NEET UG & NEET PG When and What

Medical Council of India (MCI) has earlier called for national level common medical entrance tests at undergraduate & postgraduate level. So far officially nothing has been announced, news agencies report contradicting news about the possibility of NEET UG. Key challenges ahead of MCI are language issue and syllabus, earlier MCI had made it clear that ‘NEET will be held only in Hindi & English‘ this statement from MCI official created chaos among states which have regional language as medium of instruction in higher secondary education level.

Andhra Pradesh was probably the first state which readily welcomed MCI’s proposal of holding a common medical entrance test, it seems like the state’s officials are now in dilemma on whether to wipe off EAMCET and State Pre Medical Entrance Test to accommodate newly proposed NEET. The state has a tough choice between going against it’s state’s local medium states (Telugu) or agreeing for MCI. However higher education council official said ‘AP is unlikely to adopt NEET if the test is conducted only in Hindi & English’  according to source. As per expectations close to 40,000 students might appear for the State’s entrance test EAMCET in regional language Telugu, the fate of these students will be in gamble if they were to ask to take the test in English or Hindi.

Another source reports that, Madhya Pradesh will be implementing NEET which was tentatively scheduled on May 13 2011, waiving off the states premedical entrance test MP will be accepting NEET from 2012. As per the information provided by the source, NEET UG is likely to happen in 2012 and NEET PG will be held in 2013. MCI made statements with media in the last week of September about the date when they are likely to announce official decision on NEET, they haven’t kept up the word.

So it is possible that what ever MCI has been disclosing to media might not count on it’s official stand. Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Gujarat and few more states doesn’t want to have NEET. Few states have issues with syllabus and few states have concerns with language.

If MCI wants to do away with regional language in NEET then why is it that they are allowing Hindi language? Why not just in English, down the south say in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamilnadu and Kerala doesn’t speak or use Hindi on a daily basis. It is very unlikely that these states use Hindi at all, although Hindi is our National Language people down the state are more comfortable with their states own regional language.


NEET UG: NEET UG is likely to be held on May 13, 2011 as per MCI’s previous version, please refer our previous post to know about the format. There will be no negative marking, even Dental College admissions will be made based on NEET score. AIIMS Test and JIPMER will still be in force they are exempted from NEET, MCI had made it clear that NEET will be held only in English & Hindi hence it is unclear which states will be accepting NEET.

NEET PG: MCI is troubling itself by going for such a bold decision in a less span of time, probably NEET PG will not happen in 2012.

What are your views? Do share it here!


NEET UG to be held on 05 May 2013

NEET PG to be held on 24 Nov to 06 Dec 2012

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  1. please help me out……………… someone plz tell me jkcet 2013 will be there or not ……………… my mind is messed up with all this ………………….. plz be nice enough n help me out……………….. thanx in advance

    • SIR,

  2. Hindi is not an National language of India. Its only an official language. Tamil People are also demanding the official language status for them. Then only all the entrance exams for education and job will be conducted in Tamil also. We Tamil people will not surrender our rights to Hindi speaking people.


    At a time when some States are indulging in nit picking to scuttle the process of NEET in 2012, Kerala stands tall as a beacon supporting NEET. In all these tumultuous time, Kerala is very clear in its thinking and stands by the decision of Central Govt, Supreme Court and MCI. In India Kerala have the maximum literacy rate and whenever any rule or Act comes into force against the well being of the people, Kerala would be the first State to oppose. At the same time, if it finds the same beneficial to people, it will be the first State to welcome and adopt. In the case of NEET, it appreciates the advantages and benefits of it and had readily adopted itself for the sake of its students.

    As everyone knows, Kerala is a non-Hindi State, its official language is Malayalam, 80% of its students study State board Syllabus in Malayalam. Its State syllabus also has difference with that of core syllabus declared by MCI. It had State PMT which was set in English and Malayalam language. The so called grievances by the opposing States were all omnipresent in Kerala too. But the State was so prudent and proactive, it saw the advantages out weighing disadvantages, hence decided to take NEET.

