The Wikipedia of Education ‘Khan Academy’ Launches Computer Science Education

The Wikipedia of Education ‘Khan Academy’ has launched computer science education module. Khan Academy as of now has delivered 180,600,916 lessons online through YouTube lectures, the website is widely popular among students from all parts of the world. The website has about 3300 videos covering K-12 math, science topics such as biology, chemistry, and physics, and humanities with playlists on finance and history.

Students, coaches, parents & teachers can gain complete free access to their extensive video library. Talking on the Computer Science Education model, Khan Academy takes you from basics to depth on a particular subject. As an example if you wish t learn Python, it starts with the introduction, then basics and touches on lower level modules, middle level modules and reaches the depth.

Useful tutorials covered under Khan Academy computer science module are Programming Basics, Animation, User Interaction, Simulation, Games and much more.

Check out Khan Academy Computer Science Tutorial module

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  1. Websites like Khan Academy or are great for students to use and learn at their own pace wherever they are.

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