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Its time for many of you to prepare for your interviews to hit the road (corporate world). Here are some basic guidelines that we think will help you start for your interview preparation. Having graduated  from your PG or UG you might already have a career goal in life, if you don’t its high time that you decide what you are going to do. I am stressing this point because you will need to decide which interviews or job profiles can take you close to your career goal. If you are an absolute fresher it is always advisable to have multiple profiles in mind.

Follow the below guidelines :

Step 1 : Decide what profiles you should be applying for ?

Step 2 : Keep multiple versions of your CV, never ever keep one common CV and apply for all the profiles you will need to customize your CV for each profile you are interested in. As an example : You might be interested in Business Analyst profile and as an alternative you might also be looking to work as Software Developer (if you are an Engineering Graduate), Sales Executive or Marketing Executive (if you are a Management Graduate). So it is always good to have different versions of your CV. Different version not necessarily mean the entire CV will have to be changed, you will only need to change the Career Objective & Covering Letter.

Step 3 a: Career Objective: You will need to think & convey in the best possible manner, as an example you can write : “To associate with a growing company as  a valuable resource in XYZ Department & contribute to the organization growth by being flexible, resourceful & innovative”. The above example is a typical jargon that most CV formats will have, you could write one yourself if you think it looks similar to other CV’s.

Step 3 b: Covering letter : Most people really ignore this feature while uploading their CV’s on Job Boards like or Make use of it, covering letter is a professional message to the recruiter about why you are keen to work for that particular profile. Most recruiters decide to open your CV after seeing the covering letter, hence make use of it even if you are emailing your CV to a recruiter, you will need to write the covering letter in the subject of your email. Here is an example of writing a covering letter.

Dear Sir / Madam,

I am “Your Name’ completed by ‘Graduation or Post graduation’ from ‘ XYZ College’ from ‘College Name’ affiliated to ‘University Name’ in the academic year ‘xxxx to yyyy’. My career interests are in the area of  ‘aaa,bbb,ccc (ex sales,research)’.

Attached is my CV, waiting eagerly for a positive response from your end.

Thanking you.



Mobile No

Step 4: Upload your CV in job boards like,,,, and any other job boards you feel interesting.
Step 5: Apply for the jobs which suits your profile

Before appearing for the interview you should be ready with few basic questions that recruiters ask you. Interviews are typically structured in 4 ways :

  1. Written Test (Aptitude)
  2. Technical / General HR Round
  3. General HR Round / Technical
  4. Final Negotiation Round

Some General Questions you are likely to face in any form of interview :

  1. Tell me about yourself ? ( Be prepared probably the first question you will be facing)
  2. What do you know about us? ( Go to the company’s website & know everything you can know about them, atleast know when the company is founded, head office, corporate office, employee strength, services they offer etc)
  3. Why should we hire you? ( Convince them that you are the right choice for the job you have applied by demonstrating the earlier activities you have done which are directly proportional to the job role)
  4. Why your grades or low in ‘abc’ semester? ( Sometimes we have bad times with poor marks explain them as how you coped up later or will improve later, giving straight forward reason for poor marks can make recruiter more satisfied than bluffing)
  5. When can you join us? ( Don’t tell them any date if you are happy with the job you have applied tell them as early as I get the offer letter )
  6. What is your family background? ( Explain )

Some times you might also have a Group Discussion Round, you can read our earlier post on Do’s and Don’ts in a Group Discussion

Career Mitra Wishes you good luck in your job hunt !

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