    In my village which is hundreds of miles away from Trivandrum, the Capital city of Kerala, the public is reasonably aware about the introduction of NEET. The institute where I am studying has been informing us the possibility of NEET in 2012. About a month back, the notice about NEET was put on the campus notice board and a copy of the same was stuck in each and every class room. In my institute each and every student is aware about NEET coming in May 2012. The institute was informed by the State education board and our institute had put up the notices in the entire campus even in canteen.

    My institute had already started to adjust the curriculum according to the NEET syllabus and in fact in the last 2 weekly tests the question paper was set tougher to prepare the students for NEET. The institute had told us very clearly that students need to prepare themselves to deal the NEET questions in English only. The Malayalam papers were withdrawn from the monthly tests to begin with.

    Kerala has 23 medical colleges in all in the State. The majority of them are private medical colleges. The Kerala Govt is so transparent that without buckling to the pressure of the pvt colleges, unlike the other opposing States, supports NEET to the hilt. Gujarat which is bigger than Kerala and which has a better GDP than Kerala has only 19 medical colleges, yet a small group of parents headed by a wealthy Doctor with the connivance of vested interest is opposing NEET in Ahmedabad.

    Among all the States, Kerala definitely stands tall and majestic. In India we have 28 States and 7 Union Territories, except 5 or 6 States all other States have accepted NEET. Whether these States participate in NEET or not, it doesn’t matter, but NEET will definitely happen and we look forward to it eagerly.

    On Behalf of all these Pro NEET States and students like me hailing from villages request the opposing States to change their minds and join NEET 2012 immediately.

    • In Kerala, all the students are learning the Higher Secondary Education In English only. There is no Malayalam Medium. So for them there is no problem of language issue. But in Tamilnadu, around 3.5 lakh people students are completing 12th standard through Tamil Medium. What is the remedy for these Tamil Medium students as they dont know both English and Hindi. It is against the constitution of India and the fundamental right of the citizen. Denying their opportunity is a crime. Kerala people thrown away their mother tongue for their survival. Is it not a shame to them?

      • You have very poor knowledge about Kerala, so dont talk about it. If you got something to say in your defence for Tamilnadu, then say it. If you have valid reasons for avoiding NEET in Tamilnadu, you can take up the case legally. Do you think you know better than the Supreme Court judges who pronounced the order to conduct NEET??

        • We are not fool to believe all the words of Supreme court judges. They are not gods. Can you prove kerala have Malayalam medium in +2. So they have every reason to accept neet. The supreme courts decision may be taken by only considering the benefits of Hindi speaking people. What is the supreme court’s stand on language issue?

          • First of all you prove that you are intelligent. Can you prove??? You prove this then we shall test the caliber of others?

          • Go through this website which has several malayalam medium schools teaching +2

            • Your answer is funny. You are welcoming the NEET. The question papers are set only in English and Hindi. If Malayalam medium are there in Kerala means they will suffer because of the imperialistic policy of Hindians. If you welcome the NEET means you are acting against the interest of your own state people for your selfish gains. How the malayalam medium students will write this exam if the question papers are set only in English and Hindi. Its your wish to be submissive to those imperialistic people who wants to destroy your dignity and language by skilfully introducing Hindi language in your boundary.Their motive is to colonize your land. It is their long term plan. If you are interested be alert and raise your voice against the barbarians

              • Hello mate,
                Your lack of knowledge about Kerala is quite conspicuous. We have just 500 govt medical seats here. There are about 30,000 medical aspirants in the State. Most of the students, incl malayalam medium students take coaching for medical entrance aiming, AIPMT, AIIMS (in 2011 9 students selected from kerala) JIPMER, comedK, Manipal etc. Coaching starts from either IX Std or XI Std. This gives them sufficient practice to take exams in English. This is the reason why the students are willing to take NEET in english and not bothered to take in Malayalam.
                Still I dont agree with your anti-Hindi attitude and am not willing to discuss about this issue. You are talking like an extremist….thats not right dude. We are in India and Hindi is considered to be an official language of the country. I am a strong advocate of tri-language formula i.e. English+Malayalam+Hindi in my State for eg.

