Arindham Choudhary strong enough to say IIPM was never recognized by UGC

Arindham Choudhary the Dean of IIPM (Indian Institute of Planning and Management) was bold enough to state that IIPM was never recognized by UGC (University Grants Commission). In a TV show ‘Face the Nation’ hosted on IBNLive, Arindham Choudhary expressed his views and justified that the block on URLs which carried information on IIPM was fair. He believes that his competitors have employed people to write crap about IIPM and held them responsible for inflating the clicks on Google’s organic search results. As a result when someone is searching for IIPM, Google’s search suggestions are misleading to false information he said.

Maheswar Peri of Careers360 argued that the district court of Gwalior which passed the blockage of URLs might not be aware of the bigger picture. He read out a Delhi High Court order which said UGC has the right to create awareness about IIPM through notifications on print or on it’s own website.

The interesting part of the show was the debate between Arindham Choudhary and Shivam Vij a freelance journalist and the founder of Shivam Vij has freely expressed his views and strongly opposed the Gwalior court’s move of blocking URLs, he took on Arindham Choudhary as why he ordered blocking on spoof articles on theunrealtimes and fakingnews. Arindham Choudhary defended as saying the case was filed by his channel partner in Gwalior and thus he was not aware of the URLs which were ordered to be blocked.

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Video courtesy: IBNLive

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AICTE, UGC and the IIPM issue

I have been closely following the recent developments related to IIPM, AICTE & UGC. IIPM (Indian Institute of Planning and Management) headed by Arindham Choudhary has 18 branches across India offering courses in Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA), Masters in Business Administration (MBA), Executive MBA and Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA).

The problem

First and foremost, IIPM is not approved by AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) nor by UGC (University Grants Commission). There maybe several MBA colleges / Business Schools which are also not approved by AICTE & recognized by UGC. The problem comes when somebody pinpoints in particular about only one Business School this has irked IIPM’s Dean Arindham Choudhary, UGC has been giving public notices stating that IIPM is not a University, and it cannot confer degrees. The efforts of UGC are appreciable but why not UGC take the same kind of care and give public notices about other business schools which are also not recognized. According to a list recently published by AICTE there are 327 Business Schools across India which are not approved by AICTE.

Choudhary says that both AICTE & UGC are organizations full of bribe seeking officials, indeed he was right in the past AICTE officials were caught seeking bribe. The same happened with UGC too earlier, having said all that; an year ago Careers360 carried out an investigation on IIPM and it’s courses. The investigations indicated serious flaws and the authenticity of the claims made by IIPM were put to light.

order-on-iipm-urlsRecently a court order (blocking-instruction-II-14-Feb-2013) has forced to censor 78 URLs which has defamatory information related to both Arindham Choudhary & IIPM. Among those URLs which are asked to be blocked, an UGC public notification regarding awareness on IIPM has also been instructed to block. Several articles from media houses too were ordered to be blocked, Department of Telecom to Internet Service Providers (ISPs) has received the instructions to block 78 URLs by a court in Gwalior.

The follow up, the AICTE chairman and the UGC officials are seeking legal support from their respective Lawyers to defend themselves from being called corrupt or bribe seeking. As far as IIPM is concerned, Choudhary said he is proud that IIPM is not associated with AICTE & UGC according to reports.

When we last checked the list of URLs which were ordered to be blocked most of them seemed to be working fine. The list of URLs which are asked to block are detailed on a report by MediaNama.

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