IIM B Launches Innovation and Leadership Beyond Borders [New Programme]


The Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB), the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland (Smith) and the School of Management, Zhejiang University (Zhejiang, China), have launched a global senior management programme that will have business leaders traveling to each country to learn the keys to successful innovation in each market.

The programme, titled Innovation and Leadership Beyond Borders consists of a series of three international business education and professional development immersion experiences at each of the three institutions, networking and group activities for participating executives, and the granting of a certificate to each successful programme participant.

IIMB will focus on Services, Smith on Innovation & Creativity, and Zhejiang on Manufacturing. For the participant this will translate into a comprehensive exposure to managing in a global business environment in a more effective manner.

The programme, which is designed as three one-week segments, will kick-off in Maryland in June 2011, with a week focusing on managerial and creative innovation. The second phase – manufacturing innovation – will take place in Zhejiang, China in September 2011. The programme will culminate with a service innovation module in Bangalore, India in January 2012. The instruction will be a mix of lectures, site visits, industry panel discussions, group projects, and experiential learning. The site visits and industry panel discussions are expected to be 50-60% of the overall instruction portfolio. Each institution will also contribute academic resources to oversee and advise action learning projects between country visits. The action learning projects will be hands-on experiences that will take advantage of the diversity of the participants to address crucial, global management issues. All instruction will be in English.

Participants will likely be graduates with advanced degrees such as an MBA or significant work experience. They will typically be 30+ years of age, owners of a company or leaders in multinational organizations, or entrepreneurs seeking their next ventures or to build their global experience base and mindset.

Each institution will grant an executive certificate to participants on completion of the module at their institution.  The three institutions will also grant a joint certificate upon final completion of the entire programme.

Watch this short video to learn more about Innovation and Leadership Beyond Borders by clicking here

You can learn more about Innovation and Leadership Beyond Borders here

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