  4. @ dr. chandra…
    Mam thanx for ur help… U r sweet and caring girl…
    Srikanth has deleted my post to u… Dont know why.
    Mam dont go away frm this blog.. Plz mam…
    If u dont want to write coments on this blog then plz mam must contact me on my id -:-
    Plz mam its an urgue from ur younger brother… Plz mam aap meri career bana sakti ho..?
    Plz mam…

    • What would be the status of J&K aspirants ? Whether J&K is joining NEET or Sticking to its JKCET only? In case the State of J&K decides to go with JKCET only, whether individual students can appear in NEET for getting admission in private medical colleges in India? Can anyone throw light on this ?


  5. @ srikanth…
    Why u have deleated my post to dr. chandra…????
    It was very important for me yaar…. She is helping me alot… Plz srikanth wo mera career bana sakti hai yaar…. Plzzz dont delete furthur….

  6. hello prince
    thank u , for the first time anyone is asking a sensible quetion. since i have lived most part of my life with my relatives in delhi with relatives, i have studied in cbse and cleared aipmt and am doing my course from govt. medical college in chandigarh.
    as of aiims, i had given the exam but could not clear it. i don’t know my marks as i don’t think aiims releases marks. i only saw the merit list where my name was not their. u need to score atleast 75% to 80% to get a seat. even in jipmer you will have to score atleast 165 to 175 marks of 200. remember that merit list in these exams get over within 10 or 15 marks.

    this will be my last comment . someone has said i am g.c. . i think that person is illeterate. anyway i don’t want toget involved in these discussions.

    • Pls don’t take it otherwise. If u don’t mind can u tell me ur full name along with your year of qualification. This will make others to believe in you. Pls don’t take it personal. If u don’t want then its ok. It has become hard to believe anyone here because of gc & singham.

  7. The NEET Exam may be conducted in two stasgesd – one preliminary and the other final as what was done in previous years. If so, the preliminary may be in February and Final shall be in May 2012 ,as proposed. The syllabus shall not be common for both preliminary and final. For prelimninary a syllabus which will suit to all boards of exams of varous states and the final shall be that proposed by NCERT LEAVING THE TOPICS WHICH ARE NOT ACTUALLY REQUIRED FOR A MEDICAL STUDENT.
    THE QUESTIONS MAY BE HAVING EQUAL DISTRRIBUTION TO ALL TOPICS GIVEN IN THE SYLLBUS. Since percentile evaluation is made, negative marking shall be avoided. The private managements may be given a freedom to select the candidates from the list of the students who had passed the preliminary exam. The criteria of admission in the private institutions shall be published well befor the preliminary exam and the MCI shall closely scruitinise the adm,ission to know wheteher the managements are devaiating from the policy declared.

  8. It will be nice if the NEET is conducted in two steps, one for preliminary and the other final as what was done in previous years. If so, the preliminary may be helkd in February and the final in May 2012. Regfarding the syllabus of the exam, the common syllabus (topics) shall be applicable for bothe the exams. But for prelimiunary the gravity of the syllabus shall be limited and for final,it may in detail. While setting the questions, 30% shall be at kn owledge level, 30% for undserstanding and next 30% shall be for application and remnaining 10% shall be lengthy. A single rank list may be prepared for all India selection and separate ranklist for each states may be prepared. The Private Mangemnets may be allowed to select the candidates only fro the list of the cnadidatres who had passed preliminary exams. They may make their own criteria for selection. But the mode of selection shall be announced before conducting the preliminary exam. The official announcements shall be made immediately to avoid the confusion among the students. If percentile system of ranking is made the system of negative marks may be avoided. The question papers may be made available in the regional languages and in Hindi and English to those states who were conducting the entrance exams in the previousx years.The above, I think will solve the problem.

  9. KOLKATA: It’s time for students from Bengali-medium schools preparing for the next medical entrance test to hone up their English skills. In addition, they will now have to put in extra effort to get familiar with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) syllabus to appear for the common all-India medical test.

    Students from the state have been left in a tight spot after the Medical Council of India and the Union health ministry asked the CBSE board to conduct a common medical entrance examination, breaking away from the West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination (WBJEE) for both engineering and medical entrance in colleges.

