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MBBS Should Be Completed Max in 9 Years – MCI

Till now, there was no upper limit to the number of attempts for passing the MBBS course, from now on The Medical Council of India has decided not to give any extra time to students who do not clear their professional exams within nine years from the date of admission in a medical college. (via)

Chhatrapati Shahuji Maharaj Medical University (CSMMU) vice chancellor has written to the Medical Council of India (MCI) with the suggestion of the upper limit on the number of attempts. In response The MCI’s governing body has agreed that ‘a student shall not be allowed to graduate later than nine years of joining first MBBS course.’

Another important change is about number of attempts for taking a professional exam. From now on, only four attempts would be given to students to clear the first university professional examinations. And the first professional course must be completed within four years of admission. Partial attendance in an examination in any subject shall be counted as an attempt.

Source: Times of India

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NEET Should Be Optional Argues Medical College Representatives

The Medical college representatives at a meeting organized by the Education Promotion Society in Bangalore argued that the common medical entrance exam ‘NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Exam)’ to be made optional. Citing reasons such as the varied syllabus across different boards & hitting on the rural students unpreparedness for such a competitive entrance exam according to sources.

Further more the gathering cited that the NEET proposed by the Medical Council of India last year is not student friendly, as students from tier 2 students or lower mid class families cannot afford coaching for the maiden NEET. The Society has decided to submit a memorandum to centre expressing their  concerns on the common medical entrance exam.

However the Medical Council of India hasn’t made any new announcement with respect to NEET. The only source of information seems to be the MCI official website, which states that NEET UG & NEET PG will be held from 2013 onwards. Aspiring Medical students are trusting on what the coaching institutes have to teach, some coaching institutes have already started conducted coaching classes following the NEET UG syllabus. NEET UG is for the undergraduate medical (MBBS) & dental courses (BDS) while NEET PG is for the postgraduate courses.

There are enough twists for the common medical entrance exam, both NEET UG & NEET PG were supposed to be debuted in 2012. However several states had to defend their state board students stating that the syllabus proposed for NEET UG varies with respect to their respective state boards curriculum.

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MCI Relaxes Norms In Underserved States To Allow New Colleges

Medical apex body the Medical Council of India (MCI) gave nod to start new medical college (branches) in states with poor doctor patient ratio according to a report. Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Rajasthan and parts of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, besides the North-Eastern States are allowed to have more colleges using the existing hospitals.

At present India is short of doctors, the relaxation is set to produce more doctors from the above states. India approximately has about 63000 medical seats of which 40,525 seats are for MBBS course an exhaustive search on colleges & courses can be made from the MCI portal.

Deserving students are unable to secure admission in medical courses due to less number of medical seats. MCI has eased the set up procedure for existing medical colleges to open new campuses with in 10 kms radius from hospitals.

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Legal Battle Against Maiden NEET UG 2012

The medical education regulatory body MCI has announced the finalized NEET UG syllabus and had uploaded on it’s website; since then MCI has been challenged by state governments, parents and students especially from rural backgrounds. Although supreme court has favored MCI’s proposal to hold a common medical entrance test long ago; it is looking like the decision taken was against many states who have concerns and pressures from students and especially from parents and associations.

Students and parents are pressurizing their respective state’s political leaders to involve in the matter and defer the proposed NEET UG by atleast 2 years. Sources said that in Andhra Pradesh students approached Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu the ex chief minister of the state to pressurize the state government. He promised to take part and do his best to protect the interest of it’s states students who have been preparing for EAMCET for nearly 18 months. The problem started when MCI announced it’s will to hold the test to be held only in English & Hindi.

Other side in Ahmedabad parents are forming groups and collecting funds to oppose the maiden NEET UG 2012 by approaching high court; NEET UG is rumored to be held on May 13, 2012 although the date was not seen on MCI website. Atleast 4 to 6 states are approaching or want to approach high court to defend the maiden NEET UG in 2012.

All hopes are on the health minister Ghulam Nabi Azad; who has to take the final call and direct MCI & CBSE. The proposed NEET UG might have advantages but experts too are questioning the timing and the sensitivity related to the announcement made by MCI. Syllabus was conformed quite recently and students are expected to pick up information from Medical Council of India’s website no arrangements have been made to ensure the information reach to rural students; typically speaking India is not such a highly developed country so that rural students find information reading on internet; they rely on TV channels, newspapers; such a media has confused students more than anything else as a new announcement has been made every other day. No final or confirmed news was ever published on NEET UG 2012, So it is all about the legal battle against NEET.

