BOB Manipal GD & PI Experience

Bank of Baroda and Manipal University’s joint initiative ‘Baroda Manipal School of Banking (BMSB)’ will have it’s first batch of 180 students this year. The course offered by BMSB is ‘Postgraduate Diploma in Banking & Finance (PGDBF)’ offered by Manipal University, after successful completion of the course students will be absorbed as Probationary Officers at Bank of Baroda.

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The second stage of the selection process is the GD & PI round, the process has already started. So did Career Mitra, we want to provide as much information as possible to help our user community. In this process we had a conversation with Mr. Abhinav, he was shortlisted for the GD & PI and appeared for the process in Delhi on 18 July 2011.

Abhinav has shared his experiences and his views on the GD & PI process conducted by Baroda Manipal School of Banking.

Abhinav is from Patiala, Punjab, he is a computer science engineering graduate from Bhai Gurdas Institute of Engineering & Technology (BGIET) he has worked for a while (<5 months) he considers as a fresher for obvious reasons.

The first process that happened before the GD & PI was documents verification, after that all participants were made to sit for atleast 3 hours as the panelists were busy with the morning GD & PI participants. His GD started at around 5 p.m and he appeared for the interview at 8 p.m. The conversation is as below:

Q) What was the GD topic about?
A) Call center culture and it’s effects on the Indian culture

Q) How many participants will be there per each GD slot?
A) 10 students per each slot

Q) How was the GD experience?
A) Abhinav although has said it was like a fish market :), but later on admitted that it was very competitive.

Q) Can you tell us more details about how your GD was?
A) In our batch there were 9 students, 7 of them were discussing in favor of the topic, while 2 of us (including Abhinav) was opposing them. So it was tough to convince the seven other wise it went well.

Q) Is there any time frame for GD?
A) Yes, 30 minutes

Q) How was the personal interview and how many panelists were present?
A) It was quite good, the interview panel will have 4 panelists from Bank of Baroda and Manipal University.

Q) Was the interview general in nature or was it related to Banking & Finance?
A) The interview is quite general in nature and is like a job interview with only general questions asked.

BOB entrance test was the first of its kind as this is the first time the course was launched so does the Institute. We asked Abhinav about the entrance test, he recalls and says “the test was difficult, in particular the GK part”. Questions like national bird of China, national symbol was asked, but he was fortunate enough to make it to the second stage.

Finally we asked if he is willing to move to Bangalore if selected for the course, he confidently said yes as he will stay here only for 9 months and bag a government job in exchange.

We thank Abhinav for his views!

Good luck to him & good luck for the rest of the participants.

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  1. plz tell me why bank of baroda is doing the selection of po through both IBPS and BARODA MANIPAL SCHOOL OF BANKING ,,, and what’s the difference bet both?????

  2. any one plz tell me when the next bacth of baroda manipal is lounch and tell me all bank exam which is manipal school is taken i so kind of u..thank u my no 9458606581

    PLEASE CONTACT ME (+91-8147220917)

  4. hi ,

    i had my GD and interview yesterday. September first week the first batch will start.
    I spoke more in GD is it going to effect negatively?
    how many batches will be there for it and how many places???
    If anyone knows about it please reply .


  5. Hello Everyone,
    I have given my GD & PI on 6th of August ’12.
    For GD a group of 10 candidates was made. Then two minutes were given to make notes on the given topic, then everyone was allotted one minute to speak on that topic one by one. After completing that, 5 minutes were given for open discussion and conclude it.
    The topic given to us was Status of women in Indian Corporate sector. My GD was fine, but the interview pushed me to dilemma that I gave a good interview or not.

    The questions asked to me in the interview were very odd like how much money was spent on your B. Tech. , youtook loan for it? Then he asked me about the Vanasthali Vidyapeeth that what is so special about it.

    All the best to other candidates.

  6. Hi

    I want to know what are various topics for gd and interview questions.what the panel is looking in to the candidates.


  8. hello friend,
    I have cleared the BMSB interview is on %th of aug.i got 51.75 marks in obc category.Is there any chance of selection??I also wanted to know that if all the candidates for four batches will be selected from only this written or we will have separate written for the same??

    • have you got email regarding GD topics ?
      if yes the please forward that email to my email id or mail me the GD topics because i have not received any mail regarding GD topics?

