Do’s and Don’ts in a Group Discussion

Whether you are appearing for a Group Discussion for admission into a Business School or for a Job Interview. This post will be a guide line and help you realize what you should & what you shouldn’t do in GD. ” Group Discussion in the above two contexts is a process of screening applicants to judge interpersonal skills, leadership abilities of a particular applicant compared to either their peers in the same GD Round or overall applicants.

There is no thumb rule to say certain number of applicants had to be picked from one lot, if every one in the same GD have done well chances are likely that most of them might get through that particular GD in the same manner if every one has done bad the panelists (or) judges will not hesitate to drop every one from the group. So point here is realize that you are not competing with one another, it is not a debate or argument it’s a Discussion, you are free to share your thoughts. So keep this in mind and strictly don’t get into an argument¬† with other peers in the Group.

Do’s in a Group Discussion

  • Introduce and know each other prior to the GD Round, in most cases you are aware of who is sitting along with you in a GD, if you are not made aware of who are in your group assume every one are alike you and don’t have an over estimate or under estimate on your peers just stay neutral.
  • If you are given an opportunity to introduce with other members please remember Names if you can else just say “My Friend” or “My Dear Friend”
  • Stick to your opinion on a topic if you have enough reasons or explanations to stick with your opinion, otherwise you are free to change your mind and go for or against as the GD progresses. Rarely panelists will use opinions as a criteria to evaluate performance, they instead look for a solution for the topic given. As an entire group you should arrive at a solution, in same cases the GD will conclude with no solution or the discussion will still remain open even if the team is given additional 1 hr time, in such cases demonstrate leadership skills, grab an opportunity to summarize the discussion before the GD allocated time.
  • Make eye contact, little difficult when you have 20 people in a GD but you should try this when you are speaking try to say something as if you are saying to every one instead of one person who raised the point.
  • Initiate the topic most people say this, it’s a good idea to initiate the topic, please see the don’ts also for this point.

Don’ts in a Group Discussion

  • As said earlier don’t ever get into an argument & never raise anything sensitive like religion, gender etc.
  • Don’t say his argument was or her suggestion is by pointing a finger at them instead as said use “My Friend’s” as an example I agree with my Friend, my friend’s suggestion was good but we can take this also as an alternative.
  • Don’t show concern on a peer who is not participating by providing him an opportunity, this happens & few too smart people say ” Let’s give a chance to our friend”. Don’t do that because there may be ‘n’ reasons for him or her in staying mute either it could be because he ‘don’t have knowledge on the topic’ or he is least bothered to make it in the GD. By asking such a person to speak you are actually hurting him by saying you kept quiet and you are a dumb

FAQ’s on GD

Q What should I do if I am not familiar with the topic?

A If you are not familiar with the topic given, first get to familiarize with the topic by paying attention to your peers when they are talking, don’t try to initiate in this case, just allow two or three people to talk and understand if there is a relation to the topic and follow them or oppose them. Simple!

Q I am not getting a chance to speak in a GD?

A Please remember its a competition you need to pick up an opportunity by engaging your self into the conversation instead of trying to interfere just because you want to speak. The moment you talk interesting points rest of the group will pay attention to you.

Q My English speaking skills or not upto standards, will this effect my performance?

A Every one in the batch sitting with you will have one or two set backs after all no one is perfect including the panelists, focus on your strengths you may be good at analyzing or listening or interpreting or leadership skills demonstrate what you have instead of worrying about your language. Try to communicate with what ever English you know meaning is really important than English. But you can improve your speaking skills by participating in mock GD’s. The more you speak the more you can improve, if you excuse yourself and stay quiet hardly you will improve.

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