AIEEE Retest was Not an Easy Paper


The AIEEE Retest was not an easy paper, it was expected as the original AIEEE paper which was supposed to be given for all the 12 Lakh test takers got leaked and a new set of question paper was handed out to the test takers after a 3 hour delay on May 1 2011. Two set of question papers are already out so where is the possibility of giving expected questions?

Approximately 34000 students have given the retest on May 11 2011 (yesterday), students who felt they were forced to take the test on May 1 2011 can take a long breathe and feel easy. Being first will always help since you are done away with it, the tension is over. The retest takers had 10 more sleepless nights guessing the questions or tweaking math problems.

On the other hand the supreme court has rejected the plea of the state government to scrap AIEEE 2011 which was held on May 1 2011.

So still are there anyone who thinks AIEEE should be held once again ? Let us know your thoughts!

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  1. Hai srikanth,this is vani I have seen u r feedback result congratulations. Regarding AIEEE the fact u said is 100% acceptable.

  2. Yes that’s true , different question papers make different results and it creates a problem for those many students who want to get admissions in the colleges they want….this is not the way it should happen…..
    This is injustice >-{

  3. we all want a single quetion paper, cbse is creating difference in students future >>>>>>…is it brainless, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

  4. completely agree with you mr.administrator. !!cheers .:) i gave my exam on may 1 and it went well. people wanting a re-exam are those who have not performed well and just want another chance so that they might get “lucky” this time around.
    these are hard words i agreee. but it is a fact

    • its not the question of being lucky or unlucky…i myself got 2.5 hrs for the exam…even though my score is 236 which is decent….however considering equality of students,a retest should be held for all…why should different sections face different scenarios??

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