    The common test will have multiple choice questions (MCQ) in English. For that, students will have to understand the questions. Though the Bengal government keeps on insisting that students can write the examination in vernacular, the type of the test leaves little option for that since students will only have to tick the right option.

    Students from Bengali-medium schools will now have to get acquainted with the scientific terms in addition to the difference in syllabus between the CBSE and the West Bengal Higher Secondary Council. CBSE follows National Council for Technical Education ( NCTE) books while the state council has its own syllabus. “The students from the state council will have to get acquainted with CBSE syllabus to appear for the medical test,” said a senior official.

    Caught in a bind, the Bengal government has given a nod to the Centre’s decision to conduct the common test in English. “The Centre has turned down our plea to set questions in Bengali,” said director of medical education Susanta Banerjee. Banerjee’s admission clearly points out that there is no scope taking the examination in Bengali when the test will be based on MCQs set in English.

    “There cannot be any proposition that question papers will be set in English but students can write the answers in Bengali since all the questions are MCQs. Hence, the students will only need to tick the right options given along with the questions,” said CBSE chairman Vineet Joshi.

    WBJEE board chairman Bhaskar Gupta will write a letter to higher education secretary Satish Tiwary to get a clear picture on the issue. “I have already spoken to education minister Bratya Basu on the matter. We have set the first week of November as the deadline ,” said Gupta.

    The board chairman appreciated the uncertainty among higher secondary students who are yet to know which syllabus they are to follow – CBSE or WBHS. “We have to distribute the WBJEE forms from November onwards. The government has to take decision within this time frame for the sake of students.”

    State education minister Bratya Basu said the government will take a decision soon. “I am aware of the situation. I will take up the matter with chief minister Mamata Banerjee once I receive the letter from the WBJEE board.”

  10. The Anti-NEET rhetoric from Private college management associations are not surprising at all . For all these years they have been looting money from gullible students and were providing haven for worthless and weak students. They feel NEET as a threat to their free reign and corrupt practices of admitting students.
    If you look at Career Mitra top 25 medical colleges, barring KMC, Manipal there is no other private medical college in this list. It only shows the quality of education in these Pvt medical colleges in poor light. It leaves a lot to desire about the quality of doctors coming out of these institutes.
    Under Right to Education Act, all pvt educational institutes are expected to work on the principle of ‘no profit’ in running these institutes. On the contrary, these institutes have made these establishments as money spinners. The dangerous part is that they produce medical quacks and good for nothing doctors by admitting undeserving candidates.
    Govt should bring in a regulation to make it mandatory for them to monitor the admissions and also to fix a fair fees. The capitation fees should be totally abolished to allow students from all strata of society to seek admissions from pvt medical colleges.

  11. @ dr. chandra…
    Hello mam..
    May i know in which college u r studying mbbs.. Plzzz mam…
    May i ask u some thing about aiims..????
    Plz do reply mam…!!!

    • Hi Venkat,
      Not only EAMCET, majority of the State CETs are corrupt. The tests conducted by Pvt colleges like ComedK, Kerala pvt medical colleges test, etc., were found to be corrupt and a eye wash. B’coz such corrupt practices, the deserving & merited students dont get admission.
      The only hope for students at this juncture is NEET and I pray God that it should be implemented in 2012.

  12. I think this dr. Chandra is non other than game changer himself. Wow ! new names and new battle of words. Go on guys go on and spoil your future by fighting unneccesarily. Its already november now and abhi ye halat hai then better predict what your future will be.

  13. NO NEET PZ. we are worried. tamil govt. not telling us what is going on. we in problem . neet there or not. mci should declare it or not.


  15. hello srikant
    plz srikant u needto interfer. u know the truth. plz reveal whether g.c. or singham is using ghost figures or not. any new guy writing is being linked with g.c.. is it true. plz clear this.
    mr. dinesh , i never asked for any explaination from u as for why singham was writing is such way. i know the turth. it hardly matters what we all think about each other. better u prepare for exam rather than taking sides.