  9. By when will the results be declared?I’ve attempted 96 questions with good accuracy.Plz do reply.

  10. HII…
    I have appeared for baroda banking school on 11th july..n attempted a toatl o 115 question… is thr a possibility of clearing the writtn exam?? plz reply…

    can anybady tell me that wat was the minimum marks last year fr 1st batch…

  11. WHAT IS the difficulty level of numerical and there all diagrams in reasoning or non verba.

  12. Kindly tell me how to prepare gk,if current affairs are nt asked much?If u can,plz tell me some of the questions they’ve asked last year,so that,I can understand the pattern more clearly……THANKS


    • Hi Sampath,
      Which books should I refer to prepare for this exam, as I have applied first time for any bank exam dont have any idea what to study.Pls. Help!!

      • hi,am manjar alam .i want information about exam brodra manipal banking school and syllabus .i did not get any mail.

    • hi can u plz tell me when they will declare the result. i have given test on 9th july 2012. i attempt
      30 english
      35 general awareness
      24 reasoning
      23 maths

      what are my chances to claer the exam.n what is the cut off expected
      and when they start all the 4 batch. result of all 4 batch they give simultaneously or after every 3 month they are conducting the exam. plz mail me

    • Hi Sampath..

      I ve been shortlisted for GDPI..
      Could yo pls throw some light on how GDPI would be..
      how shld i prepare myself for the same?

  14. Hello Friends,
    I applied for BMSB this year,just curious to know kind of question being asked in apti,reasoning,eng and g.s.and also the difficulty level of paper.Congrats to all those who made it last year.I am looking fwd for your response.
    Thank you.

    • hi priya,this is sampath from baroda manipal school of banking. resoning is like clerical resoning,english was also same to clerical.apptitude qutions like clerical but one change is that there is no data interpretaions & sufficient qutions.last thing gk. no current affairs
      .if u have to staff selection commisions grade 2 book
      then read it


  15. can anyone tell me the medium of examination because normal po recruitment has both language option.and what was the cutoff marks for admission in obc category last year

  16. i think there may be many dropouts in 4Th batch because ibps PO and clerical specialist officers written results declared and also sbh PO final results declared

  17. hi frinds, this is sampath from hyd.i was selected in 4th batch of baroda manipal school of banking. my number 9989912943


    Notification of Final Result

    We refer to the detailed advertisement dated 25.04.2011 in leading newspapers / notification on our
    Bank’s website inviting applications for admission to Baroda Manipal School of Banking (BMSB).

    An online test for the same was conducted in May 2011 and GDs and Interviews of the candidates
    found successful in the online exam was conducted on different dates starting from 18.07.2011 to

    On the basis of performance of the candidate in the online exam, Group Discussion and Personal
    Interview, we had released the results for the first 3 batches of students for admission to BMSB. The
    , 2nd
    and 3rd
    Batches have since commenced their course in BMSB on and from 29.08.2011,
    28.11.2011, and 28.02.2012 respectively.

    Along with the results for the 2nd
    Batch of students for admission to BMSB, we had also declared a Wait
    list of candidates on 17.09.2011, from which candidates were to be considered for the 3rd
    and 4th
    and against drop outs/cancellations in the order of merit and following all reservation norms, as

    From this wait list, we are now releasing the results for the 4th
    Batch, which is scheduled to be
    commenced from last week of May’ 2012, for a total of 189 candidates in the order of merit, category-
    wise. The Roll numbers of -189- candidates who have been found provisionally eligible for admission to
    the Fourth Batch of the one year Full-time Post Graduate Diploma Course in Banking & Finance
    at Baroda Manipal School of Banking, Bangalore, in the order of their merit in the waiting list,
    category wise, subject to their being found medically fit and verification of their eligibility / submission of
    requisite certificates / documents and payment of requisite fees, are given below:


    BOB0000071 BOB0000148 BOB0000262 BOB0000520 BOB0000557 BOB0001228 BOB0001408
    BOB0001466 BOB0001909 BOB0001931 BOB0002293 BOB0002922 BOB0003014 BOB0003029
    BOB0003036 BOB0003070 BOB0003118 BOB0003644 BOB0003688 BOB0003864 BOB0003951
    BOB0004076 BOB0004596 BOB0005021 BOB0005031 BOB0005066 BOB0005193 BOB0005311
    BOB0005410 BOB0005825 BOB0006174 BOB0006320 BOB0006527 BOB0006825 BOB0006916
    BOB0006952 BOB0007165 BOB0007185 BOB0007232 BOB0007385 BOB0007408 BOB0007683
    BOB0007734 BOB0007737 BOB0007981 BOB0008324 BOB0008371 BOB0008559 BOB0008644
    BOB0009289 BOB0009610 BOB0009779 BOB0010183 BOB0010354 BOB0010461 BOB0010569
    BOB0010701 BOB0010711 BOB0011105 BOB0011223 BOB0011577 BOB0011851 BOB0011945
    BOB0012270 BOB0012326 BOB0012855 BOB0013272 BOB0013425 BOB0013488 BOB0013544
    BOB0013717 BOB0013778 BOB0013896 BOB0014160 BOB0014175 BOB0014349 BOB0014387
    BOB0014687 BOB0014796 BOB0014803 BOB0014865 BOB0014913 BOB0014969 BOB0015168
    BOB0015177 BOB0015925 BOB0016082 BOB0016554 BOB0016751 BOB0016862 BOB0017023 BOB0017143 BOB0017172 BOB0017735 BOB0017851 BOB0018155 BOB0019485 BOB0019699
    BOB0019995 BOB0020092 BOB0020333 BOB0020516 BOB0020554 BOB0020568 BOB0020592
    BOB0020659 BOB0020738 BOB0020805 BOB0020885 BOB0021052 BOB0021639 BOB0021782
    BOB0021845 BOB0021910 BOB0022191 BOB0022199 BOB0022386 BOB0022658 BOB0022686
    BOB0022989 BOB0023059 BOB0023083 BOB0023224 BOB0023345 BOB0023415 BOB0023570
    BOB0024163 BOB0024350 BOB0024605 BOB0024759 BOB0024999 BOB0025281 BOB0025579
    BOB0025736 BOB0025815 BOB0026005 BOB0026027 BOB0026119 BOB0026657 BOB0026944
    BOB0026952 BOB0027185 BOB0027204 BOB0027309 BOB0027414 BOB0027442 BOB0027652
    BOB0027919 BOB0027955 BOB0028128 BOB0028368 BOB0028382 BOB0028677 BOB0028728
    BOB0028824 BOB0029124 BOB0029130 BOB0029269 BOB0029370 BOB0029532 BOB0030133
    BOB0030290 BOB0031069 BOB0031188 BOB0031407 BOB0031437 BOB0031992 BOB0032078
    BOB0032719 BOB0032972 BOB0033176 BOB0034073 BOB0034920 BOB0034988 BOB0035642
    BOB0036067 BOB0036281 BOB0036531 BOB0037023 BOB0037417 BOB0037584 BOB0037901
    BOB0038000 BOB0038108 BOB0038138 BOB0038320 BOB0038687 BOB0038810 BOB0038811

    Necessary intimation will be sent to the above candidates selected for the 4th
    Batch, by e-mail and/ or
    Post about the details regarding the medical examination, completion of further formalities, etc. E-mails
    and SMS intimations to the successful candidates of the 4th
    Batch are being sent within a week’s time
    and candidates have to intimate their acceptance of the offer by e-mail within stipulated time, from the
    date of sending of the offer by E-mail.

    The date of reporting of the candidates of the 4th
    Batch at the Baroda Manipal School of Banking
    Campus, Bangalore and other formalities to be completed by the candidates before their reporting at
    the campus will be contained in the offer letter.

    Important Note:

    All care has been taken in compiling the above list. However, Bank reserves the right to rectify any
    inadvertent error.

    Decision of the Bank in all matters pertaining to selection process shall be final and binding.

    With the commencement of the 4th
    batch of BMSB from amongst the above 189 candidates and
    those whose names are released subsequently from the wait-list against the 4th
    batch drop-outs,
    if any, the selection exercise for the year 2011-12 and the wait-list shall stand closed.

    DATE: 16-04-2012

  19. koi bta skta hai 4th batch ka result kab ayega????nd ab fir se written exam kab hogi naye selection k liye,,…..

  20. @ any one who has joined BMSB. would u please share ur experience, hw u feeling. is the course tough? etc.

