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In less than a year, Apex court rolls back it’s stance on AICTE

Last year on 25th April, the Hon’ble Supreme Court said that the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has no role to play in the technical & management courses offered by Universities. This has not only limited the powers of AICTE but has put a serious trouble for the education institutes which were subjected to dilemma on whether to follow UGC or AICTE guidelines.

In less than an year, the Supreme Court has rolled back it’s stance by giving the wings back to AICTE. For the next academic year the AICTE will take over the authority over the technical & management institutes. This includes colleges offering B.E or B.Tech and MBA or PGDM courses. For now, AICTE approval is a must whether one opts for an UGC approved University course or an autonomous course.

It is believed that the intervention of AICTE will ensure quality of the education offered by the technical & management courses, since the required expertise to lay norms isn’t with in the reach of UGC.

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Apex court says AICTE prior approval not mandatory for starting MBA & MCA courses

Colleges offering University MBA or MCA courses need not seek approval from AICTE, apex court has said in a recent verdict. The Supreme Court was hearing a petition filed by several private management colleges against the AICTE. The bench comprising of BS Chauhan and V Gopala Gowda stated that MBA is not a technical course and thus AICTE cannot be authorized to set standards about it’s quality.

Henceforth colleges offering University MBA & MCA courses are not required to seek prior approval from AICTE. The Universities themselves have no obligation to seek AICTE approval for it’s courses, why the affiliated colleges should seek AICTE approval the private management colleges argued. They alleged that AICTE is wrongly interpreting it’s powers, the colleges had challenged an order passed by the Madras High Court.

One should also note from this year AICTE has made CMAT a compulsory for all MBA colleges affiliated by AICTE. The apex court verdict comes as a sigh of relief as non AICTE approved colleges have more flexibility. These colleges need not wait to take only CMAT score.

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AICTE signs MoU with BSNL to use the training facilities and faculty of BSNL

To facilitate technical institutions to respond to the need of providing State of art Telecom equipment based operational Skills to engineering graduates to enhance their qualification, competence and employability by enhanced skill up-gradation All India Council For Technical Education is signing an MoU with BSNL to use the training facilities and faculty of BSNL for the benefit of students in AICTE approved intuitions under its Employability Enhancement Training Program(EETP). The MoU was signed in the presence of Hon’ble Humane Resources Development Minister, Dr. M.M.Pallam Raju and Minister of State, Shri Jitin Prasada in New Delhi today.

The programs will focus on practical hands-on training in field/lab work supplemented with structured academic content that is currently being provided online and can be supplemented with appropriate theory sessions in academic institutions/colleges.

Practical session shall be held in the weekends or other times in flexi-mode that shall expose the students to various states of art telecom equipment and their operation.

Academic content will focus on the various operational procedures/facets of the telecom equipment/technologies present in the BSNL network related to practical aspects in an attempt to provide the students with high end equipment handling practical skill as opposed to rote learning.

The training will be provided through 44 training centres of BSNL, spread across the country.

The students to be trained under the scheme shall be finalized by AICTE for each centre. The Project cost is approximately to be Rs. 15 Cr and is expected to train 15000 students.

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AICTE reminds entrance tests required for PGDM courses

The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has issued a notification as a cautionary reminder to all students planning to join PGDM courses in the academic year 2013-2014. As per the AICTE rules, colleges should select students based on any of the five recognized entrance tests. ATMA, CMAT, CAT, MAT, XAT are the five recognized tests accepted by all AICTE approved Institutes, recently IRMA challenged AICTE’s decision secured an interim stay on IRMA Entrance Test. IRMA will have it’s own entrance exam but other colleges under the ambit of AICTE must use scores of any of these five entrance exams only.

Students are here by advised to make a note of the rule passed by AICTE and appear for anyone of the 5 recognized MBA entrance exams. However some Institutions are still conducting their own entrance exams, students must exercise caution and note that students joining PGDM or MBA courses without appearing for entrance exams will get invalid PGDM or MBA degrees.

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Delhi High Court Asks AICTE To Keep A Check On Unapproved Colleges

The Delhi High Court has asked to probe into an allegation that various engineering colleges are conducting unapproved courses. AICTE being a regulatory body for both technical & management education in India has so far failed to wipe off unapproved colleges. The official website of AICTE do say about unapproved & approved Institutes in India from time to time but students still get into the trap.

It is not only about engineering colleges the same is seen for other courses especially management courses. With increased number of students pursuing Masters degree in Management, the MBA colleges have mushroomed in every corner. It is also learnt that few MBA colleges claim that their Institute is awaiting approval from AICTE, colleges convince students that very soon their Institute will bear an AICTE approved tag. This is a normal explanation colleges are giving to students at the time of admission, this continues every year and each year they manage to convince students and keep the ship floating. Some colleges which don’t have approval from AICTE will go on to print on their brochures, flyers and promotional materials that their Institute is AICTE approved.

We have recently reported that there are about 327 MBA colleges in India which are not approved by AICTE and the number keeps increasing every year. The AICTE official website has information on approved & unapproved colleges, students should exercise caution and take minimum responsibility in verifying the credentials of the college he or she is going to join.

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AICTE: 327 Business Schools Across India Are Unapproved

The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) is an apex body which regulates technical and management education in  India. According to a list uploaded by AICTE on it’s official website; 327 Business Schools in India are unapproved.