    • Dr Chandra,
      You started writing in this forum in the last 2 days, whereas I have been writing here for months under different topics brought out by Career Mitra. First of all, before commenting you should go through all the topics, top to toe, to understand about each character writing in this forum. I feel you have come to a hasty conclusion about some characters. I am sure it would take few days to go through all the postings in this forum. Never the less it would be a better approach to start commenting about somebody after reading all those postings.
      When you have taken the liberty to comment about GC and Singham, you should also be prepared to receive comments from anybody including me. SO, DONT TELL ME WHAT I SHOULD DO HERE.

      I am also of the same view that individual personal attacks and abuses should be totally stopped. Readers should respect each other views and concerns and write their own views and opinions in this website. This is what Srikant has been saying all along and I am also supporting his views.

  16. What is going on guys. i had written my views thinking that it will end the fight. but instead it has started a new battle. people here are saying that g.c. is changing names and writing. well i absolutely don,t agree to it. how is everyone so sure about it. rajput in his post explained his linking with g.c.. stop all this nonsense and comment only on neet.

  17. Hey chandra I have been observing this forum from quite long and few people have destroyed this forum completely. I don’t say Singham was innocent but he was provoked to do so. No wan can bear the abuses targeting his family. Whenever the game changer attacked singham then he has replied back. Also it should be made a point the 3rd class and dirty language was first started off by game changer.This game changer is existing in the form of many names like sacha indian, swarnajeet singh (punjab) ,rajput etc etc . He has constantly abused anyone who came with the news that neet is possible in 2012. The pattern of writing and flow of language clearly says its the work of only 1 person. Now in the below post game changer has again come up with self defence in the form rajput. I don’t know what he want to proove by becoming a flag bearer of anti neet campaign. Already he has less time for exam he has to leave all this and study or else time can be cruel on him.

    • hello dr.
      i seriously after reading your comments doubt that u have been following this site. i remember reading the comments of singham which were mostly against swaranjeet (now plz stop swaranjeet is also g.c.). he was using third grade language and no where did i see any comments on his parents.

      i ‘am not supporting g.c. as i know he is actively involved but stop it doctor, stop taking sides.

  18. tired of the bloody games mci is playing. why don’t they just cancel it and conduct it from 2014. we state board students have been put into fix. neet won’t be possible in a country like india and when so many states are opposing this means that their must be some problem with neet.
    mci plz for god sake just clear your stand.

  19. hello chandra
    just saw the reply from dinesh kumar. how easily he blamed game changer for everything. while i understand he has been a bit indisciplined lately , then all that was because was singham. u would have realised earlier that some 4-5 people were abusing g.c. and telling him to go out of this site just because he was opposing the neet. the utmost words that were used were idiot or dumb by him. but after entry of singham everything has changed. it can be realised from his posts how jealous he is of g.c..
    it has been quite a time since i have commented . right from the beginning since i started writing my name was being linked to g.c. which saddened me a lot. not only me sacha indian , swaranjeet singh and others who express themselves in the favour of g.c. have been linked to him.their are only 4-5 supporters left who keep commenting bad and then blame either g.c. or sam.
    i just could not stop myself from replying seeing the comment of dinesh kumar after intelligent thought of yours.

    • Hello Game Changer,
      All those names you mentioned are those of yours. All of us know that, so dont under estimate us. However well you camouflage, we can see you there.
      We want you here in this forum to support anti NEET side in a more decent manner. Instead of using offensive language, learn to project yourself in a more amiable manner. You can write about your difficulties in facing NEET. Write about disadvantages of NEET. Make friends here not enemies.

  20. Hi Chandra,
    I have been writing in this forum for a long time and lately I have reduced my participation b’coz of the bad language & abuse perpetrated by couple of guys calling themselves as ‘Game Changer’ and ‘Sam’. The former keeps needling everyone who writes in support of NEET and he imagines himself as the champion of anti NEET crusade. This guy has no work that he keeps writing abuses endlessly even at nights. He doesn’t realise that writing nonsense here has got nothing to do with the implementation of NEET. Instead of writing here, he should go back and study and at least aim to clear the exam next year.

