked hard,n thats why this matter seems silly to u n who the bloody hell do u think u r to suggest others to take a drop, MR. LOOOOSER

    • mr. unknown,oh! oh! so concerned abt ccb.everyone was prepared for iit-jee as it was conducted as per schedule..people like you whose luck was extra good on 1 may are calling such serious matters stupid…becoz loosers like u who never worked hard are afraid to giv the test again…n who the bloody hell are u to suggest others to take drop..shut up

  19. Why don’t News channels like CNN IBN,NDTV cover the pligsht of the 11 lakh students who want to re take the exam?
    Real waste of media.
    Did you hear?They had a far easier paper today.
    For all those who don’t want togive the exam again pls addd 5000 atleast to ur expected ranks.

    • we should flood the mailboxes of the media,then only that particular news channel will come to senses….lets pick cnn ibn and aaj-tak for the course and mail them our worries….wat say frnds??

  20. aieee should be reheld for all. at my centre in delhi ,we were made to stand outside for three hours whiole the girls were allowed inside.girls enjoyed the ac of the school whereas we were enjoying the “delhi ki garmi”.

  21. AIEEE should be conducted again..only a single/unique question paper should decide the level of candidate.

    Otherwise this is a partiality with all the candidates.
    Take this situation very seriously.

  22. i think we should wait till 18th may when court will decide owr future as well as carrier. and i hope that there should be a re test

  23. BTW what was the need to conduct the exam after 3 hrs.They could have rescheduled it to 11 May for all.CBSE has no stand it said “The exam will be conducted even though that day is declared a holiday or a National Mourning Day”.Then it postpones it by 2 weeks and 3 hrs while the nervous students build nervousness.Then it conduct part @

  24. There must retest for all.
    I had to wait for 3 hrs in the scorching sun and it did have its toll on my performance.
    It is a question about the future of thousands of students like me and the nation.
    We already face things like Reservation Class and don’t need another bunch of 32000 ‘Take Two’ Class.They have * 10 days(Good enough for understanding the source of questions like 2 Qs from IITJEE 2010 ) of advantage.
    I knew most oof the Qs but could answer only 45% because I was sweating,hungry and I must admit not focussed entirely.

    Lord please scrap the exam!

  25. There must retest for all.
    I had to wait for 3 hrs in the scorching sun and it did have its toll on my performance.
    It is a question about the future of thousands of students like me and the nation.
    We already face things like Reservation Class and don’t need another bunch of 32000 ‘Take Two’ Class.They have f*****g 10 days(Good enough for understanding the source of questions like 2 Qs from IITJEE 2010 ) of advantage.
    I knew most oof the Qs but could answer only 45% because I was sweating,hungry and I must admit not focussed entirely.

    Lord please scrap the exam!

  26. What about BITs Pilani. Test is different, questions are different for candidates, test conducted for almost a month on different dates & time.

    • Then you should protest against BITs PILANI…well jokes apart… let us talk about AIEEE which is not like this..now if you will say that their are some papers in which negative marking is not their,then how can AIEEE and IIT count negative marking then it will not work..Every paper has its own rules and schedules..

      • i totally agree with you vanneya, those whose luck favoured them on 1 may only dont want to giv exam again…there should be retest for all….

    • Exams for GMAT BITS etc. are as per
      declared procedure/scheme of exams. But
      in case of AIEEE 2011 procedure/scheme of
      exam as per their brochure has not been
      followed. You have as many exams as u
      like but it has to be declared in your
      brochure or scheme of conduct of exam.

    • why the hell r u comparing aieee n bits anubhav, in bits we are free to choose date n time acc to our convenience

  27. i think that aieee exam should be re conducted for all the students who had appeared or not on may 1 2011 because 3 hours delay and coming out from exam. hall after knowing paper leak many students depressed after waiting out the exam centre for 3 hours all the mindset was disturbed and other students had also get 10 days gap which is equal to 100 days during the exam time

  28. dude, if the test which is on 11th will be easy, den the other guys will protest!!!!! n if difficult, then the same guys will!! so on both the sides the aieee people are gonna get grounded and beaten up. it was really bad that they did the exam for some and postponed for others. how can you conduct 2 different sets of examinations for such an important “national-level” examination!!!! they should have postponed it for everybody or should have taken the test for everyone on 1st may !!!

    • i compeletly agree. moreover they should cancelled the exam that very time coz there are some students who chose AIEEE over AFMC are in a big loss for no fault of theirs…cancelling the paper at that very time and rescheduling again for all might have saved these children

  29. 1.
    students were tired after 3 hrs delaying of test as many of them didn’t eat anything and lost most of their temperament in that sunny day.
    at many centers papers came half or one hour late which provided pretty much less time for many aspirants.
    rescheduling the exams for others will provide extra time to study probably 10 days and a good weather in the morning which is “A LOT” unfair for many.
    test will be different and paper as many students told was comparatively difficult that day.so more chances are it may be easy.

