Edit Option For AIPMT 2012 Online Application Form From Feb 1 2012

The edit option for correcting mistakes in the online AIPMT 2012 application forms will be made available from February 01, 2012 and lasts till February 24, 2012. (via) Earlier we have reported about the possibility of edit option, worried students who committed minor to major mistakes in the online AIPMT 2012 form posted several queries and expressed concerns as the due date (without late fee) is 25 January 2012.

Such applicants who made mistakes can breathe easy as CBSE is going to enable a one time edit option mechanism (similar to AIEEE 2012 edit method), applicant will be asked to authenticate himself by providing his basic details such as registration number, date of birth etc. The applicant can edit his AIPMT 2012 application form with certain limitations, he or she will not be allowed to edit test centre details, question paper medium, counselling centre choice etc.

Further information will be made available soon, stay tuned!

News Credit: India Today

Official Note: Read the Press Release from CBSE

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83 comments on “Edit Option For AIPMT 2012 Online Application Form From Feb 1 2012

  1. priyanka says:

    sir i have sent my form via courier .will it be accepted

  2. sanjana says:

    sir i forgotten my AIPMT registration number and have tried to contact but have not got any reply please help me sir as the admit card is made available

  3. madhu says:

    I hav lost my photocopy of confirmation page and dont remember my registration no..please help me in this case as i want to download my admit card,.

  4. tejas d raju says:

    i have made mistake in my form i have submitted code 02 instead of 07 and i have submitted the confirmation page through speed post so how cn i correct my mistake n will my form be rejected???plzz reply sir…

  5. priya says:

    sir,i have sent my application form via courier instead of speed post.. will it be accepted or not??

  6. priya says:

    sir, i have sent my application form via urgent courier instead of speed post.. will they not accept it?? wat do i do now??

  7. shambhavi says:

    what to do if i have pasted a black and white photo in my aipmt application form? The date of correction has also passed away……………………plzz reply soon

  8. arub manazir says:

    sir,i have made a mistake in writing my 12 roll no. plz.tell me how should i apply for correection

  9. suzan says:

    sir plz reply fast

  10. suzan says:

    should i attach my 10 th class DMC with new confirmation page (after using edit option)

  11. MEKHLA SARKAR says:


  12. Rajeev says:

    Sir, i have corrected my qualification code from 01 to 07, but on the correction slip it still shows 01. Is there a problem in edit option?? Will my form get rejected??

    • Shailesh says:

      Rajiv i also have same problem, it is still 01, i contacted Aipmt Cbse, they said that it will be correctly updated online but due to technical problem, it is not showing in correction slip. Please, You also contact them so that they will come to know that others also facing same problem.

  13. suzan says:

    sir should i pay reg fee again if i use edit opt

  14. Ria says:

    sir tell me plz that i change some info in my form by edit opt provided by cbsebut i already post it on 25 jan should it cost more

    • Srikanth says:

      Hi Ria, You don’t need to post again as you have already done it before. It won’t cost extra, by the way what changes have you made, did it reflected in the new confirmation slip? Others are complaining they are not able to make changes..

  15. Shailesh says:

    Sir, I have corrected my details of qualifications and qualifying code…from 01 to 07 and confirmed and submitted the details, but still it is showing the old value in correction slip i am worried because they dont allow to edit form for second time.

  16. Jaya says:

    Through edit option, I have corrected qualifying exam code from 01 to 07 today. But the new correction slip i printed still shows old value and new value as 01. Can I again recheck my application details and make correction again if the code is not changed.

    • Shailesh says:

      I am, also facing the same problem i had made qualifying exam code from 01 to 07 ….we must constantly contact cbse about this prblem…so that they will know that many r facing same problem. correction slip shows same values as old.

  17. Divya says:

    sir i m unable for edit in my aipmt form from 1st feb it shows some technical problem

  18. Piyush says:

    Sir I am unable to edit the AIPMT 2012 form as you have mentioned that we can edit from 1st Feb but I have tried many times but no luck. Please let me know why it is not editing. When will I be able to do the changes I have to make as soon as possible.


  19. pia says:

    sir plzzzzzz help me out,this is my last chance to give the aipmt exam…help me sir

  20. pia says:

    sir,i hv sent confirmation page,but it will not reach till 2nd feb,evn my form is correct,can i again send form on editing with new dd,is it possible,even i hv cancelled the older one.

  21. malavika says:

    sr i have made a mistake for the attestment i.e .we have made attestment at only one place rather than attesting at two place……plz help us

  22. lakshmi.p says:

    respectet sir
    I want know about my application form status . my form number is 298085
    please reply me

  23. jaya says:

    sir plz tel me that i hv to pay fee again or not

  24. jaya says:

    should i hv to pay reg fee again and should also pay late fee or not

  25. aditi says:


  26. Ananya says:

    sir i had post the conformation page on 25 jan hving wrong info now via using edit opt should i pay reg fee again and also hv to pay late fee then my old dd should block

  27. nida shakil says:

    sir, i had made mistake in filling the qualifying exam code and i wrote draft seriol no in place of draft no..i am trying to correct it bt there is some technical problem in their server….so i want to confirm that i have to send the form again after correction….i am not having original copy of draft as i had sent the form to cbse…

  28. shahnas k.f says:

    how to edit ?how to know application status?please help……………

  29. anandita says:

    Sir,if i send the page now with mistakes, it wil n0t reach withn 2nd feb whch is the last date. So my dd will be cancelld. So wot shud i do ? Plz help

  30. anandita says:

    Sir,if i send the page now with mistakes, it wil n0t reach withn 2nd feb whch is the last date. So my dd will be cancelld. So wot shud i do ?