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MCI Confirms NEET UG Syllabus

The much awaited notification is released officially by the Medical Council of India on NEET UG syllabus which was due since the draft syllabus was announced on 22nd July 2011. After receiving and reviewing feedback MCI had made necessary changes and finalized the syllabus. Of the 1970 feedback submissions received by MCI, 171 of them are not relevant to NEET UG and rest of them are neatly summarized by MCI which can be accessed here.

Feedback summary is as follows, majority of them were of the view that syllabus needs to be changed, and decent number of feedback senders opinioned that NEET should be postponed to 2013 while few felt regional language question paper should be made.

“The Medical Council of India (MCI) recommends the following syllabus for National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test for admission to MBBS courses across the country (NEETUG) after review of various State syllabi as well as those prepared by CBSE, NCERT and COBSE.  This is to establish a uniformity across the country keeping in view the relevance of different areas in medical education.”

So here you go; the final syllabus Download.

NEET UG is slated to be held on May 13, 2011 as rumored earlier; other highlights are no negative marks, even dental colleges will use NEET UG score, there will be percentile system and the question paper will be for 180 minutes.

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Can MCI Play Handy Role in Organizing NEET

Million dollar question hunting thousands of students and parents is about the ‘Common Medical Entrance Tests’ for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses proposed by the Medical Council of India (MCI). NEET PG has almost got ruled out, atleast till 2013; all eyes are now set on the “National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET UG)‘ which is under constant discussion between State higher education officials and MCI. Honestly a cause of worry for parents and students, as no one knows what is the final outcome.

Questions raised right from the day MCI announced about the common medical entrance test, MCI was taken to the supreme court the apex court has ruled in favor of the Medical Council of India, stating the court doesn’t want to involve in matters related to education as the court is not an expert in judging education matters. Following nod from the supreme court, MCI had published the syllabus draft for proposed NEET UG and publicly invited feedback for correction in syllabus; a total of 1970 feedbacks were received till midnight on the deadline (11th August 2011).

Two and half months passed the final version of syllabus is not yet announced; media and sources reported that NEET UG will be held on May 13, 2011 (not an official announcement). So MCI anytime could go back and reverse it’s decision as they haven’t announced it officially. NEET PG was officially announced and MCI website stated that it will be held in January or February 2012 but NEET PG was ruled out and sources reported it unofficially.

The biggest question in every one’s mind would be will MCI play a handy role in organizing NEET UG? What trust can anyone have on MCI & CBSE. Ex President of MCI Ketan Desai was mooted with corruption charges and CBI had arrested him on April 22, 2010; the main allegation was for accepting bribe to permit Patiala-based Gyan Sagar Medical College to recruit a fresh batch of students without having adequate infrastructure. Now MCI has a will to eradicate student burden and reduce stress among students by introducing a common medical entrance test (as a sudden surprise); which means MCI expects that students learn and work on new syllabus in the last 5 to 6 months and secure admission in Medical colleges of India.

The syllabus MCI proposed was prepared by NCERT which has given due weight to CBSE curriculum ignoring what each state board students are being taught. India is better known as a country with diversified population spanned across 28 states with each state having it’s own regional language; thousands of students study in regional languages. Typically these are students who come from lower middle class families who can’t afford education in private schools and colleges. MCI strikes on the inability of these poor students by asking them to take the test in English or Hindi. The question to be asked is how many government schools teach English? how many schools under the state government or purely English medium schools?

State governments are asking for vernacular languages and MCI was cornered again, unless chief ministers of each state sign on the proposal to accept NEET nothing is going to change and chief ministers will be more concerned towards it’s states students than obeying MCI.

Instead of fixing issues in the system, why do the central government plays with the students; unless and until there is a normalized syllabus across all boards how can all students be combined in one pool; said a medical college professor speaking to who identified himself as Dr. Ravi Babu from a private medical college in Andhra Pradesh.

Central board of Education (CBSE) the conducting body of the All India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE) had failed last year in holding AIEEE as a peaceful test; paper leak in Lucknow, miscommunication and poor presence of mind resulted in anger of many students against the CBSE. Students and parents demanded a retest for AIEEE 2011 for all students which CBSE refused, now MCI has roped in CBSE to organize NEET UG after being rejected by AIIMS. So can CBSE do justification for both AIEEE & NEET UG which are nation wide entrance tests.