    • @priya, In SC category, there were 9 drop outs in 2nd batch and 28 candidates were called for 3rd batch out of which 11 more candidates dropped out in 3rd batch, so till third batch 48 people have been called in. Going by the past record and 27 people will be called for 4th batch making it to 75 and if 6 more people drop out you have a chance, which seems a real possibility. (9+28+11+27+6=81)

      • rajesh bhaiya..m a general candidate and my waiting list no in general cxandidate is 210..and last third batch took upto i just want to knw how many have dropped their seats in general in third batch.regards sumit

        • @ Sumit. Candidate till 188 have been called. Get ready for the fourth batch u r in. Get 3 sets of all the documents attested, two reference letter and 20 Passport size photographs.

          • I’m sure that in general category upto 188 haven’t been called up to third batch.Someone got their numbers wrong.

  21. sorry to all! those i have hurt fm my comments. Actually i was very much demoralised by BOB, but recently i have managed all and now feeling good by this confession, plz jo naraz hai forgive me.


    Best of luck To all!

  22. @All who are got selected and are now in the campus or any other who know.

    BOB Says that “All the students selected for the course will be given a provisional offer of appointment at the time of their admission to the course itself at Baroda Manipal school of Banking, which offer is applicable upon their successful completing the course and other terms and conditions of the said completion” SO ANY BODY CAN DEFINE ” SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION OD COURSE” Means course me kitna % secure krna hota hai successfull completion ke liye…????

  23. jatin :
    oh bhai mera no toh lae gya tu call tunae kari nai….m also gng by rajdhani yr flight mai bagage ka chakkar tha,,,,,islyae…call karyo jaldi asap

    msg for vinreet

  24. Many thanks for making Career Mitra a grand success; with just about a year of our launch we are placed among the top educational websites.

    We worked day in day out to bring you information you always wanted. We promise to serve you in a better way in the near future.

    We invite you to participate on Career Mitra Forums, which was launched recently at Your contribution matters a lot to us!

    Please be back soon!

  25. behen ke takko padhai karo kyon apna time waste kar rahe ho, samne jun-july may fir BOB nikal raha hai……………….abb maine hope chhod diya hai mujhe BOB kisi v tarah join nahi karni kyon ki may abb KPolice ki tayari kar raha hu,, sabko fine dene k liye……….. aa dekhe zara kis may kitna hai dummmmmmm…..

    • u lost ur interest that’s fine.

      but don’t go demoralizing people!~!!!

      Hope is wht everyone always had and always will.

      • bhagbhosri hawaa aane de, bhais ki taang ro rahe hai sab sale agar milna ho to aise hi mil jayega kyon public ko pareshan karna, aur ro ke time waste karna.

        • the only one crying is u here…………

          a sore looser who is so pathetic in order to realize no one care abt wht people like u say,

          and mark my words u can try all ur life but with that stinking attitude u not gonna get anything
          , one who does not have patience and confidence is no better than animal.

          U can shout all u want for i care SOB.

          • you are absolutely correct, its only like you people who use to suck their bosses in any dept or organization. Anyways its my goodluck that i didnt get selected. any ways i dont need to give you suggestions….. because you people will never chang ur sucking attitudes, so keep suckinggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!

            • everyone knows who is sucker here. Pinaki juss go away. grapes are sour for u as u cant get them. and u r saying ki police ki tayari kar raha hu jaise ki vo tere liye hee baithe hain. vo din gaye jab competition na ke barabar tha.. agar yahi attitude raha to ek din berozgaar hee mar jaoge.. so change urself.. yaha kisi ko gali dene se kuch nahi hoga.. educational forum hai..

              • sale mukesh Police may mera thoda setting hai aur agr nahi v hua to may chakla khol lunga par tu apni soch tu to P.O ka sapna dekhte hi reh jayega………. jo tujhse kavi hoga nahi,, meri maan sale tu ek Paan ka dukan khol le bhaiya tera naam bahut suit karaha hai ” Bhaiya MUkesh Paan Wala”

  26. when will remaining peope who are waiting for droupout come to third batch ? anybody expect how many people were droupout in third batch? plzzzzzzzz tell me we are waiting

  27. KAMAL Actully ….10TH RANK as per WAITING LIST,,,,,Manish,,,hv u spoken any student who has already joined there in 1 or 2nd batch???…..I m going there from NAGPUR

  28. Hi kumar is there any update about droupout candidate. My name is in generak wating list 131.

    Please update if u will get any update..

  29. hi everyone…..i got an offer letter for 3rd batch…(.ws in 10th rank in SC category)…..hv given my confirmation to them bt still wanna knw who else hv submitted their confrmatns…pls do share ur numbers

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