    I dont blame Singham for indulging in mud slingling b’coz he was forcibly pulled into this imbroglio. All his comments are in retaliation to whatever he recd from GC. We all are ordinary mortals and when we are overcome by emotion, it is natural that we spat at the guy who spits at us first.
    Pl do not think I am supporting Singham, b’coz I hav been following this forum very closely and I know how this decent forum was trasformed into a garbage bin by 1 or 2 guys I mentioned above.

    My request to all the readers is that keep sharing new developments about NEET, write your opinions about the exam, syllabus, pattern etc. For God sake, pl do not indulge in abuse and mud slinging as it is not of any use. THE PROSPECTIVE DOCTORS NEED TO BEHAVE LIKE DOCTORS NOT ONLY IN THIS FORUM BUT EVERYWHERE.

    Somebody may hurl abuse at me for writing this, but I dont care. I just wanted to give a piece of my mind here and thats it.

    • i bet u to give us one 1 instance when g.c. abused u or said something seriously bad . it has always been that u all start and he ends.
      as chandra said try to stop the fight .

      • Hello Game Changer,
        Its you again. I expected this reaction from you. I am not interested to get into an argument with you. I am just requesting you to mend your ways. People who visit this site do so in the hope of getting some update about NEET and not end up learning foul words.
        You always have the habit of replying endlessly and want to have the last say. At least this time, pl stop doing so.

  21. A question to Mr. Srikanth-
    Sir please let me know that in ur opinion how probable is neet ug in 2012??
    and another issue needed to be addressed is that mci already made an official announcement of neet ug syllabus around 3-4 months back and students like me have started preparations based on that syllabus so in case its cancelled its just not possible for cbse students to prepare for the respective state boards in just a matter of 5-6 months.

    • Hi Priya, I don’t want to give you an answer with uncertainty in mind but since you have asked my opinion I would say there is 60 to 70% chance that NEET UG will be held in 2012. At this time it is unclear which states will participate in NEET UG 2012, few states like Andhra Pradesh & Gujarat are seeking approval from MCI to join from 2013. Tamilnadu will fight in court and I don’t think they will ever agree for writing the test in English or Hindi as many students are from Tamil medium similarly Karnataka which was least interested in the common medical entrance test from the day it was announced. So if majority of states are opposing; MCI can’t move ahead and there is no way they can forcibly impose NEET, MCI have to convince state higher education officials for which a lot of time is required (I assume MCI has done that by now). This month the decision has to come out any way so we too keep our finger crossed till then.

      • I agree with you and I reflect your views.
        In my humble opinion, going by the majority, the Govt has to decide in favour of NEET in 2012. If it keeps meandering with this proposal, it cannot see the day light for ever. There are several vested interests in our country opposing NEET and they would see that NEET is put in the back burner for ever. Hence, Govt has to take a bold step forward and implement in NEET in 2012 itself.

        • hello priya
          just wait for few more days as i read somewhere that mci will bring its decision in few days. some will tell u that neet will be implemented just as they said for neet pg,rest as they say is history.all pvt. colleges and many states want it from 2014. apart from mp no state has confirmed about neet. also read srikanth and dr. chandra’s comments.

    • hey priya…
      Gud news yaar.. West bengal also gave its nod to participate in neet 2012… U prepare acc to cbse syllabus as i m doing… If neet is cancled then there will be aipmt…
      But keep one thing in mind that neet is going to happen in 2012.. 100%

  22. as for my views i don’t support neet because it is too late for any change in pattern. people u all need to understand that vernacular language is only a reason being given by states , the truth is that they won,t let it happen. sc may be with mci but u saw what happened with neet pg, same will happen with neet ug. even if mci declares the test state govt. will put a stay on it and anyway it will get cancelled. about a week back i spoke to my friend in delhi to find out about neet. ha said that mci has run into trouble with pvt . colleges. it will be hard for mci to conduct the exam.