Private colleges are questioning the timing of NEET, an NGO firm has filed a PIL against MCI for proposing NEET. Andhra Pradesh has earlier agreed for NEET by ruling out EAMCET, reportedly AP is now asking for exception from NEET in 2012. So the state has two minds only to confuse students a bit more than earlier. Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Gujarat and few others were never ready for NEET UG it is still unclear as what MCI finally does. Will it opt out and sit quietly and maintain register of doctors or will it involve and face these challenges?

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No NEET PG in 2012

NEET PG has been called off sources confirmed, with less than four months to go Medical Council of India decided not to conduct National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET PG) in 2012. As reported earlier, AIIMS has not agreed to hold the mass common medical entrance test citing lack of resources and inadequate infrastructure. Government and MCI had left with no other choice than to call off NEET PG till 2013, although AIIMS conducts national level entrance test for 50% of the postgraduate medical seats in the country remaining 50% is still a big number.

There are approximately 21000 postgraduate medical seats in India, National Board for Examination (NBE) will be trained with adequate resources and infrastructure to conduct NEET PG from 2013 (via). To say the least NEET PG has been called off, poor planning and lack of understanding on implementation procedure has resulted and pushed MCI to play safe.

No update yet on the official MCI website, which still reads NEET is going to happen in January or February 2012 and mentions forms will be issued soon. A real pathetic scenario where in official announcements are not placed or communicated to the benefit of students; a time when Right to Information act has been stressed by our HRD and Government still no such thing exists in some domains.

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NEET UG to be held on 05 May 2013

NEET PG to be held on 24 Nov to 06 Dec 2012

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NEET Will Be Held Only in English & Hindi

The proposed common medical entrance test (NEET) will only be held in Hindi & English. MCI chairman Dr K K Talwar had said “It is practically not possible to hold the test in vernacular languages, NEET can only be held in Hindi & English” (via). This will set back hopes of few states which were demanding vernacular languages in the proposed common medical entrance test. Gujarat, Karnataka, West Bengal are few states which have asked for printing questions in local language.

MCI held a core meeting today and is likely to finalize dates and syllabus for the proposed common medical entrance test according to source. Dr Talwar has said MCI has taken the feedback of all concerned and will decide on the final syllabus, he has said no state will have an unfair advantage over other states with respect to the syllabus.

NEET UG is likely to be held in the month of May (13th) application forms will be issued from December second week. You can read our previous post for more information, NEET PG will be held in January or February 2012, read more.

Source: Times of India

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PIL against MCI in connection with NEET

Users are aware there is a long debate about the proposal made by Medical Council of India in connection with the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test for medical colleges in India. NEET according to MCI is supposed to take away the burden and stress on students by avoiding multiple entrance tests. Till date, the move of MCI had made things more worse as MCI is yet to reveal it’s final stand on when MCI will hold NEET and the exam pattern.

According to source, a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) has been filed against MCI on it’s decision of holding NEET from 2012. The petitioner Deepak Butale had challenged MCI chairman; Maharashtra chief minister; state secretary to medical education department; state director of medical education and research and the Maharashtra state board for secondary and higher secondary education.

The issues revolving around NEET are differences in syllabus, language, time. Till date no final syllabus has been announced, how can MCI hold a test with out announcing the syllabus first, who will conduct the Test CBSE or AIIMS. Few States feel their is a need to introduce vernacular languages in the common medical entrance test and the delay in giving an official announcement.

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Dental Colleges Too Will Use NEET Score

Following the Supreme Court nod, Medical Council of India has taken the initiative of conducting a ‘Common Medical Entrance Test’ (NEET-National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) for graduate, postgraduate & super specialty medical courses. Till date however there was no official notification on when NEET UG will be conducted. However NEET PG will be conducted in January or February 2011 according to MCI website.

Now Dental Council of India too had joined the Common Medical Entrance Test, reportedly the President of the Dental Council of India Dr Dibyendu Mazumdar had said that Dental Colleges in the country will also use NEET abolishing separate entrance tests for dental & medical courses.

Mr. Mazumdar had said to sources that to avoid burden of taking multiple tests one for dental & one for medical courses; DCI had joined the club of NEET.

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Source: Times of India

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