  31. Rockstar says:

    No edit option till now

  32. hanna t says:

    i have taken the demand draft in favour of the deputy secretary,CBSE instead of the secretary ,CBSE. Since ive taken the draft in favour of CBSE i hope il b eligible for writing the exam..or plz inform me if i hav to take a new demand draft..ive already sent it by speed post

  33. lakshmi.p says:

    respected sir
    my application form no.298085

  34. lakshmi.p says:

    respected sir
    Iwant to know about my application form status. it reach the board or not and any correction in that
    please reply me

  35. tseten tashi says:

    Hello sir, i have already submitted my form, where i have created a minor mistake that is, i have written wrong pin code… it must to edit or not so important?????????
    will be waiting for your reply…..thank you

  36. anandita says:

    sir, after editing the form, wot is the procedure ? I hv already made a dd bt due to my mistakes in the form, i didnt send the incorrect cnfirmatn page..plz telme the procedure aftr editing the form

  37. SHIVI says:

    sir i have forgot my registration number.
    how can i get that same number ..i tried a lot but they gave me another number even after filling same details …plZ tell me

    • D B Sarkar says:

      @ Shivi
      If u have not deleted temporary(%temp%) or recent(%recent) data from your computer/laptop or you have not used DISC Clean Up Or Fragmentation option in the PC than you may retrieve the data from your PC. In every PC a temporary copy of web page etc are created. You can search into recent files or temporary file by name or date. As this being the last option for you, take help from someone who knows these options very well.

  38. fiza says:

    sir plz reply me

  39. sayali says:

    i have made mistake in my form i have submitted code 01 instead of 07 and i have submitted the confirmation page through speed post so how cn i correct my mistake n will my form be rejected???
    plzz reply sir…

  40. sayali says:

    i have made mistake in my form i have submitted code 01 instead of 07 and i have submitted the confirmation page through speed post so how cn i correct my mistake n will my form be rejected???
    plzz reply sir…

  41. fiza says:

    sir i hv to edit info in my form
    sir but last date is 25 without late fee now i hv to pay 1000+500 rupee as i already post conformation page hvng mistakes sir plz tell me

    • Srikanth says:

      Hi Fiza, No problem you can edit those details on February 1, if you have already submitted before the deadline no need to pay late fee (even if the form had mistakes).

      • jumbish says:

        sir..i havent written da details on da backside of photo on da confirmation page az mentioned before pasting………..and i have sent it through speed post……….wat shud i do now????????????????????

        • Srikanth says:

          Hi Jumbish, It is ok not an issue. They have asked to write in case if the photos get misplaced in transit. It wont be a problem.

  42. Brar says:

    When will the application tracker initiate?

  43. shini says:

    sir,i have made corrections in the aipmt form manually and have sent it alongwith an application as recommended by the official over a telephonic sir can i now edit it online ??will there be any problem in the acceptance of the form??plz help!!

  44. piyush says:

    sir, i had filled wrong address.. but editing process will starts by 1st of feb…. but it is given to send before 2 feb without late fee…. is i hv to give late fee…of 500 rs ……??? help me sir… 🙁 🙁

  45. sachin mishra says:

    sir i want to edit my application form…by mistaken i wrote wrong date of birth sir help me plzzzz…..thank u

  46. Anirudh says:

    sssiiiirrrrrrrrr pppllllllllzzzzzzz
    tell me that via using edit option i hv to pay again regi fee by dd with late fee also

  47. Harpreet says:

    thank you very much sir, i just want to know that my yahoo id has little mistake of a slash, all other details are fine so if i could correct it by using edit application form?please sir tell me about this and whether it will cost extra or not ? confirm me sir

  48. sourabh says:

    yes sir…the new form is without any mistakes……

  49. sourabh says:

    but sir nw I have sent my form by filling a new form n wrote mistake on top of it by red ink wat shuld i do?

    • Srikanth says:

      Ho Sourabh, It is fine are your changes reflected in the new application form? If it did no problem, if your changes are not made even after filling new form then you can edit online.

  50. Brar says:

    Hi Mr Srikanth, How do I know whether my application has been recieved by the AIPMT admission cell or not? I had sent it on 10 Jan 2012. There is no application tracker anywhere on their site? Please guide me.

  51. sabari says:

    Thanks for the Update… For me the last date for receipt of application is 2dn Feb, So is that ok that i send it after 2nd Feb. Have they extended the receipt time , if yes. for how many days…??? Plz reply…!!

    • Srikanth says:

      Hi Sabari, You have to submit your form now even if it carries mistake, later on you can edit. Depending upon what you want to edit whether you should send the new confirmation receipt or not will be decided.

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