Will an Internship worth more than a Course


In India summer is on and most college graduates are off on vocation, few of them think hard on how to make use of the time. The possibilities could be sit back home and relax or visit relatives locality and spend summer time. Others just think the other way they just want to use the time in a productive manner by joining training institutes to learn new technologies, while its not a bad option to learn new technologies, it will certainly add value to your CV.

An interesting option would be joining a company as an intern, whether they pay you or not. It has the following benefits over training.

  • You will be exposed to the corporate world
  • Scope to learn new things which no training institute can teach
  • Adds more value to your CV than a training certificate
  • You have a chance to analyze your strengths and weaknesses in an office environment

and a lot more

Having said all the above, the difficult part is how to find an Internship ? In India most companies don’t advertise for intern positions since it is not a necessity for the companies to hire interns.

The solution which works in most cases is short list a company or few companies where you think you should be working in the near future. Walkin to their office, talk to the concerned HR about your interest to work as an intern. Convince them, they will be more than happy to assign you some work and hire you as an intern.

So our conclusion will be going for internship against enrolling for new courses in training institutes.

Wish you good luck !

As always let us know your thoughts..

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