UGC Job Portal to help NET, SET & PhD qualified candidates find Jobs

An academic job portal launched by The University Grants Commission (UGC) to help NET, SET & PhD candidates find jobs. The objective of the Job Portal is two fold, candidates can browse jobs and the employers can also view the profiles of the candidates.

Major employers include Universities & Colleges who look for faculty positions, since qualified candidates have a provision to create their academic profile.

The Portal also facilitates employers to register and post the job vacancies on this portal so that candidates can apply against the vacancies.The job portal accessible at have 7892 registered candidate profiles (at the time of publishing this new article).

UGC is officially established in November 1956 as a statutory body of the Government of India through an Act of Parliament for the coordination, determination and maintenance of standards of university education in India.

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  1. i am qualified the job of assistant pro.and isubmit my resume also but ugc no provide any news for job in my mail or job portal how i submit this group

  2. GOOD. But must be initiated correctly without any partiality. All the NET qualified persons must be recruited and special concentration must be given to NET – JRF qualified persons which differentiates them positively from the normal recruitments.

  3. this is an excellent step taken by the ugc and ihope it makes some positive changes in the recruitment procedure.

  4. This is the very lucrative step of the UGC for both the candidates and universities. It needs close watch on the appointments in the universities and colleges so as to prevent wrong appointments and fulfill the need of faculties in the concerned universities and colleges otherwise the job portal will be useless.

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