    WHY THE HELL there are no retests being conducted for all…………..

  30. NEW DELHI: A petition has been
    filed in the
    Supreme Court seeking a stay on the
    government’s decision to re-conduct the All India
    Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE) for
    candidates who could not appear in the May 1 test
    due to question paper leak.
    The petition, filed by former Professor A P Sinha
    of NIT Jamshedpur, has appealed against a Delhi
    High Court order which issued notices to the
    government but refused to stay its decision to re-
    conduct the AIEEE on May 11.
    “As per the scheme of the examination, two
    separate examinations are not envisaged at all for
    a single merit list based on performances.
    Deviations leave the process illegal, unjust,
    unconstitutional, arbitrary and clearly against
    fundamental rights of equality of all the
    candidates,” the petition said.
    The main plea before the High Court was for the
    cancellation of the examination held on May 1 and
    conducting it afresh in near future providing equal
    opportunity to each and every candidate.
    The petitioner had sought stay on the
    government’s notification dated May 2 for holding
    the AIEEE on May 11 for the candidates who could
    not take it on May 1 due to confusion arising out
    of the leakage of the question paper.
    As the High Court did not stay the rescheduled
    exam, the petitioner approached the apex court
    contending that “High Court’s decision results into
    effectively disallowing the main petition rendering
    the same as infructuous”.
    The petitioner contended that the government is
    “conducting two AIEEE 2011 exams under two
    very different conditions — one in adverse and
    disadvantageous condition, marked by chaos in
    which 97 per cent of the total candidates
    appeared, while only 3 per cent candidates are
    allowed to appear on May 11 in an undue
    advantageous positions”.
    “This will certainly lead to conditions in which it
    can never produce a just, fair, bonafide and
    legally sustainable merit list of rankings and
    thereby may open a floodgate of future litigations
    and challenges,” the petition said.

  31. No retest should be done. Now the students in general who have already given the test are relaxed & not preparing for retest as it is not cofirmed. NOW THE STUDENTS WITH MEDICORE OR POOR PERFORMANCE WANTS RETEST ON account of leak of paper to have another chance, as there is nothing to loose .

    • mr. anubhav, nobody wants retest becoz of poor performance, students want retest becoz its not fair to prepare a common merit list on two different aieee papers…those who got 10 days extra can practise lot more than those who gave paper on 1 may…n plz may i know how do u know that they have nothing to loose…THEIR CAREER IS AT STAKE…..students in general are not relaxed…they are preparing for tests like bitsat

    • its people like you who are afraid of giving exam again coz ur exam on 1 may has gone well by chance…and mind you we are demanding fresh exam coz the students who will give on 11 may are getting much more advantages..and any normal person will do the same..

  32. they cant do this
    All the candidates should be equal given chance
    This whole problem is created by aieee and thus it shouhd be solved by them by giving equal chance to everyone

  33. I think it will be unfair to have re test for all since it will demoralise students who have done well in AIEEE on 1 st May.
    I think one should face healthy competition.

    • for all those whose exam went well on 1 may, if they have got real talent their exams will definitely go well if the exam is conducted again….

      • I too agree. and what unfair? we are demanding fresh exam for all and not for only some…and why are you afraid of giving exam coz luck dont favours everytime.

    • we wasted and lost focus for 3 hrs.We didn’t know that there were going to be no 8 marks Qs.We didn’t even know that 5-6 Qs would be borrowed from previous IITJEE.
      If you really have got talent why fear the retest.

  34. There should be no re-exam…as the test after 3 hrs was not so difficult and this time if there would ny re-test then it may be tough as compared to earlier..
    Then what will happen to those whose xam went good??
    And If they want to held it again then it will be held after 25th
    after the hearing then how will they manage to give out the results
    at time..

    nyways they should have held the xams for all the candidates at 11th..

    • for all those whose exam went well on 1 may… if they have got real talent their exam will definitely go well again if aieee is reconducted…n by the way why r u so much tensed about the result declaration somashreeeeeee

      • how much marks u r getting in this aieee test held on 1st may 360.dont u wanto study in nit warangal. reply

    • majority of the students were not satisfied with the exam on 1st may. everyone wants a retest. who’ll listen to dumbasses like you. f**k off.

  35. how can they do this
    All the candidates should be equal given chance
    This whole problem is created by aieee and thus it shouhd be solved by them by giving equal chance to everyone

  36. it is wrong tht some students aieee exam held on 11 may 2011 because there test is different by those candidates whose test held on 1st may 2011.
    1 test is different
    2 10 day gap
    3 on 1st may 3 hours late in paper so all student must appere in aieee on next date //////////

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