The list was updated on 05 July 2012, there is a significant rise in the unapproved Institutes in the past few years. Maharashtra has the highest number of Business Schools (108) which are not approved by AICTE, second in the list of unapproved Business Schools is Delhi with 61 and the third in the list is Andhra Pradesh at 44.

Below is a table with state wise count of unapproved Business Schools.

State Number of unapproved Business Schools
Andhra Pradesh 44
Bihar 02
Chandigarh 08
Delhi 61
Goa 02
Gujarat 03
Haryana 17
Himachal Pradesh 02
Karnataka 22
Maharashtra 108
Orissa 01
Punjab 03
Rajasthan 02
Tamil Nadu 11
Uttar Pradesh 17
West Bengal 24
Total 327

a. Count of unapproved Business Schools by State

View list of unapproved Business Schools

According to a report, AICTE Chairman S S Mantha made a statement saying, “Sitting in Delhi, I cannot go and raid some institutions in some other state. We also cannot stop the state government from giving approvals.” (via)

The data shown above and the statement given by SS Mantha contradicts, as Delhi alone has 61 unapproved Business Schools which is next only to Maharashtra. The obvious question would be why didn’t AICTE bring down or take action against unapproved Business Schools in Delhi.

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CMAT Row: SC Extended Stay On AICTE Circular

Last year the regulatory body of technical & management education in India (AICTE) issued a circular stating CMAT as the sole test for MBA or PGDM Admissions. The apex court has granted an interim relief earlier and clarified that management colleges can go ahead with their selection process using any of the five national level entrance tests namely CAT, MAT, XAT, ATMA & CMAT. It was only an interim stay order for the current year’s MBA or PGDM admissions.

Yesterday (10 July) the supreme court has further extended the stay to one more year responding to the petition filed last year by Educational Promotional Society of India (EPSI), Association of Indian Management Schools (AIMS) and Jaipuria Group of Institutions. What the stay means is that B Schools can adopt scores of either CAT, MAT, XAT, ATMA or CMAT even for the next year’s MBA or PGDM courses. Thus MBA aspirants can continue to make their plans to take on several other entrance exams, as CMAT is not a mandatory or the sole test even for next year admissions.

Apart from the CAT which is conducted by IIMs, MAT is also a popular or widely administered test conducted 4 times a year by the All India Management Association (AIMA). Autonomous Institutes such as XLRIs use their own entrance test XAT; CMAT thus has born out of an idea to have a single entrance test for all MBA or PGDM Colleges. CMAT which debuted last year had a very poor response; only 70,000 students have taken the test which was conducted only in the online mode.

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Tamil Nadu Engineering Colleges Increased Intake Will Add 40k More Seats

At the time when engineering colleges are crying for student enrollment to their B.E courses, AICTE has sanctioned 40,000 more seats in Tamil Nadu Engineering colleges. There are an approximate of 230,000 engineering seats in the state already, the 40k additional seats will make it to 270,000 engineering seats.

Approximately 30% of the seats remained vacant last year and as per reports more colleges are seeking AICTE intervention to allow them to have a smooth shut down. Though only two colleges from the entire Tamil Nadu applied for closure this year chances are that the number might increase in the next few years.

For the 270,000 seats (approximately) only 185,000 students are competing,  this year 185k students have registered for Tamil Nadu Engineering single window counseling close to 40% seats are already left out. It could pretty well push lower rung engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu for a closure in the years to come.

What is your take? Should AICTE take appropriate measures to ensure supply doesn’t over weigh demand!

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State Wise Split of Engineering & Management Colleges Applied For Closure

Shortage of students for their courses have forced as many as 143 engineering & management colleges to apply for a shut down. AICTE has received 143 applications for closure, Andhra Pradesh has the highest number of applications (56) while Rajasthan is at number two (18) and Uttar Pradesh is at number three (17).

As per the information given by The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) the below are the state wise applications submitted for closure (this academic year).

State Number of applications received for closure
Chhatisgarh 04
Gujarat 13
Madhya Pradesh 05
West Bengal 02
Bihar 01
Uttar Pradesh 17
Uttarakhand 01
Haryana 06
Punjab 06
Rajasthan 18
Andhra Pradesh 56
Tamil Nadu 02
Karnataka 05
Maharashtra 07

Do you think political instability or Telangana agitation in the State of Andhra Pradesh is driving student away from the State? Share your views!

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CBI Caught AICTE Officials While Taking Bribe In The Name Of Accreditation

According to highly placed sources CBI officials have caught three AICTE officials while they are taking bribe from three Engineering Colleges. The Directors of the colleges were in negotiation with the AICTE officials; these colleges didn’t meet the minimum criteria for AICTE accreditation. Somehow the college management wants to get through the approval process, according to a report 12 Gold coins and Rs. 12 Lacs were recovered from a hotel room where the deal took place.

AICTE is an apex body which regulates Technical & Management education in India, several colleges strive to get a pass mark from AICTE to brand their Institute as AICTE approved. In the process certain lower rung Engineering & Management colleges look for an alternative method to get away with the approval process without meeting the criteria specified by AICTE.

As per the guidelines specified by AICTE for the approval process; the factors that are considered are infrastructure, land, computer lab, library, basic amenities and several others a comprehensive report (link) has been released lately by Dr. SS Mantha the present chairman of AICTE. It is so sad that some officials are taking advantage of the situation, the accused are produced in the court yesterday according to a report. Justice is awaited!

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