  23. hello srikanth
    i am studying mbbs and is a constant follower of this site . my sisterwho is in 12 will be giving eamcet next year. it is really frustating to see some people destroy this site (especially game changer and singham). they have been using third grade language and abusing each other. how can they call themselves doctors.
    u said somewhere that u are in 12 class , i can then very well understand your frustration as my sister is in 12 too. but u have been poking into everyone comments . u need to realise that no one cares what u think. keep your comments to yourself and work harder. stop acting like the leader of masses as u are nothing as of now.
    u seriously need to work on your language . all the comments that i have seen of yours , u have used most disgusting language. it is as if u like fighting on this site. u think that discussion going here is a battle. u have not written anything worth reading and keep on abusing others . u too stop acting like a leader. as far as i have seen even neet supporters don’t speak for u.
    anyone new who writes his comments is either linked with game changer or singham. this is practically not possible. no new person would want to write in such a abusive discussion. guys u are studying for medical how come u have so much time to write nonsense.
    a sincere request to all instead of encouraging a fight stop it. plz srikanth keeep a close eye on gc and singham.

    • Hi Chandra, We have enabled ‘report comment’ functionality to receive feedback on the comments which users think are offensive and all such reported comments will go through a verification phase and will be removed (if it is found offensive). We are taking care to maintain dignity; from users point of you please report any offensive comments. After a minimum threshold of complaints (minimum 5 reports) our moderators will verify the comment.


  24. wow singham bhai tumne to in logo ko chup hi kar diya….
    Do u have any news about other states… Will they participate in neet 2012..

  25. guys just chill yaar…
    Itni raat ko ladayi kar rahe ho… Jo jisme khush hai use usme hi khush rehne do na… We all know that neet is going to happen in 2012.. So just go back to ur studies guys… Stop all these non sense discussions…

  26. Beta game changer ab mere ko copy karna band kar sabko pata hai tu yahan pe 10 name ke sath maujud hai. BDS(govt) ki degree khairat mein nahi banti jati jo tu claim kar raha hai. Apni hasi kisi gadhe ko sunana jo teri baton pe vishwas kare. Ho sake to apne fool hone par bhi thoda hans lena tera dr nahi banne ka dard kam ho jayega uncle. Tu chahe kisi ko kitna bhi behka le par sacchai yehi hai ki tu 8 yrs dropper hai. You scoundrel go to hell. Ab akele is blog pe post karna aur usko padhte rehna. Goodbye uncle !

  27. U idiot I m just enrolled and haven’t attended any class since august. I m exclusively prep for neet but for parents sake and to fulfil the criteria of gap certificate that will be required when I will take admission in mbbs that i have taken admission in r ahmed dc. R ahmed is a govt college (oldest in asia & largest in india and also ranked 1 dental college) u uneducated villager go and better check it out on wiki. Next year mera mbbs pakka hai and I knw that tere kehne na kehne se mere ko koi fark nahi padta . And haan it was my 1st attempt not like who is going to have 8th attempt this year(you yourself asked in previous post that u are above 25 yrs of age and asked if u are eligible for neet or not since that post was hurled with abuses moderators deleted it). I’m glad that next year I will come out top rank & not like u who in his previous 7 attempts failed to get even bds. Najane age kitna drop maroge tum. Better i call u uncle now. I would have committed suicide after 3, but u like urself to get abused by the society and thats why u are here. Whom are u calling ladies and gentlemen when its a fact that 2 people sam and u game changer are only antagonists here , no one is fool like u who will waste his time & future by joining political game of hurling abuses. I am good at my own place and don’t need anyones authority. You better search for other career options like of sweeper or peon because tera to kahin hona hai nahi and also tujh jaisa moron dr banne ke layak nahin hai chahe wo bds ho ya mbbs kyun uncle.

    • Hello Singham……
      Fantastic revelations and excellent writing….

      BYE UNCLE.

  28. Hello to all
    i request all opposers to ignore such an idiot like singham who first sam then john ,now singham and then naresh has been changing his names and getting insulted . guys we won’t get anything by insulting such an idiot. he himself is sitting in a pvt. dental college and wasting our time here. when he gets no attention he changes his names to praise himself but again get inulted. he releases his frustratyion of not being an mbbs doctor on this forum…….. guys leave alone to keep shouting things by changing his names…. leave him with his SINS AND GHAMS and lets prepare ourselves….. neet or aipmt we will be giving exams….

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